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Mossquatch Resort

The Mossquatch Resort was established in 2019 and is located near the Olympic National Forest along the Washington Coastline. The resort is designed to provide an "off the grid" experience for all of its guests. There is no power or water to any of the three cabins or five glamping tents on the twenty acre property. A shower and bathroom facility on the premises has running water, and wireless internet is available at the pavilion located at the center of the property. The cabins are rustic, with large windows and an outhouse nearby. The glamping sites are designed for larger groups and can sleep up to eight individuals. Mossquatch Resort is open year-round and has the most visitors during the summer months between June and September.


The Mossquatch Resort is located near the temperate rain forest and Olympic National Forest along the Washington coastline. The twenty-acre property is filled with dense green forestry and shrubs. There are three cabins and five canvas tent sites on the Mossquatch Resort property. Each cabin is of a rustic design with large restored glass windows and easy access from the roadway. The canvas tent sites are more set back into the woods, which creates a secluded and more personal feel for the guests staying in them. A separate property down the road from Mossquatch Resort called the Bougie Bottom is an open field available for tent sites, campers, and RVs to park. There is no power or water to any of the cabins or glamping sites on the property, giving the resort a very "off the grid" feel.

The 16x16 cabins each have a queen or king sized bed with a wood burning stove, oil lamps, and extra linens. A small gift basket is left for every guest who stays at the Mossquatch Resort. These gift baskets include camping mugs, hot cocoa, "sasquatch coffee," bug spray, and a Welcome Book, which give visitors suggestions of things to do in the area along with a map. A small shower and bathroom facility was created out of an old cargo box. In here, guests can take showers and use the restroom with running water. A solar-paneled electrical box was installed for guests to be able to charge their phones and other necessities. Wireless internet is available for all guests to use but works best under the dining pavilion near the Trappers Cabin. An outhouse is located outside each of the cabins for easy access to restrooms. Those with groups of three or fewer people can stay in the cabins, while those with larger groups are welcome to stay in the canvas tent suites, which can sleep up to eight individuals.

A small play area with wooden swings was built for children to play on, and there are multiple trails clearly marked throughout the property. These trails can be taken to view a waterfall nearby or one of the two creeks that run through the property. Covered cooking areas and patios are located at each site at the Mossquatch Resort. These cooking areas include grills, cooktops, drinking water, pots, utensils, and some essential foods. Mossquatch Resort is located just forty five minutes from the only temperate rainforest in the United States, twenty minutes from the coastline, and five minutes from the Olympic National Forest. The resort is open year-round with an increase in visitors during the summer months between June and September when the temperatures are warm, and rain is not as frequent.


Mossquatch Resort is managed by Tessa Hurn; her father is the owner and original creator of the resort. He wanted to create a space in the forest that could provide a true wilderness experience for all of the guests who spend time there. The purpose of the resort is to provide a camping experience, yet maintaining certain aspects that help to make the stay more comfortable. Tessa's father is very social and will often come down to the property on the weekends staying in any unoccupied cabins or canvas tents. Here he can socialize with his guests and maintain the property. As a landscaper, he takes great pride in the twenty acres of land the Mossaquatch Resort resides on. Great efforts have been made, and policies put in place to ensure the forestry and wildlife on the property are well preserved and cared for. His retirement plan is based off of running the resort and improving the acreage with added amenities.

"Those who visit the Mossquatch Resort visit primarily to get off the grid and into nature," says Tessa. In an effort to keep guest's visits worry free contactless check in has been implemented. Families and younger groups of individuals most commonly reserve the canvas tents as they are larger and can accommodate more visitors. The cabins are smaller and can sleep up to four people. These spaces can be ideal for couples or smaller groups. Private events are often hosted at Mossquatch Resort; these may include weddings, reunions, or retreats.

Those who have spent time at Mossquatch Resort will often leave reviews regarding the thoughtfulness that has gone into the amenities and their appreciation for the unique experience they have when spending time at the resort. A guest on the property said, "We rented two glamping tents for two nights and had a great time. They have truly thought of everything and made camping easy." Animals are allowed on the property but not inside the cabins to avoid damage. All of the outhouses, pavilions, cabins, and tent sites were handcrafted by Tessa's father to make each site more distinct and cozy.


The twenty-acre property Mossquatch Resort is on has been owned by Tessa Hurn's father for the past decade. For years he planned to build a home or cabin out on the property but eventually decided against it. When Tessa and her husband moved to the area, they also considered moving to the property. After years of debating, the couple decided against the idea and suggested they start a small campground. Tessa's father owns his own landscaping business and, with some of his equipment, cleared an area where tent sites could be placed, and cabins could eventually be built.

The dream of turning the land into a resort was established in 2019. Mossquatch Resort started out as three cabins with no shower or bath facilities. Since then, a bathhouse, restroom, outhouses, and glamping sites have been added to the property. Trail paths were cleared to the creeks and waterfall on the property, and a play area was created. The covered kitchen areas were added, and Tessa says they intend to add a septic system to the property, as well as a wine room, and to upgrade the event area. The family does not intend to add power or water to the cabins, as they want the resort to remain an off the grid experience. Many locals helped to build the Mossquatch Resort alongside Tessa's father.

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