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Prairie RV Park & Wash

Prairie RV Park & Wash

Situated in the southwestern corner of Kansas, Prairie RV Park & Wash is currently under the ownership of Kent and Diana Boaldin. The business has 20 RV sites for visitors to reserve as well as a car wash service that is adjacent to the RV park. Despite the property's location in a fairly small town, a few attractions can be found near Prairie RV Park & Wash, including Point Rock Golf Course and Morton County Museum. On occasion, the RV park receives families and academic groups that host reunions or other similar gatherings. Whether visiting as a family, a couple, or individually, Kent and Diana hope that guests find the RV park's community to be friendly.


Prairie RV Park & Wash is located in a rural portion of Elkhart, Kansas. A total of 20 RV sites are available for visitors to occupy, each equipped with water, sewer, and electrical hookups that offer 20-, 30-, and 50-amp service. Prairie RV Park & Wash provides a mix of 12 pull-through and 8 back-in sites, and every space has a gravel layout separated by a grassy area. In addition to the RV spaces that people can stay in, a covered pavilion area with a grill and picnic tables can additionally be found on the premises and it is open for guest use. It should also be noted that free WiFi is available to patrons over the course of their stay. Moreover, as the name of the property would suggest, the owners of Prairie RV Park & Wash, Kent and Diana Boaldin, own a car wash that neighbors the RV park.

While the establishment is within the city limits of Elkhart, spacious land encompasses the acreage, and very few trees can be found in the surrounding area, according to Diana. In spite of this, a few attractions are located in the vicinity that people can visit during their stay. One particular attraction that Diana often recommends her guests go to is Point Rock Golf Course. She explains that it is easier to get tee times at Point Rock Golf Course compared to other golf courses in bigger cities due to Elkhart being a smaller town. Furthermore, the Morton County Museum receives several visitors annually as well. Diana also mentions that a quilt shop is in relatively close proximity to Prairie RV Park & Wash, which a number of guests tend to frequent for sewing supplies. With regard to nearby restaurants, Diana recommends that people visit Big C's and Higher Grounds.


Kent and Diana Boaldin, the owners of Prairie RV Park & Wash, have the goal to "be as clean, friendly, and simple as possible, in terms of the check-in and check-out process and overall access to the park." One former patron noticed the owners' efforts with this goal, as they commented in a review, "The park is clean and very well taken care of. The owners are very nice and quick to respond to any questions." Diana describes the park as a "small, friendly community," which she believes is one element that Prairie RV Park & Wash is known for. She and Kent make an effort to interact with their visitors depending on their guests' preferences. In other words, Diana says, "We assist if they would like assistance." 

A "wide variety" of patrons stay at Prairie RV Park & Wash, as reported by Diana. The property receives a considerable number of bird watchers, on account of the migrating birds that occasionally flock to the area. The owners have also accommodated people from Mexico who are just passing through, local farmland owners, and hunters. At times, families gather at Prairie RV Park & Wash to host reunions or get-togethers. With the park being open year-round, Diana and Kent have observed that the busiest time of operation is around Memorial Day when people tend to organize family or school reunions.

Concerning the property's policies and guidelines that visitors are required to abide by during their stay, Diana mentions that people can bring their dogs, provided that the pet owners take responsibility for cleaning up after them. With regard to smoking, guests may do so inside their trailers.


What is now presently known as Prairie RV Park & Wash began as undeveloped land that was acquired by Kent and Diana Boaldin—the current owners—circa 2003. Diana remarks that the city needed more RV parking businesses, so for this reason, she and Kent decided to convert their newly purchased acreage into an operational RV park. Through their efforts, the park began to grow as the couple added more sites and conducted standard maintenance on the property. The two owners also bought other companies that were being sold by the county, one of them being the car wash service, and another being a heating/electrical contracting business.

Since becoming the owners of Prairie RV Park & Wash in 2003, Kent and Diana have come to find that their favorite part of the job is "having somewhere for people to stay when they come to Elkhart." In the future, the owners hope to add more yard games that their visitors can play, such as corn hole.

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Elkhart, Kansas 67950
United States



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