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Ouray Riverside Resort

The Ouray Riverside Resort is a combination of cabins, hotel rooms, and RV sites that can be found in Ouray, Colorado, which is a city located in a mountainous biome southeast of Uncompahgre National Forest. There are about 70 RV sites, 20 cabins, and 20 hotel rooms in total that visitors may choose from when planning on making reservations at the resort. Also located on the property are things like a garden with a spa, a convenience store, an ethanol-free gas station, and a restaurant. Available to those who are staying at Ouray Riverside Resort is the option to rent a jeep to take into the mountains and on trips around the area. There are many hiking trails that can be found around the town, and the Ouray Hot Springs is also close to the resort.


Ouray Riverside Resort offers a wide variety of living arrangements for guests to choose from, all depending on what their visitors would like. For those that choose to bring their RV,  six categories of RV units are available for them to choose from. Those sites are the North Sites, Circle Sites, Pull-through, Riverfront Standard, Riverfront Extra Space, and Riverfront Premium. Most of the RV sites have full hook-ups, including sewage, water, and electrical with 20, 30, and 50 AMPs. During the cold seasons, from October 15th to May 15th, the electrical hook-ups are still available, but water and sewage are turned off. The North Sites and Premium Riverfront locations are the only exceptions. Anyone staying at Ouray Riverside Resort during this time with no sewage or water will still have access to the heated bathrooms and laundry facilities. Each RV site is allowed up to three extra items, such as a truck, jeep, ATV, or others.

Guests can also stay in one of the 20 cabins that are owned by the resort. Depending on the kind of living situations a visitor would like, they may choose from the deluxe cabins, rustic cabins by the river, rustic cabins in the wooded areas, or the historic cabin. All of the rustic cabins do not have water piping, but drinking water is available, and the restrooms are near the cabins. The rustic cabins can sleep up to four people, the deluxe cabins can sleep between six and eight in total, and the historic cabin can sleep two guests. Each cabin comes with a mini-fridge, a microwave, a ceiling fan, a coffee maker, and an electric fireplace. The deluxe cabins come with their own bathrooms, kitchens, running water, and heating but no air conditioning.

The hotel offers a total of 20 total units, categorized between rooms and suites. Rooms are smaller and much simpler in design, as they have a mini-fridge, a microwave, a coffee maker, a television, air conditioning, and WiFi. The suites are much larger in comparison and include a kitchenette, at least one more bed, and larger bathrooms. Some have a fireplace as well.

The café and steakhouse are open to the public and serve breakfast every morning and dinner on some evenings. They are found on-site, but they are only open seasonally, starting from May 15th to October 15th. In an effort to help the local community and other restaurants, Jason, the owner, closes the restaurant and encourages visitors to enjoy meals at local establishments during the winter season. The steakhouse is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m., while the café is open for breakfast, starting earlier in the morning and closing at 11:00 a.m. Many of the locals like to come to the steakhouse because Mainstreet tends to be full of tourists and visitors. The head chef is a man named Phil Martinez, though his nickname is Bombie. The owner remarks that "Chef Bombie practically has a cult following with the locals in the town." While meals are not included with a reservation, the owner explains that they have a voucher system for those staying at the hotel or in one of the cabins. With this voucher, they can go to the convenience store and trade it in for a specific value of goods.

Besides the RV spaces, cabins, and hotel units, Ouray Riverside Resort has a garden area with two spas and many plants surrounding them. A laundromat owned by the establishment rests within the property lines that is available for all of the guests to use, which is big enough to serve a large number of people at a time. The property also owns a café and steakhouse in the city that is not included with a reservation, but it gives visitors a few more options when they are figuring out what they would like to eat on their trip. Located on the property is the convenience store, where guests can purchase things like beer, wine, soda, bread, and many other things that they may want or need while they are away from home. The convenience store also doubles as a fuel station for vehicles that need to fill up on gasoline. The gasoline is ethanol-free, offering a higher quality or safer gasoline for engines during the colder times of the year.  

One unique thing about the Ouray Riverside Resort is that they have about ten jeeps available for their guests to rent. These jeeps tend to be the most recent models because, as the owner explains, each year he sells the ones they currently have and buys brand new ones to keep them updated and functioning to the best of their ability.


While Ouray Riverside Resort doesn't really host events of their own, the owner, Jason, says they are more than happy to allow guests to host their own events and celebrations at the resort. Jason explains that there have been many times where people have hosted family gatherings and other significant events. Due to the size of the property, as well as the various features they have within its boundaries, they are able to host many people for celebrations. The restaurant alone is capable of having up to 60 people at a time. Specific events that have been held at Ouray Riverside Resort in the past include things like family reunions, weddings, teaching events, and more. The restaurant is able to cater as well.

In order to help maintain a quality atmosphere on the grounds, there are several policies that Ouray Riverside Resort has in place that they ask everyone to abide by while staying on the property. For example, quiet hours are enforced starting at 10:00 p.m. each night to offer all guests the chance to wind down for the evening. Pets are allowed for those that bring their RVs, but they must be responsible for their pets while they are at the property. Several of the cabins and hotel rooms are pet-friendly as well. All pets must be on a leash while they are outside. The owner mentions that cats are not allowed due to the fact that they tend to claw the furniture and cause other damages, but dogs are allowed.

Jason prides himself in having the resort be a family-owned and operated business. He and his family live on the property, and they all pitch in to take care of Ouray Riverside Resort. One of his goals for the property is to create an environment that is welcoming and family-friendly. The family, as well as the employees, strive to do their best to be active in running the establishment as well as they can. Jason says that he specifically enjoys getting to know his customers and interacting with them on a regular basis.

Ouray Riverside Resort has received a number of reviews in the past from previous patrons who stayed at the establishment. One thing that is often mentioned in these reviews is the location of the area. Someone who recently stayed at the resort writes, "My family loved it. The view is spectacular & breathtaking. We were able to drink coffee on our porch and enjoy the view." Another thing that is often brought up is the quality of service from the employees and workers at Ouray Riverside Resort. One review reads, "Cozy and comfortable. The staff was like a friend waiting for you to come to visit."

Due to the location of the resort and the size of the town, many things are within walking distance. A popular attraction in the city that is close enough to walk to is the Ouray Hot Springs, which has a number of activities like a climbing wall, obstacle course, two family pools, an adult-only pool, and more. There are a number of hiking trails that travel along the river and through the mountains. Four-wheeling and riding jeeps are other activities that some people enjoy doing while they are in the area.


Jason is the current owner of Ouray Riverside Resort and has owned the property since 2015. He had worked for Microsoft for about 17 years before he purchased the establishment. In 2013, his wife was pregnant with their first child, so they left their hometown and began searching for somewhere new to live. After about two years, they found Ouray Riverside Resort and fell in love with the location. They decided to purchase the property and make it their home.

Ouray Riverside Resort was established in the 1970s. When it first opened to the public, it was only an RV park. As the years went by, other features were added to it. There was a period of time where there was a separation of many of the buildings and amenities, such as the gas station and the restaurant, from the main business. When Jason became the owner, he started bringing these things back together to recreate the property as it once was. They have also taken time to upgrade the current amenities in hopes to make it better for those who come to stay at Ouray Riverside Resort.

The owner of the property explains that as more amenities were made available, buildings were constructed, and more units were added, they decided to rename the place not once but twice. First, it was called Ouray Riverside Park, and then he changed the name to Riverside Inn. Finally, he decided to call it Ouray Riverside Resort to better encompass the size and the amenities that are offered.

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