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Pony Express RV Park

Pony Express RV Park is south of Maysville, Missouri. Two of its most notable features are its on-site restaurant—Pony Express Pizzeria—and its petting zoo, which shelters ponies, goats, longhorns, mini mules, sheep, pigs, turkeys, donkeys, a yak, and a chicken. Another unique park feature is its amphitheater-style stage, which the owner has used to host live musical performances, motorcycle rallies, and other property events. A weekly corn hole tournament is hosted along with cardboard boat races at the campground's ponds. In addition to these features, the park includes restrooms, showers, a laundry facility, and a main office with five different game tables.


Pony Express RV Park is located south of Maysville, Missouri. The immediate surroundings consist of trees and grass, while the larger vicinity comprises farmland and occasional lakes. Terri, the campground owner, describes the property as "hilly." She also notes two four-acre ponds on site, which guests in the A sites are able to see. The RV park includes an office and clubhouse, which has tables for ping-pong, foosball, air hockey, pool, and billiards. Pony Express RV Park features an on-site restaurant called Pony Express Pizzeria. Orders can be placed at the pizzeria or over the phone. Furthermore, the RV park offers restrooms, showers, a laundry facility, and a general store that provides t-shirts, candy, candles, homemade towels, slingshots, hats, and other "knickety-knacks," in Terri's words, that travelers may need.

The property has 78 RV sites, all of which are equipped with water, sewer except for the A sites, and 30/50 amp power hookups. They also come with picnic tables, fire rings, a "grassy site," as Terri calls it, a view of the pond, and some shade. In addition to these sites, a cabin in the back of the office is available for guest use. It has a separate entrance and can sleep up to six or seven people. The cabin has a kitchenette, toilet and sink, shower, TV, air conditioning, and separate parking for visitor access.

Pony Express RV Park has several additional amenities for guests. Visitors are allowed to fish in the ponds, and Terri has designated an area of about 25 by 80 feet at each pond where visitors can swim. Sand beaches have been made at both ponds near their sanctioned swimming areas. Terri can lend them a paddleboat for them to use at the pond. There are about 50 acres of hay fields as well as trails for golf carts, dogs, and hikers. Terri further explains that Pony Express RV Park has a petting zoo, one of the park's noteworthy features. The petting zoo is home to several ponies, goats, longhorns, mini mules, donkeys, sheep, pigs, turkeys, a yak, and a chicken. Additionally, a playground with horseshoes is available for children. Pony Express RV Park has a swing, a basketball court, a badminton court, and an amphitheater-style stage that has hosted different events throughout the park's lifetime.

Regarding nearby places to eat, Terri recommends Dino's Diner in Cameron, China Garden, and any of the Mexican restaurants near Pony Express RV Park. She also suggests visitors try her on-site restaurant, Pony Express Pizzeria.


When it comes to the atmosphere of Pony Express RV Park, Terri, the park owner, wants to create a place where patrons can feel comfortable and "well taken care of." She says she tries to help them feel this way by offering them food at the pizzeria. Terri notes that guests have commented on the cleanliness of the bathrooms, the friendly staff, and the maintenance of the grounds. One such visitor said, "Clean, excellently maintained, all facilities in great condition. Staff [is] hard-working, pleasant and efficient. A nice little cafe with good food. Beautiful hiking trails and very critter friendly." Another person remarked, "A gem in northwestern Missouri. Terri, the owner, and Bradie, the manager, were fabulous hostesses. The park has a very relaxing and welcoming atmosphere." In addition to these reviews, Terri believes most of her visitors find out about Pony Express RV Park through Google and word of mouth.

Terri explains that she works hard to make her RV park a successful place. She says it does not matter if she is required to do a "man's job" of digging a hole or a "woman's job" of planting flowers; she does her best to attend to the tasks that need her attention. Terri also says that she tries to encourage family activities, particularly for kids, saying that "memories made camping are the very best ones."

Several activities have been or are hosted at Pony Express RV Park. The previously mentioned stage has seen performances from several bands. Terri also recollects that she has hosted motorcycle rallies, bouncy house activities, and a weekly corn hole tournament. Cardboard boat races at one of the ponds take place each year on September 25, and there is a tractor show in October. Terri has hosted Halloween activities and 4th of July Fireworks shows at the RV park as well.

A few noteworthy policies are in place at Pony Express RV Park. Terri asks that her visitors refrain from being loud or "letting dogs run around loose." She also requests that guests be kind to others. They are allowed to bring whatever pets they want as long as the pets are leashed or at the dog park. Finally, quiet time is enforced at 10:00 PM on weekdays and midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Pony Express RV Park is open year-round. According to Terri, the busiest season begins to rise from May until it peaks around Labor Day before subsiding through October. She says business is good "as long as the weather's good and the coaches are moving along the road."


Terri, the owner of Pony Express RV Park, has owned the park since May 2019. It was originally built in 1987 by Ed Pitts. He transformed the property from a cattle ranch to an RV park and operated it for several years. Terri acquired the property three ownerships later; she is the fourth owner of the park, and she stepped up after the previous property holder operated it for 15 years.

Since buying Pony Express RV Park, Terri has added RV sites, re-rocked and re-routed some roads, and metered the sites. She also installed electricity throughout the park, as well as a fence, barn, log home, and a few tree sites behind the main building. The parking lot behind the main building was added by her, and she further added to the petting zoo. Features were added to the already-existing playground. Trees and flowers were planted throughout the property, and the stage was built by Terri. She says she has no specific plans for her RV park, although minor improvements could be done to the playground.

Terri enjoys her job, and she remarks that she loves talking with travelers and the trips they have been on as well as the places they have enjoyed the most. She further explains that she enjoys the work she does on her property. "It is not easy," but she comments that the experience has rewarded her "handsomely."

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