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Old Pike Cottages

Old Pike Cottages

The Old Pike Cottages is a property located in Saugatuck, Michigan, which offers 7 cabins for guests to rent out. The cottages were originally built in 1939. When the current owners bought the cottages in 2018, they completely renovated them and added two more. The Old Pike Cottages has been open since June of 2020. It is located on Lake Kalamazoo, which is also close to Lake Michigan. Guests can take a tour of the river and Lake Michigan on the Star of Saugatuck, a paddleboat that is owned by the owners of The Old Pike Cottages. One of the things that the cottages are known for is the team that works there, who strive to help guests feel happy and relaxed.


The Old Pike Cottages is a place where people can rent vacation rentals in Saugatuck, Michigan. There are seven little yellow cottages on-site available for guests to rent. Five of these cottages are historical in nature, while two of them are brand new. The two new cottages are designed to have the same outward appearance as the old ones. Though some of them are older, all of the cottages have a more modern aesthetic on the inside. The cottages are all lined up right along Lake Kalamazoo, offering a waterfront stay for visitors. The property is dotted with flowers and covered in green grass. Due to its location, it also offers views of Lake Kalamazoo in certain parts.

Six of the cottages located on the ground of The Old Pike Cottages have two bedrooms, while one of them only has one bedroom. Every cottage is equipped with its own kitchenette. In addition, they all have their own living room and bathroom. The cottages have cable TV, Wi-Fi, central heat and air conditioning, heated floors, and a screened-in patio. There is one parking spot per cottage. The staff has found the two waterfront cabins, the Durant and Winton, to be the most popular units in their time working there. In addition, it is important to note that the Hudson cottage is ADA compliant.

Other unique amenities of The Old Pike Cottages include their bathhouse and washrooms. There is a common room with a living room and kitchen which guests can feel free to use. In addition, visitors can use the washer and dryer which is located on the premises. They also sell some merchandise, such as cups, sweatshirts, and t-shirts.

A number of activities are available to guests without leaving the grounds of The Old Pike Cottages. The waterfront location of the cottages offers water access and slip access between the docks. Guests can fish, swim, and boat, all on the property. There is also a common area that includes a pool with a patio for seating. The grounds also include a grilling area with picnic tables, a grill, and a firepit. A grassy area is also available where guests can play games like cornhole.

In addition to the cottages, there are also 5 off-site units available to rent, split between two entities called The Treehouse and The Paddlewheel. The Treehouse is a 5 bedroom home that guests reserve as a vacation rental. The Paddlewheel, which used to be a full-time unit that people would rent for years on end, contains 4 more cottages and now serves as vacation rentals as well. All of the sites are in close proximity and are within walking distance of each other.


At The Old Pike Cottages, the staff strives to create an environment in which guests feel happy and relaxed, and they want a place where their visitors can create good memories. Their motto is "relax, renew, and enjoy the view." The goal is to have the cottages be a destination that people can come to year after year with their family and see friends that they have made while visiting the cottages.

The Old Pike Cottages is a family-friendly destination. They allow children, welcoming the whole family but are not pet-friendly. The property can host family reunions, small weddings, and other similar events. Occasionally they will even host activities like a murder mystery night, where guests are put into the shoes of a character in the midst of a "who dunnit?" mystery that they have to solve.

One of the things that The Old Pike Cottages is known for is the team that works there: Birdie, Jenni, Josie, and Emily. They put up lights and decorations for holidays like Christmas and Halloween. The staff also like to learn about celebrations of their guests, such as birthdays or anniversaries, and will often decorate for these occasions. They also like to throw BBQs and other similar events to try to get to know the guests and to help them look forward to their experience at the cottage and seek it out again. They also strive to create a very clean environment and work hard to do so.

A guest stated in a review, "I loved staying at Old Pike Cottages. It is such a beautiful location, and they have so much that you can do on the property. The rooms are very modern and look like they are brand new. I loved the outside porch to watch the sunset. I would recommend this place to anyone staying in the area."

There are lots of reasons that people come to visit the area. There's a large amount of shopping in the area, not to mention the dunes, the beach, the autumn colors, and all of the water that guests can have fun on. Some restaurants that people visiting the area can enjoy are Phil's Bar and Grill, The BARge, Wally's Bar and Grill, and Bowdie's Chophouse. One specific attraction is the Saugatuck dune rides. Another is the Star of Saugatuck. The Star of Saugatuck is a paddleboat that is also owned by the owners of the Old Pike Cottages. People can take tour rides on lake Michigan on this two-level boat and eat, drink, and get a tour with some history to it. The Star of Saugatuck docks at The Paddlewheel. Mount Baldhead is also nearby, which is a historic dune. Oval Beach isn't too far either, and it is ranked one of the top beaches of the midwest.

The Old Pike Cottages are open year-round. Memorial Day through Labor Day is generally the busiest season for the cottages. This is due mainly to the weather during that time of the year. Boating and watersports are big things in the area, so the conditions during the summer months are ideal for these activities. The cottages are family-oriented, and it is common for families to visit for their getaway.


The Old Pike Cottages were named after the historic West Michigan pike during the big automobile boom of the '30s. The West Michigan Pike underwent its construction and development from the years 1911 through 1922. It served the country as one of the first roads whose primary function was that of tourism. The pike spanned Michigan's shoreline from Mackinaw City to New Buffalo.

The 5 older cottages were constructed in 1939. Most believe that they were initially used as a stopping point for travelers passing by on the West Michigan Pike for a number of years. The cottages are all named after old automobiles from the time of their construction, such as the Durant or the Roamer.

The Old Pike cottages opened in June of 2020. Before that, it was the Backbay Cottages. They had a completely different appearance and appeal back then. The cottages used to be more eclectic and looked older. They had more of a rustic campground atmosphere compared to what their current ambiance is: a more beachy feel.

The current owners of the Old Pike Cottages bought the property in 2018 and did a complete renovation on it. These renovations included things such as redoing the landscaping, putting in a new parking lot, building a pool, adding a common area, and making the entire property ADA compliant. All of the cement and pavement have been redone. In addition, a five-bedroom house is currently being constructed. This house will become a weekly rental in the peak season and a two or three-day rental in the off-season. Guests who rent the house will have the entire place to themselves, and it is projected to open in the spring of 2022.

The current owners of The Old Pike Cottages haven't always been in the hospitality industry. They only recently got into it, having bought the property in 2018. Before that, they had a business in a completely different industry. The owners sold that business and purchased The Old Pike Cottages with a desire to try something new.

Birdie, who is the manager of the property and is more likely to be seen on-site day to day, has been with the owners since January 2019. She has helped with the renovations and the running of the property once it opened. Birdie graduated with a degree in commercial recreation and program management. She likes her job because she likes being around happy and pleasant people, and from what she's seen, vacationers traditionally have those attributes.

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