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Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground
Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground

Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground

Located in the western region of Tennessee, Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground encompasses a total of 18 acres of land. Visitors are given the option to experience a daily, weekly, or monthly stay in one of the four different types of units, which are as follows: RV spots, tent sites, a cabin, and an Airbnb unit. Those who are interested in a long-term stay must call the property office to discuss the length of their stay with the campground's staff or the owners, Bill and Sue. The establishment itself is found among several relatively prominent cities and attractions, as the campground is situated halfway between the cities of Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee.


Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground offers a variety of accommodations for visitors. A total of forty-eight RV sites, three tent sites, one cabin, and one Airbnb unit are all available for guests to reserve. Aside from the accommodations, patrons are also given access to an on-site store, swimming pool, and a laundry facility that is equipped with four coin-operated top-load washing machines and four gas dryers. The store sells what one of the owners of the campground, Bill, says are "things people may have forgotten," such as standard toiletries, shampoo, and soap. Moreover, visitors can additionally purchase firewood, ice cream, and a variety of merchandise that is decorated with the campground's logo, namely t-shirts, hoodies, and baseball caps. Bill remarks that the store sells "unique handmade gifts that are created right at the park," which tend to pique the interest of those who are staying at Crossroads RV Park and Campground.

With regard to the provided amenities at each RV site, every space offers full hookups, as well as picnic tables and fire rings. It should also be noted that the RV sites can accommodate rigs and vehicles that extend up to 70 feet in length. As for the cabin, Bill describes this particular unit as "rustic" in terms of its appearance. A queen-size bed, refrigerator, microwave, and heating/air conditioning are available in the cabin, however, Bill explains that running water is currently not provided in the cabin. The Airbnb unit is a one-bedroom loft apartment that is fully furnished and features an outdoor patio area. Regardless of what type of accommodation visitors are staying in, they are given access to Wi-Fi over the course of their stay.

The park's extensive acreage offers several activities that guests can enjoy without leaving the property. One such recreational feature on the premises is a swimming pool that is open seasonally. A fishing pond also characterizes the grounds of the establishment, which is primarily inhabited by bass, catfish, and bream. For those who are hoping to fish in this pond, the on-site store sells bait and tackle. Moreover, Bill observes that guests often utilize the premises, as a whole, to take walks with their pets or play sports in the field area, such as soccer or baseball. Gardens and gazebos can be found throughout the grounds of the property as well.

Outside the boundaries of Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground, the general surroundings are fairly agricultural and residential. Bill notes that the campground is "one mile off of the main expressway." Furthermore, the establishment is located nearly halfway between two prominent cities in Tennessee: Nashville and Memphis. The largest city that can be found in the closest proximity to the campground is Jackson, Tennessee, which is about 30 miles away, according to Bill.

Concerning the attractions near Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground, a relatively high quantity of visitors are frequently drawn to Natchez Trace State Park, which is an approximate 20-minute drive from the property. Bill also recommends his guests visit the safari parks that are within the vicinity, more specifically, Southland Safari and Tennessee Safari. He further notes that many people are drawn to the lake recreation that is available outside the campground, as 14 lakes are located in the county. Fishing, water skiing, kayaking, and paddle boarding are a few activities that visitors undertake on the nearby lakes. Regarding the dining options in the local area, Bill and Sue, the owners of Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground, often direct their visitors to Crossroads Atzimba and Patty's Restaurant. They also recommend Mic Stand Bar & Grill, which is found in Huntingdon, somewhat farther than the other previously listed restaurants.


Bill and Sue, the owners of Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground, intend to help their guests feel "safe and relaxed" during their stay. In an effort to provide this experience for visitors, Bill remarks that they "escort every one of [their] guests to their site and show them all of the hookups." He further explains, "We make it quite clear that if they need any assistance, do not hesitate to call us." Bill and Sue try to interact with their occupants according to people's preferences, meaning, some visitors are generally more reserved, while others want to converse with the owners.

A fair amount of guest reviews have indicated positive experiences at the campground, as Bill says that many previous patrons have mentioned the "hospitality" of the owners and "how well [they] maintain the park." One visitor commented in a review, saying, "The owners, Bill and Sue, make you feel like you’ve arrived home after a long trip. Our site overlooked the beautiful pond, complete with gazebo and decorative lighting, and we were close to the dog area." Another guest described their experience, as they commented, "The location was easy to find and right off our path. The spots are easy to get in and out of. Very clean, friendly hosts, and we felt safe." Overall, Bill and Sue remark that the principal goal they have for their hospitality toward their guests is for occupants to feel "no stress" during their stay at Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground.

A few notable policies are implemented at the establishment, which patrons are expected to abide by throughout the duration of their stay. Bill says that one of the most important guidelines that they enforce is that all visitors must register at the store. He explains, "We don't allow any people to drive around the park without going to the store first." Pets are welcome to accompany visitors during their stay at the campground, provided that they are leashed. Pet owners are also responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. Every night, the occupants of each site are expected to keep noise to a minimum from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. out of respect to other patrons. Guests should also be aware that smoking is permitted on the premises. 

Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground is open year-round. The property typically experiences its busiest season of operation from April to November. Generally speaking, the most common demographic of those who visit the campground are couples, as observed by Bill and Sue. Most people are "middle-aged or older," Bill says. He also mentions that the majority of people who stay at Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground are at the property to relax and take a break "from their journey to their destination."


Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground was developed in 1974, originally as a KOA (Kampers of America) campground. The property was privately owned for roughly 20 years prior to when Bill and Sue, the current owners, took ownership of the campground about two and a half years ago. Bill and Sue were led into the lodging industry when they both had the desire to "try something different" after Bill had retired from law enforcement. Sue had over 20 years of experience with hospitality, as she had previously assisted with operating several casino resorts. "We wanted to venture out on our own," Bill expresses. Regarding what the owners' jobs presently entail, Sue currently runs the campground's store, while Bill is primarily in charge of the establishment's maintenance. The owners have come to find that their favorite part of the job is "meeting new people." 

Since Bill and Sue first acquired the property, the campground has undergone a number of updates and renovations. Remodeling was done to the on-site store, two of the bathrooms, and the swimming pool. The owners also remodeled the Airbnb unit and made it an available accommodation for visitors to reserve. As for future plans, Bill and Sue are planning to potentially add a new playground to the premises and remodel the cabin.

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22580 Tennessee Highway 22 North
Yuma, Tennessee 38390
United States




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