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Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort

Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort

Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort rests between the valley of two mountains, featuring cabins, rooms, and RV sites for visitors to rent. The owners have been managing the property for over thirty-three years and they hope to continue to run the resort for much longer in the future. In the spring and summer seasons, the business receives a relatively higher number of visitors than what is considered usual for the property. Events such as weddings, birthday parties, or get-togethers can be held at Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort and the on-site clubhouse can be used for such events. The environment of the acreage consists of several forested areas, in addition to Blue Lake. Many visitors to the area come to participate in fishing and other water recreation. 


Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort is situated on an expanse of approximately one and a quarter acres. Five cabins, six rooms, seventeen RV sites, and a clubhouse are available for rent. The difference between a cabin and a room is that a cabin has a front deck while a room has either an upstairs terrace or backyard area. Kitchens are available in six of the rooms. Four of the RV site are full hookups. Due to the fact that the property is located on the perimeter of the lake, the majority of RV sites are 30 amp, though every site comes with water and electricity if they are not a full hookup site. The dump station is additionally available to guests and is included in the price. A restroom and shower facility occupies a portion of the property. The showers are quarter-operated.

The surrounding area of Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort consists of a wide range of forested land, for the reason that the property is located between the canyon of two mountains. The resort contains an abundance of flowers with a fair amount of spatial areas outside. Included on the premises is a day-use lawn with provided picnic tables, a horseshoe pit, and BBQs. The day-use lawn features a pathway that leads directly to the beaches of Blue Lakes. There are roped-off areas for kids to swim in the more shallow areas of the lake, in addition to a floating dock. The lake also has a sizable fishing pier with benches that go around the whole pier. On-site boat launching is available to guests during the day.

The on-site clubhouse is a private event center, meaning, it is not open to the general public or anyone staying at the property, but is for the use of those who are hosting weddings, family reunions, birthday parties, baby showers, and other similar celebratory events. The facility provides a wooden stove, a full-size refrigerator, and a wet bar. The grounds of the property include a gazebo, which is a part of the clubhouse, where guests can host events. The gazebo can also be used as a meeting hall. There is an additional cost to rent the clubhouse.

A convenience store and office area can be found on the premises. The convenience store is open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and some of the items that are sold are mainly foods such as bacon, sausage, hotdogs, BBQ sauce, salad dressing, eggs, and various dairy products including milk and ice cream. Additionally, the store offers a variety of equipment including charcoal, lighter fluid, and other camping, fishing, and RV supplies. 

Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort is mostly known for its setting on the back mountain near the lake. The location is abundant in outdoor recreation opportunities. Some activities include hiking, kayaking, hunting, golfing, birdwatching, visiting wineries, casinos, and raceways. Fishing is a popular activity in the area that visitors can participate in. Some potential fish that could be caught include German Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Golden Trout, Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, Crawfish, and Catfish. 

The staff recommends three restaurants to visitors who are searching for places to eat. Blue Wing Saloon is the first option, which features a patio and an outside area with music. The second one is Park Place Restaurant, which is located on the waters of Clear Lake about a 20-minute drive from Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort. The final restaurant that the staff recommends to guests is The Gaslight. The owner mentions that there are a number of nearby casinos that people could go to in order to eat as well.


The busiest season for Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort is typically during the spring and summer from March to Labor Day. The manager mentions that "September, October, and November are the most scenic times of the year." The general demographic of the establishment contains a variety of people from families, to single individuals, to retirees. During the fall when school is in session, the majority of visitors tend to be retirees. The resort receives several repeat guests and the manager says that most people come because they're vacationing.

According to the manager, Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort is a family resort, known for family recreation. In an attempt to help visitors feel safer and more comfortable, the business has implemented various policies such as quiet hour at 10:00 PM and smoking is not allowed on the premises. Pets are allowed only in the guest's RV, but animals are not to be in the rooms or in the outside area. Those who stay at Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort are expected to be responsible. 

The owners strive to help their guests feel safe and happy. In an attempt to achieve this goal, they try to keep the rooms clean and ready for occupants. The owners additionally try to interact with guests as much as they can. One previous patron commented, "The bathrooms are clean and have available showers. There is also a clubhouse and a stocked store. The manager keeps this place green and groomed." 

The surrounding towns contain several vineyards and wine-tasting possibilities. Every Friday, Library Park hosts concerts and live entertainment that visitors to the area can enjoy. Library Park is about a 20-minute drive from Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort. In addition to Library Park, Ukiah also features a fair amount of concerts that visitors could go to. 


Pine Acres Blue Lake Resort has passed through many different owners over the course of time. The current owners took possession of the establishment in 1989. The property itself has been there since the 1930s. In the past, the current owners have had family homes on the premises where their grandparents or parents would take residence.

Some of the changes that have been made to the resort include remodeling of the kitchens, the added decks, terrace, and clubhouse. Each year the owners try to expand their ownership of the beach. They do not plan on selling the property in the future and would enjoy keeping it in the family as it develops, according to the manager. The consistency of being in business for over thirty years is one of the things that the staff believes has led to the success of the property.

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5328 Blue Lakes Rd
Upper Lake, California 95485
United States



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