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Mountain Goat Lodge

Mountain Goat Lodge is located on 20 acres of land in Salida, Colorado, which is east of Gunnison National Forest. The lodge has six rooms and eight other accommodations, ranging from teepees to retro campers to a trailer. There are several amenities available for all guests to use at their leisure, such as a community fire pit, hot tub, and library. One notable feature of the lodge is that there are dozens of goats on the property. Visitors can interact with these goats, and the goats are the establishment’s source of goat milk and cheese. Mountain Goat Lodge is pet-friendly, allowing visitors to bring their dogs with them if they would like. The current owner has been operating the business since 2011 and reports that she has enjoyed her time working in the hospitality industry.


Mountain Goat Lodge, located on a 20-acre property, offers a rustic Mountain Lodge experience with a touch of Mellado charm. The lodge consists of six units, while eight additional individual accommodations are scattered throughout the establishment. Common areas include a great room and a library for guests to unwind. Outside, visitors can enjoy a hot tub and a fire pit and explore the farm, with the opportunity to interact with the resident animals if they please. The property is home to goats, chickens, ducks, a llama, a cat, and a dog, creating a fairly unique atmosphere for patrons. Mountain Goat Lodge boasts a diverse range of amenities and experiences. One specific highlight of the lodge is its farm-to-table approach to dining. Guests can have a full breakfast prepared with farm-fresh produce, including specialties such as Huevos Rancheros and the lodge’s homemade goat yogurt. Additionally, the lodge offers evening food options.

One of the distinctive features of the lodge is the presence of greenhouses where a diverse range of produce, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, is grown. Additionally, the lodge offers a gift shop that is open to the public, allowing both guests and visitors to purchase dairy products and handmade soap.

Another feature of Mountain Goat Lodge is its list of classes and activities. Visitors can partake in cheese-making, goat-raising, and poultry-raising courses, which are available to the public and can be booked for an extra fee. Cheese-making courses can allow guests to create their own cheese and even take some home. The lodge also offers a range of other amenities, including a 24/7 hot tub, a full espresso bar, and concierge services to assist guests in planning activities in the area. The rooms are appointed with modern amenities such as smart TVs, balconies with mountain views, linen bed sheets, and stocked kitchens. For those looking to explore the grounds, Mountain Goat Lodge offers a one-and-a-half-mile hiking trail, and guests are encouraged to roam freely. The property features four ponds with goldfish and ducks, adding to the ambiance.

Home to about 30 goats, the guests of Mountain Goat Lodge are given the opportunity to engage with these animals. The dairy goats at Mountain Goat Lodge play a pivotal role by providing milk to support in-house cheese-making. Occupants are treated to an array of goat cheese varieties during their breakfast, indicating the lodge's commitment to farm-to-table experiences. Visitors can also take home a goat if they are interested in raising one, given that the owner approves.


As a pet-friendly establishment, Mountain Goat Lodge welcomes all sizes and breeds of well-behaved dogs, with no limits on the number of animals allowed. The dog on the property is known to be friendly with other animals, which the owners hope will ensure a stress-free experience for pet owners. A key policy at Mountain Goat Lodge is to keep dogs on a leash and leave them in the room when guests are not present. This rule intends to help provide safety and comfort for both visitors and the animals on the grounds, particularly the goats, as some dogs may frighten them.

The lodge can create accommodations for several large gatherings, such as family reunions, albeit with some caution. Hosting large groups comes with its own set of challenges, which have prompted the owners to reevaluate their stance on these events.

Maintaining the property's current state, ensuring it remains in quality condition, and continuing to educate patrons about goats are a few specific goals that the owners have for their business. The lodge aims to provide occupants with a "home away from home" experience by making an effort to create a warm and casual atmosphere. In an attempt to achieve these aspirations, the owners try to greet their guests upon arrival, and they believe that the offered breakfast and access to the 24-hour espresso bar, hot tub, and other amenities can contribute to the experience that they hope to give.

One of the owners describes Mountain Goat Lodge's culture as "outdoorsy," often appealing to those who appreciate nature, animals, rustic comfort, and views of the landscape. These previously listed aspects of the property, including its resident goats and its breakfast offerings, are what it is most known for. The teepees, initially introduced as an experiment, have reportedly "become a hit," as noted by the owner. Each teepee is equipped with two cots, and they share a full-service bathroom facility.

Patrons have left reviews, many of which often express their appreciation for the lodge's various attractions, including the goats, farm, homemade breakfast, and the overall experience it offers. One person who recently stayed at Mountain Goat Lodge wrote, “Our room in the lodge was so cute and super clean. Gina and her husband were wonderful and accommodating. They had so many adorable baby goats at our time of visit, and all of their goats were super friendly.”


Mountain Goat Lodge has been under the ownership of the current proprietors for 11 years and has undergone a transformation since its inception as a bed and breakfast in 2004. The property, purposefully designed for its current use, has evolved over the years with the addition of various outbuildings, ponds, barns, trailers, teepees, and the on-site hot tub. The owner believes that the property's history as empty land prior to its transformation adds to the countryside retreat. While there are no specific future plans, the lodge continues to strive to inspire and educate guests, with a few patrons leaving with the aspiration to start their own homesteads in similar areas, as observed by the owner.

Mountain Goat Lodge's animals have a backstory that traces its roots to Washington in 2006 when Gina, the current owner, adopted three orphaned goats just three weeks old. These kids quickly captured her heart, leading to the establishment of the Naughty Goat Animal Rescue—a sanctuary for unwanted goats. Gina's passion extended to rescuing goats in various states of health and rehabilitating them, eventually finding them homes as barnyard pets.

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United States





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