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Papa and Maga's Calhoun's Riverside RV Retreat

Papa and Maga's Calhoun's Riverside RV Retreat

Currently under the ownership of Pleze Short, Papa and Maga's Calhoun's Riverside RV Retreat is a campground established along the Guadalupe River. The property's 15 RV sites and 4 cabins are available year-round for guests to occupy. As the campground is located among several nature-oriented attractions—Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, the Guadalupe River, and a number of lakes— many people who come to the business are in the area for the outdoor recreation opportunities. Pleze mentions that fishing is one of the most popular pastimes at Papa and Maga's Calhoun's Riverside RV Retreat, and he believes that it is one of the most unique elements of the establishment. While canoeing, kayaking, and boating are permitted on the lakes in the vicinity, swimming is strictly prohibited due to the alligators that inhabit the region, as reported by Pleze.


Located in southern Texas, Papa and Maga's Calhoun's Riverside RV Retreat occupies roughly 10 acres of land just off the Guadalupe River. A total of 15 RV sites and 4 cabins are available for visitors to reserve, each situated about 50 to 75 feet apart. All of the RV sites have a gravel base where guests can park their RVs, and all of these spaces are equipped with full hookups—with 30- and 50-amp service. It should also be noted that one site is pull-through while the rest are back-in. As for the cabins, the owner of the campground, Pleze Short, remarks that these units are all the same size, generally speaking. A queen size bed, futon, stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, pots, and pans are a few amenities that are supplied in these accommodations. Moreover, due to the property's location in a flood zone, every cabin is elevated with stilts that extend approximately seven feet high. Beyond the RV sites and cabins, visitors can also pitch a tent at Papa and Maga's Calhoun's Riverside RV Retreat, though there are no designated spaces for such purposes. One site that offers electricity and water can be occupied by three or four tents depending on the size of each tent.

In addition to the accommodations, the acreage comprises additional features, such as public restrooms with showers, coin-operated laundry, a boat ramp, a snack shack with drinks and candy, and a pavilion with a fire pit and charcoal grill. For those who are staying at Papa and Maga's Calhoun's Riverside RV Retreat, usage of the boat ramp comes with no additional cost. The general public is required to pay a seven-dollar fee if they want to use the boat ramp. A particularly popular activity that a number of visitors have engaged in on-site is fishing on the Guadalupe River. Alligator gar and different types of catfish are some of the most commonly sought-after fish species in the river, according to Pleze. 

Several kayakers have visited the property, as the campground's location is part of the Safari Race, which Pleze reports is "the world's toughest kayak race." He explains that it was deemed as such because it extends approximately 262 miles, and kayakers have a maximum of 100 hours to complete the race. On account of the secluded countryside surroundings, Papa and Maga's Calhoun's Riverside RV Retreat tends to receive a considerable number of birdwatchers as well. Pleze observes that these birdwatchers often visit Aransas National Wildlife Refuge during their time in the area. Concerning the nearby dining options, some of the restaurants that Pleze recommends his guests go to are Canales Cafe and 35 & Main Bar and Grill, the latter of which serves steak, wings, and other similar items. 


Pleze Short, the owner of Papa and Maga's Calhoun's Riverside RV Retreat, wants his patrons to feel "like they're at home and that they can enjoy the river and the park" during their stay. In an effort to provide this experience, Pleze periodically holds cookouts on the weekends where he can "sit around and talk with everybody," intending to get to know those who are visiting the campground. "We try to keep the campground family-oriented so that everyone can enjoy themselves," Pleze expresses. He tries to respect visitors' preferences in terms of whether or not they want to socialize, as he remarks, "I can tell when someone wants to talk or if they're more reserved." Overall, Pleze has the goal of helping guests feel like they want to return to the campground. One former patron commented about their stay in a review, as they stated, "The cabins are clean and comfortable, the river runs right behind the cabins, and the owners are extremely nice and helpful."

Papa and Maga's Calhoun's Riverside RV Retreat is open year-round for guests to reserve the RV sites and cabins. Pleze says that the busiest season of operation most commonly occurs during late fall and early spring, as a higher quantity of outdoor enthusiasts tends to come for recreation during these times. The owner notes that this is because the summer season often experiences temperatures that some might consider to be too hot to engage in outdoor recreation. With regard to the typical demographic that the campground receives, Pleze says that he sees "a mix of people," ranging from young families to groups of fishermen.

Visitors should be aware of a few policies that are implemented at Papa and Maga's Calhoun's Riverside RV Retreat. While pets are welcome to stay on the premises, they must be kept on a leash at all times. Pet owners are expected to take responsibility for cleaning up after their dogs as well. For the safety of other guests, Pleze says that any dog that is brought to the campground must not exhibit aggressive behavior. Aside from the guidelines that pertain to pets, it should also be noted that smoking is permitted except inside buildings and cabins. Finally, quiet hours are enforced at 9:30 p.m. every night from Monday to Thursday, and on the weekends, the quiet hours start at around 11:00 p.m.


Papa and Maga's Calhoun's Riverside RV Retreat was first established as a campground in 1983 by the Haebers. It wasn't until April of 2022 that Pleze Short, the present camp host, took ownership of the business. Pleze was led into the lodging industry when he and his wife took an interest in becoming the owners of a property, as they had much previous experience in traveling. Following Pleze's retirement, the couple decided to purchase Papa and Maga's Calhoun's Riverside RV Retreat. Since becoming the owner, Pleze has come to find that his favorite part of the job is "living out here on the river and meeting different kinds of people." 

The campground originally started with about 10 sites, and Pleze mentions that they recently added 5 more. He also notes that they added the on-site bathrooms and showers during their course of ownership. Concerning future plans, Pleze has the desire to develop a convenience store on the property. He explains that about 5 of the 10 acres that he owns comprise the campground, and he hopes to add more tent sites or potentially more RV sites to the spare acreage.

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