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Pensacola RV Park

The Pensacola RV Park, situated in Pensacola, Florida, features 87 RV sites that can be reserved throughout the year. Built 14 years ago, the family-run business is owned by Wyndell and Lane Williams, with their daughter Jeanine Williams. The sites are spread out across 10 acres of land, which was originally the property that Wyndell and Jeanine were raised on. All of the spaces are "full hookups," meaning they have electric, water, cable television, and sewage hookups for guests. Additionally, there is free Wi-Fi throughout the park. The grounds feature an outdoor pavilion, community firepit, walking trails, and a kitchen that patrons of the establishment can use. Also located in the park is a catch-and-release pond stocked with brown bass and catfish. The business hosts multiple events throughout the year, including a fish fry, ice cream socials, and a Thanksgiving dinner for military personnel stationed in the area.


The grounds of Pensacola RV Park feature multiple areas where guests can "sit and relax," according to one of the owners, Jeanine. An outdoor pavilion, as well as a community fire pit and multiple walking areas, can be found at the property. There is also a catch-and-release pond where guests can fish for brown bass and catfish. Additionally, a front office that is located at the establishment has a kitchen that can be utilized by those staying at the property, as well as coin-operated laundry machines and showers. There are also outdoor games such as cornhole that patrons can use throughout the day.

All 87 sites are situated on the 10-acre property. Each of the sites has "full hookups," which consist of electricity, water, cable television, and sewage. In addition to these amenities, property-wide Wi-Fi is offered for free to guests. Throughout the grounds are "large, southern oak trees," according to Jeanine. The park is surrounded on three sides by woods with similar trees. She says that the main activities that can be enjoyed by patrons include sitting, relaxing, and walking around the property. 

Jeanine remarks that there are multiple places of interest near the RV park that can be enjoyed by those in the area. Pensacola is a city located on the coast of Florida and, as such, guests can visit multiple beaches in close proximity to the park. Additionally, there are a number of shops in downtown Pensacola. "We are kind of a secret," Jeanine says, regarding various attractions in the Pensacola area. There is also a naval base in the vicinity. Two local restaurants she recommends to guests include Sake CafĂ©, a sushi restaurant, and Georgia's Bistro.


Throughout the year at Pensacola RV Park, the owners host multiple events both for guests of the property and the community of Pensacola. On Thanksgiving, the establishment hosts a dinner for patrons and the military personnel that are stationed nearby. The owners provide the meats for the meal, and the guests of the property bring side dishes to share. Additionally, ice cream socials and fish fries are hosted at different points in the year. The owners are excited to continue to offer these events and potentially more in the future for those at the RV park. 

During a stay at Pensacola RV Park, there are standards that guests are expected to abide by. The owners primarily want their patrons to be courteous to other visitors of the property. This entails refraining from leaving any animals unattended, picking up after dogs, and not littering. Jeanine hopes that patrons can leave the sites "as clean as they found them" by not leaving cigarette buds or trash at their spaces. 

The owners of the establishment hope that those staying at the park are able to have a "good, safe time." In an attempt to provide this type of experience, there is always a staff member on the grounds that can be contacted. Additionally, Jeanine says that they try to answer their phones "24/7," meaning that patrons can call at any hour to get help if they need it. 

Those who have stayed previously often comment on the size of the sites at the park, the cleanliness of the sites and facilities, and the hospitality of the family that owns and operates the business. One said, "It is a very nice, family-owned RV park. They are really friendly and helpful. There are lots of beautiful oak trees and a small dog run for the dogs to stretch their legs out and burn some energy. The sites are gravel but level, and they have nice picnic tables at each site as well as Wi-Fi that worked well and lots of cable channels."


The land that is now known as Pensacola RV Park was originally the family land of the Williams Family who are the current owners of the business. Since 2004, the RV park has been operating on the grounds where Wyndell and his daughter Jeanine were both raised. "It's a family operation," Jeanine said. Jeanine runs the business with her parents Wyndell and Lane. Other members of the family help with the business by doing maintenance and other jobs. In 2002, Hurricane Ivan hit Florida, where the Williams family had a commercial tree farm. The hurricane destroyed the tree farm, leaving the family with the need to change their work. Wyndell had the idea to build an RV park on the family land, and two years later it was operational. 

When the park was first built, there were 51 sites on the land. All of the sites have had full hookups since the business was established, but over time more sites have been added. In 2015, 16 additional sites were added, then in 2020, an additional 20 were installed. 

Jeanine says that one of the most enjoyable aspects of her job is meeting the various types of people that come to stay with them at the property. "We meet people from all over the world," she says. One former patron of the establishment that she was able to meet was a man in his 80s, whose wife had passed away. After her death, he reconnected with his high school sweetheart, and they got married when they both were in their 80s. Jeanine remarks that her favorite part of the job is getting to know the "nice people," who come through the park. 

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United States




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