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Peytons Place Resort

Peyton's Place Resort is located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Tahlequah is a unique place to visit with rolling hills and many outdoor attractions to see. Peyton's Place Resort is located among the foothills of the Boston Mountains. The Boston Mountains range from northwestern Arkansas to northeastern Oklahoma. The Illinois River is another outdoor attraction that draws many people to Tahlequah. It is a 145-mile river that flows into the Arkansas River. Tahlequah is known for its rich history in the Cherokee Nation. Many people come to visit the Cherokee Heritage Center and learn more about the culture and history of the Native Americans.


Peyton's Place Resort is located on 20 acres of land, in addition to 140 more acres of private property. Peyton's has 19 RV sites, 40 electric sites, eight cabins, and 60 tent sites. There is a store on their property that sells many items, such as snacks, drinks, camp supplies, shirts, hats, souvenirs, dry boxes, water shoes, and more. At the store, guests can get what they need without having to leave the campgrounds. Other essential items are sold to help guests during their visit! Guests can purchase bug spray, sunscreen, and more. This property offers a significant amount of shaded areas, helping to provide some cooler areas outside. Peyton's Place Resort is unique because it is one of the oldest properties located by the Illinois River. The Illinois River is a big reason guests stop by. On the Illinois River, there are many different water activities. Kayaking, rafting, canoeing, and fishing are all common activities on the Illinois River. Peyton's Place Resort rents out the various items guests might need to float the river safely. There is no shortage when it comes to kayaks, rafts, and canoes, so this is the perfect place for families looking for an adventurous getaway.


Peyton's Place Resort gives off a family-friendly culture. They hope that when guests come, they will be able to make lasting memories, be safe, and feel at home. This campsite is not so much for the partying crowds. There is a curfew of 11 pm while staying on the grounds. This curfew allows guests to have an enjoyable evening but also ensures the safety of all guests. It is essential to the owners that guests feel safe during their stay. Peyton's Place Resort doesn't put up with excessive drinking, trouble makers, or any other situation that may harm visitors. With that being said, all the employees make it their top priority to be personable to everyone that stays on their grounds. Something that they strive for is to see their guests return to their property for years to come. The Peyton's have guests staying for 39 years in a row. It is an excellent place for families to keep coming back annually for more memories and fun. Guests appreciate the superb service that is offered during their time on the site. Many visitors come from nearby cities to escape the busyness of their everyday lives and see some great outdoor views.


There is a rich history at the Peyton's Place Resort. This campground has been passed down from generation to generation since 1968. Peyton's fourth generation is being groomed to take over campground and floating business and continue operations well beyond the 53 years of passing it down. Peyton's Place Resort first started by opening a restaurant and rental cabins. They are located right by the Illinois river, which was a big hit from the beginning, and they started renting out boats to fishers. This led to one of the unique things about Peyton's Place Resort; from there, they opened the first canoe livery in 1970 on the Illinois River. Peyton's Place Resort has continued to expand and now offers rafts, kayaks, and more to guests who come to float the Illinois River.

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10298 Highway 10
Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464
United States





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