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Primrose Lane RV Park

Primrose Lane RV Park

Situated in Bryan, Texas, Primrose Lane RV Park offers both short-term and long-term stays, offering eighty-two RV sites in total. On-site facilities and amenities, including a swimming pool, bathhouse, and a grass area where visitors can roam, are all included with guests' stay. One attraction that a fair amount of visitors come to see in the area is football, due to the property being located near Texas A&M University. An extended stay throughout the entire football season is offered to guests who are in the area for such purposes. The owners and manager have the goal to provide guests with a safe experience and they hope that their patrons will feel "at home" during their stay. The manager lives on-site and tries to make herself available to guests who might have any questions or concerns.


Primrose Lane RV Park occupies land in Bryan, Texas, featuring eighty-two RV sites, three of which are considered temporary sites. There are sixty-five mobile home sites that are often occupied. Each RV space has full hookups, providing 30 and 50 amp service, and some sites additionally provide shaded areas. A couple of on-site facilities, including a laundry facility and bathhouse, are available on the premises for guest use. Additionally, an in-ground swimming pool can also be found on the acreage, as well as a grass area where guests can walk their dogs and spend time outside.

The surrounding land that encircles Primrose Lane RV Park is relatively rural and populated. For visitors who may be in need of food or bathroom items, a grocery store is situated down on Old Hearne road. Due to the property's location near Texas A&M University, the owners give offers to visitors to stay throughout the entire football season.

The manager of Primrose Lane RV Park recommends several things to do within the area, including the George Bush Library, Messina Hof Winery, various malls, bingo halls, and Lake Bryan, to name a few. As for restaurants, the manager recommends her guests visit The Cotton Patch Café, Atami Steak and Sushi, and Panera Bread.


Primrose Lane RV Park implements policies that guests are expected to act in accordance with. Regarding pets, the owners ask that a dog of any sort that is considered to be a "vicious breed" is prohibited from staying at the RV park, and dogs are to be no more than 65 pounds. It is also asked of visitors to pick up after their dogs and to keep them leashed at all times. Furthermore, smoking and food are not acceptable inside any of the on-site facilities. Quiet hour is enforced from 8:30 PM to 8:00 AM.

The general atmosphere that the owners and manager have a goal of emulating is a family-oriented park, with the intention of allowing their guests to feel secure during their stay. In an attempt to provide this experience for their visitors, they have police patrol the park for guests' safety. The manager remarks that they want their guests to "have a sense of serenity" and to feel as though they are "at home." To achieve this goal, she offers to walk with those who are checking in to their site, and she also offers to hook up their cable boxes for them. Beyond this, she also provides patrons with her cell phone number and lets them know that she is available to assist with any needs they might have. A maintenance worker is available on the property to assist the manager. One particular visitor commented on the staff saying, "They have a wonderful maintenance man that was so polite and helpful and went out of his way to make sure everything on my RV was hooked up right, just really super nice full of knowledge when it comes to RVs and hookups."

Primrose Lane RV Park is open year-round, only closing the property once a week on Sundays. A pamphlet containing the guest's name and information about the park is provided at the office doors for those who are checking in on Sundays. Football season is typically when the RV park receives the most amount of visitors. The manager mentions that football is a major draw to those within the area, due to the fact that Bryan, Texas contains both college football and the NFL. The general demographic for the RV park consists of mainly couples, yet the property still receives a variety of individuals including students, retirees, and every day workers, for example. As for the daily sites, many parents come to stay in those particular sites during the occurrence of graduation, a football game, or other similar occasions.


Since August of 2016, the manager has assisted with operating Primrose Lane RV Park, though the park has been established for a number of years prior to when the manager was employed. For nearly 15 years, the current owners have had possession of the property, making various updates to the establishment over the course of time, one of which includes refurbishing the bathhouse. For future plans, the owners are hoping to add the on-site pavilion back to where it had previously been before unexpected circumstances had damaged it, and they additionally hope to create a small on-site dog park in the future.

One of the manager's favorite aspects of her job is "being a live-on-site manager." She expresses her appreciation for Primrose Lane RV Park's maintenance worker and her assistant, both of which have aided her as she manages the business. Interacting with her visitors is also an element of her job that she enjoys, and is something that she strives to engage in often.

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2929 Stevens Dr
Bryan, Texas 77803
United States



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