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Outback RV Park

The Outback RV Park, located in Burlington, Colorado, features 14 sites open seasonally for guests. Each of the sites has full hookups of water, sewer, and power, with 30/50 amps and 110 amps available. The business is open from May through October and has all pull-through sites. When visitors arrive, there is a signboard where they can self-check-in and fill out the registration paperwork. In the past few years, the owners have planted trees, and as such, there are small trees growing on the premises. The property is across the street from a Dollar General store and within fairly close proximity to a garden center and floral shop, the post office, and the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars non-profit). Some local eateries that Lisa,  the owner, recommends include The Post, which is a breakfast diner; The Blend, which is a coffee shop; and The Dishroom.  


The Outback RV Park is located in Burlington, Colorado. The town is situated near the border of Colorado and Kansas and is about a two and a half hours' drive from Denver, the capital of Colorado. The park has 14 sites that are available seasonally for those traveling through the town. Each of the 14 sites has full hookups, meaning they have water, sewer, and electricity services. There are 30/50 amp hookups as well as 110 amp hookups available at each space. Each individual site is 95 feet long and is accessible to pull through as soon as the RV is on the property, according to Lisa. Each of the sites is large enough that there can be an RV and two additional cars parked. Lisa explains that there is no grass on the premises, but recently trees were planted. 

When guests come to stay at Outback RV Park, there is a green signboard where they can check in. On the board is a sign that explains how to check in, which entails taking a registration form from the drawer attached to the sign and filling it out. When visitors finish filling out the form, they can put the paper on the dash of their RV. Lisa, the owner of the RV park, explains that those who hope to stay at the park can just drive up and stay at the property without a reservation but that calling ahead is recommended, even if they are only 15 minutes out from the park. Lisa says that there is often room for anyone who drives up but occasionally the park is full, and a reservation is required. 


While staying at the Outback RV Resort, there are policies implemented with the intent of keeping the park clean for future guests. Lisa, the owner, first asks that patrons clean up after themselves and not leave trash—such as cigarette buds, beer bottles, or wrappers—on the ground. She also asks that each of the visitors be respectful of each other and "use common sense." Lastly, dogs and pets are allowed to stay with their owners at the RV park, but they must be on a leash at all times, and their owners need to pick up after them. 

One of the aspects of the business that Lisa enjoys the most is creating an ambiance for her guests. She hopes that those staying at the park are able to feel "relaxed" and "casual." Moreover, Lisa hopes that visitors will find it easy to get set up for the evening. To emulate this atmosphere for her guests, Lisa has put up lights on the trees, and she is currently working on getting more outdoor furniture for patrons. There are two picnic tables at the property, and she hopes to have a picnic table at each site in the future. She also has a goal in the future to make the park "a bit more high-end" for large buses pulling long trailers to stay. Lisa believes Outback RV Park would be a good place for these types of rigs because each spot is pull-through and guests can pull directly out of or into their site and onto the main road. 

Those staying at the property in the past have commented on the quiet nature of the park, the ease of pulling into their spot, and the cleanliness of the accommodations. One former patron said, "This was a good place to stop for the night. The rates for full hookups are very reasonable. The park is nothing fancy, but there were good, leveled, graveled sites with easy access." Another guest who stayed at the RV park said, "It has large spots with lots of room to pull through the park. There is easy access and stores along with restaurants in the area." Some local eateries that Lisa recommends include The Dishroom, The Post, and The Blend. She also mentions that some local attractions include the Old Town Museum, Rocket Park, and the Historic Kit Carson County Carousel.


The Outback RV Park has been operational for over 10 years. In its time as a park, there have been four owners. The man who originally built the park was Lawerence Pierceson, followed by Doug Anderson and Cory Holmes. The current owner of the property, Lisa, purchased the property in 2021. Since purchasing the property, there have been some changes to the land, namely cleaning up various items from the grounds, replacing all of the 14 hydrants for the RVs, and adding new sewer risers at each of the sites. In the future, she hopes to add more vegetation to the plot of land; add picnic tables for each of the sites; and decorate with patriotic decor due to the VFW being located across the street. In the future, Lisa hopes that the park can be used as a "higher-end" property for buses with attached trailers that come through the area. She thinks this property would be a good location for such clientele due to the pull-through availability at each of the sites. 

Lisa originally purchased Outback RV Park because she was looking to expand her business. She owns other parks in the area, and she said that she has "outgrown the overnight traffic" that she has for the other two parks she owns. After purchasing her first RV park, Lisa fell in love with the business, both working with the visitors to the property and being out in the parks striving to create an ambiance for her guests. 

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