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Needles Outpost Campground

The Needles Outpost Campground, located in southeastern Utah, has 24 campsites, two tipis, and two glamping tents. Each of these features can be rented for up to seven days. During their stay, guests are expected to abide by the rules of the property. No music is allowed, and bright lights are prohibited after 9:00 PM to benefit the property as a designated dark sky area. Amber and Caleb Church, the owners of the establishment, want their guests to feel comfortable and surrounded by nature. They hope that their patrons will be able to enjoy their time and the campground, and encourage them to explore the two petroglyphs and the multiple hiking trails, which have to be accessed outside of the property.


At the Needles Outpost Campground, guests have the opportunity to rent one of the 29 sites, which consist of 24 regular campsites, two tipis, and two glamping tents. Each of the 24 campsites can accommodate tents or an RV, as long as the RV fits the campground size. None of the sites on the property have hookups of any kind, and things like water, electricity, and Wi-Fi are not available. Campsites can be rented for the time period of 1-7 days, and different sizes can accommodate different amounts of people. Smaller campsites fit 6-10 people, while larger sites are identified by having an amount of ten or more people. 

On the Needles Outpost Campground is a camp store that sells things like groceries, drinks, ice cream, basic camping supplies, rentals, and sunscreen. Gluten-free and dairy-free are also an option for those with dietary restrictions. Check-in at the camp store is required for everyone visiting the park. Also located within the premises is a bath house with two showers in both the women's and men's rooms. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, and any other toiletries are not provided.

The Needles Outpost Campground is located in a desert in southeastern Utah. Because of its location, the area doesn't have a lot of neighborhoods, businesses, or cities, allowing for a more quiet environment. At night, star gazing is available to those who wish to do so. In fact, the Needles Outpost Campground is a designated dark sky area, meaning that no bright lights are allowed while it is dark out to allow for more scenery of the stars and planets. Other than star gazing, activities such as climbing on rocks and hiking are available. The hiking trails that run through the property have views of the campsite, though they must be accessed outside of the establishment. While the entry point is not in the actual campsite, the hiking trails go through a portion of the land. Also within the property are two petroglyphs that guests can view. These petroglyphs, which are carvings made by pecking into stone, have been around for a long time, and were likely originally created by Native Americans.

Located only a few miles away from the Needles Outpost Campgrounds is Canyonlands National Park. Also located relatively close to the property is a site called Indian Creek, which is a climbing area. Historical sites can be found nearby and within the establishment. There are no cities in the direct vicinity of the Needles Outpost Campground, but activities are also available in those cities.


Amber and Caleb Church, the current owners of the Needles Outpost Campground, interact with their guests as much as possible. They appreciate how rustic the campground is, and hope to share that environment with their guests. In general, Amber and Caleb want visitors to the campground to feel like they got a "true experience." In other words, they want their guests to experience the natural nature of the desert, and to interact with environment as much as possible. People sometimes come to the campsites seeking to unplug and disconnect from technology. Because the property does not have WiFi or internet of any kind, this makes it more possible. Amber has also explained that she wants the patrons to contribute to keeping the campground clean and friendly. When a person checks into the property, Amber and Caleb explain the rules of the property and let them know what their expectations are.

At the Needles Outpost Campground, rules are held with the purpose of ensuring a positive experience for the guests. Some of these include the no music policy and quiet time, which is from 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM. When it is dark, bright lights of any kind are prohibited, seeing as the property is a designated dark sky. Animals that come to the property must be kept on a leash at all times. They are not allowed inside of buildings, and tying an animal to the side of the building is also prohibited. Vandalization of any kind is not tolerated, and those who do vandalize the property will be reported and fined. Parking or driving off-road is not allowed, and moving the picnic tables or fire pits is prohibited. 

Because of the landfills on the property, volunteer clean-up days are occasionally held. During these events, participants are expected to help clean up the area. Food and drinks are provided to those who are helping, and the event usually takes place around Easter. Though this is the main activity they have on the property, guests sometimes come to do their own activities such as hiking or visiting Canyonlands National Park. Some of the groups that visit include church groups, Boy Scouts, and school groups. Biologists and scientists also frequent the vicinity because of the opportunities to study the surrounding plants and animals. Dark sky photographers come to take pictures in the designated dark sky area, which encompasses the Needles Outpost Campground.

The Needles Outpost Campground is known for the comfort and staff that it provides. People often visit the campsites because they had a friend or relative tell them about it. People have complimented the owners, Amber and Caleb Church, along with the quietness and privacy of the establishment. Because it is so separate from the rest of the world, some of the guests who stay at the property talk about how they were able to unplug and view the nature instead. One guest described it as "a great secluded atmosphere." Another thing that is commented on by patrons of the property are the views.


The Needles Outpost Campground opened in 1964 and has always been separate but close to Canyonlands National Park. Amber and Caleb Church, the current owners of the establishment, have operated the campground for five years. Their mission is to follow the original owner's vision to preserve nature. Amber and Caleb came to own the property five years ago by accident. As a couple, they had been traveling and trying to decide where to move. When they came across the campground, they decided that it could be a positive thing for them to participate in. 

After purchasing the property, Amber and Caleb Church improved a few things to make the guests' stay more comfortable. Some of the changes that were made include updating the store, adding more shelving to the store, and remolding the bath house. In the future, they hope to add a few more campgrounds, a dishwashing station, and possibly a pool.

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