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Old Lewiston Bridge RV Resort

Old Lewiston Bridge RV Resort

Old Lewiston Bridge RV Resort, first constructed in the 1950s, is located in Lewiston, California, and features up to fifty-two RV sites, fifteen tent spaces, and a facility that can be utilized for recreational purposes. The owner has the goal of emulating a calm, relaxed atmosphere that visitors can experience during their stay. Overall, the surrounding area is relatively rural, with a forested environment, and as such, some of the most notable things to do in the area that many tourists come for is the outdoor recreation including hiking, hunting, fishing, rafting, canoeing, bicycling, and other similar activities. Located in close proximity to the RV resort is the bridge that stretches across the Trinity River, which also draws in a fair amount of visitors. 


Located in Lewiston, California, Old Lewiston Bridge RV Resort occupies land on an expanse of thirteen acres. A total of fifty-two RV sites, plus fifteen tent spaces are available to guests. On-site facilities including an office building with a store, a recreation room, two laundry rooms, and two sets of bathrooms and showers, can be found on the premises. One particular common area where visitors can lounge is the covered patio, which provides seating. Furthermore, the store sells various snacks, equipment, and supplies that are available for purchase. Some of the items contained in the store include beer, wine, ice, soda, candy, canned foods, fishing lures, fishing poles, paper products, and standard camping supplies.

A fair amount of the RV sites can provide shaded, grassy areas, and several trees are scattered throughout the acreage. The owner had previously owned a water company before running the RV resort and as a result of this, he supplies the water at the property and makes an effort to water the lawns often. Many reviews comment on this particular aspect of the property and the overall upkeep of the grounds. Visitors can participate in the on-site outdoor games that are offered by Old Lewiston Bridge RV Resort, some of which include corn hole, the recreation room, and various yard games. Additionally, wildlife can often be seen in the area with deer, eagles, ducks, blue heron, and osprey being some of the most commonly found animals.

The surrounding land that encompasses Old Lewiston Bridge RV Resort can be considered as relatively rural. The town itself has a history of being an "old coal-mining town," according to the owner. Two particular attractions in close proximity to the RV resort, both of which can provide outdoor recreation for visitors, include Lewiston Lake, which is approximately a mile and a half from the RV resort, and Trinity Lake, about seven miles from the property. The RV resort is also within walking distance of the single-lane bridge that extends across the Trinity River. According to the owner, hunting and fishing are "the main attractions." 

In view of the fact that the RV resort's location is generally rural, restaurants and attractions may not be commonly found nearby, though the owner recommends a few dining options that visitors can try. One such restaurant is the Tangle Blue Saloon, about fifteen minutes away from the Old Lewiston Bridge RV Resort. The other options recommended by the owner are Mountain Valley Grill, J&J's Smokin' BBQ, and Trailhead Pizza.


The Old Lewiston Bridge RV Resort implements policies that guests are expected to act in accordance with. One such policy is that visitors are required to obey the speed limit, due to the fact that children are in the area. Smoking is not allowed within twenty feet of any building, and the use of drugs is prohibited on the premises. Furthermore, pets are welcome to stay at the RV resort as long as they are picked up after.

One particular goal that the owner of the RV resort hopes to achieve is that he wants patrons to feel relaxed and as though they are on vacation during their stay. As the location of the property is situated about thirty minutes outside of a major city, the owner remarks that he wants his guests to consider the Old Lewiston Bridge RV Resort to be a "getaway from the city." The property strives to create a calm and quiet atmosphere that parallels the rural surroundings. One guest who previously stayed at the RV resort remarked, "Deer that live there are fun to watch. It's just a walk to the water to fish. Lots of space to play and run around or store other vehicles with permission. Nice little shopping amenities and movies and books."

The Old Lewiston Bridge RV Resort is open year-round, with the busiest season tending to occur through the spring and summer seasons, when the weather is relatively warmer. Repeat guests return often, as stated by the owner. A fair amount of visitors tend to come to the area during events that are held within the town, including the Peddler's fair in Lewiston, Fourth of July BBQs, and a Christmas-themed occasion where the bridge across Trinity River is lit up with festive lights.


Originally built in the 1950s, the Old Lewiston Bridge RV Resort has undergone a number of renovations, mainly during the time when the previous owners had possession of the acreage. The current owner comments on the fact that since acquiring the property, the only renovation that he would consider major is the remodeling of the store. As for future plans, he hopes to add glamping sites, 50 amp pull-through sites, a gym, and a swimming pool. 

Before taking ownership of the old Lewiston Bridge RV Resort, the owner had the desire to work in a place where he would enjoy vacationing, and where he could work for himself. He states that it was "a lot of hard work" that led to the success of the RV resort and that is what got the property to where it is currently.

The on-site office building was formerly an assay office, meaning, during the times when gold mining was popular, people would take the gold that they would find to an assay office to weigh their gold and receive their pay for it.

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8460 Rush Creek Road
Lewiston, California 96052
United States



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