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Pine Ridge Campground

Pine Ridge Campground

Pine Ridge Campground is a camping location that can be found north of the city Acton in the state of Maine, right along the western border between Maine and New Hampshire. The campground prides itself on being oriented towards adults rather than kids. Pine Ridge Campground is typically meant for guests looking to get away from their busy lives and have a relaxing vacation. There are many activities that visitors can participate in on the property itself, such as disc golf, ping-pong, horseshoes, and more. The property is only open seasonally, with its operating months lasting from the 15th of May and going on until the 14th of October.


There are a total of 57 units at Pine Ridge Campground, consisting primarily of RV sites—though a few of them are tent sites. All of the RV sites range in size. Some of them are back-in only, while others are pull-through locations. Eleven of the sites available for guests to rent are able to be reserved for longer periods of time and seasonal stays. Regardless of which RV site is claimed, they all come with full hookups to water, sewage, and electrical (which are 50 AMPs). Every location, be it a tent site or RV space, has a fire pit and a picnic table for visitors to use. A wireless internet connection is accessible throughout the campsite.

The property is surrounded by many trees, and walking paths are located all across the campground. Besides taking walks throughout the woods, there are a number of other activities that are available to the guests. A 9-hole disc golf course is set up that takes guests to various parts of the property. Visitors can also take part in outdoor yard games like cornhole, horseshoes, volleyball, ping-pong, and more. A community garden grows a wide variety of vegetables that guests are able to use in their cooking if they would like. The owner tends to the garden, and she welcomes guests to spend time in the garden as well. On Saturday evenings, the campground often brings in musicians to play live music. On Fridays, they occasionally have a wine tasting activity and a food truck available to their patrons.

Recently, Pine Ridge Campground added two cabins to their list of available locations for guests to stay. These cabins are called Munro Cabin and Fournier Cabin. The cabins are smaller and considered studio cabins. They each have their own front porch and a bathroom with a toilet and sink. A bathhouse across from the cabin has a private shower that the guests of the cabins can use. They also come fully equipped with a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, coffee maker with cream and sugar for a few nights, silverware, cups, plates, hairdryer, soap, and a TV with Netflix. Outside of each cabin are a firepit and picnic table.

The owners like to give several recommendations to their guests when they are asked about what their personal favorite restaurants are. One of the first suggestions they like to give is a restaurant called Willy's Ale Room. Willy's Ale Room serves a variety of American-themed foods, like wings and burgers, and they offer two bars and multiple dining areas for their guests to sit while they get food and drink. Another restaurant that they recommend is called Poor People's Pub. Located in Wakefield—a city across the state line in New Hampshire—Poor People's Pub offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, and more, with a number of wines and beers to accompany the food.

There are also a variety of attractions that guests can visit while they are staying at Pine Ridge Campground. The owners recommend several places and things that are available to guests. A hiking trail built by Three Rivers Land Trust is nearby and takes visitors through an apple orchard. At the end of the trail is a view of Mount Washington. Another place that is recommended to people that are not from the area is a pond called Moose Pond. Moose Pond is less than a mile away and is a place where visitors are able to fish for various trout and bass. If guests would like to see a movie, they can go to Smitty's Cinema, which offers a bowling alley, a bar, and an arcade.


The owners of Pine Ridge Campground, whose names are Dan and Jane, explain that they want their guests to feel welcome and relaxed at their campsites. Jane elaborates, saying, "most campgrounds tend to be less cleanly and often have guests that can be rowdy and noisy late into the night. We want to be a much more relaxed camping location."
There are several policies that Dan and Jane would like guests to be aware of when they arrive for their stay. One of the more important ones is that there is a quiet time enforced every night. Starting at 10:00 P.M., they ask that guests keep the noise level to a minimum so as to not disturb the other visitors at the campground during the later hours. Smoking is not allowed inside any of the cabins, main buildings, or bathrooms, though almost anywhere outside, it is. They tend to be firm on their check-in and check-out policy, though they can allow for a later check-out time if they are given enough time in advance, and there is not anyone else coming to that campsite later that day. There is no policy against children coming to Pine Ridge Campground. However, the owners stress that the property is specifically meant to be for adults. So, they only allow up to two children per site.

Pine Ridge campground has received a number of reviews in the past. A large amount of them mention the quality aspects of the grounds. One thing that is included in many of these reviews is how nice the grounds are. A person that recently stayed at the campgrounds writes, "There is plenty of space between sites. The grounds are super clean. The bathrooms are fantastic. They have so many awesome activities for adults/older kids." Another thing that is mentioned more frequently among the reviews they have received is the number and variety of activities that are available on the property, as well as the cleanliness and upkeep that the park is kept in. [Another]In regards to this, a review from a previous patron to Pine Ridge Campground reads, "They keep great care of the grounds and bathrooms. Everything is very clean. They have delightful activities (horseshoes, cornhole, disc golf, live music once a week, etc.) It's peaceful, with good space between campers."


Jane and Dan, who own the property, first opened Pine Ridge Campground in May of 2020, over a year ago, though they originally purchased the land in 2017. In the years following their purchase, yet before they were able to officially open their doors to patrons, they did a large amount of landscaping. "Before there were campsites and RV slots, it was just a forest of trees," Jane explains, regarding the time that took place in constructing the campgrounds.

There are a number of future plans that Jane and Dan plan on implementing with hopes of improving Pine Ridge Campground. They mention that they recently got a hold of a lobster boat, and hope to clean it up and convert it into a boat that guests could rent and use in the water. Additionally, they have a relatively large van they are working on that may also be available to patrons of Pine Ridge Campground. For those who would like to borrow a temporary living space rather than bring their own, they plan on having a few small campers that guests can use for the duration of their stay if they don't have a recreational vehicle of their own to use.

Jane explains that she most enjoys meeting the people who stay at Pine Ridge Campground saying, "I feel more fulfilled like I'm doing my job right when I see that guests are able to relax and enjoy their time away from their busy lives." One thing she and her husband try to do to make it a more relaxing and welcoming atmosphere is, on Saturday, they may open their music venue and food truck to the public to allow for more visitors to enjoy themselves. Jane also mentions that she enjoys trying to cultivate a community amongst all of the visitors at Pine Ridge Campground, where many of the guests can interact with and talk to their neighbors as well.

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