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Merry Mac's Campground

Merry Mac's Campground is an RV park/campground in Merrimac, Wisconsin, though there are also many other ways for guests to be accommodated on the property. The campground's name is a spin on the city's name in which it resides. It is an adventurous, family-oriented campground with many amenities and attractions that bring people to the town. It can be described as a destination campground.


Merry Mac's Campground is difficult to describe as being in any one definition of the lodging/camping industry. It boasts various different forms of lodging, which include yurts, cabins, cottages, RV sites, camping spots, and park models. In total, Merry Mac has 257 sites. 79 sites are specifically set aside for overnight stayers, and 22 units are for renting on a more long-term basis. The large assortment of camping options and available space is most likely due to Merry Mac's tourism draws. It is one of the more sought-after locations in Merrimac, Wisconsin, and it attracts people with its many activities and events directly on-site. These attractions include a beach, dunk tank, miniature golf, playground, gagball pit, trykes, bikes, basketball, and sand volleyball. Aquatic activities are also more than possible by means of their private swimming pool and swimming pond; the park is famous for its inflatable playgrounds and jumping pillows. In addition to the features offered throughout the whole season, there are many events and parties that take place at Merry Mac's Campground. Reptile showcases, outdoor DJ parties, "Water Wars," and costume contests are a few examples of such events. Merry Mac has a store on-site, offering food, wood, ice, clothes, candy, toys, ice cream, and more. The idea is for guests to not need to leave the property in order to buy the necessary supplies for a short stay, seeing as how Merry Mac's Campground is located between various towns. The campground is open from the middle of April to the middle of October of each year. Their busiest month is July. Other nearby things to do include the Devil's Lake State Park and Wisconsin Dells.


Due to the small size of the surrounding countryside in southern Wisconsin, one of Merrimac's biggest tourism draws is the Merry Mac Campground. Its various attractions and activities make it a popular choice for visitors to the Lake Wisconsin area. It is best described as a "destination campground," meaning that more often than not people are coming to the area specifically to visit Merry Mac itself. Because of the culture that Merry Mac has established in that regard, they frequently host entire families looking for a bit of fun. The campground is especially kid-friendly. Certain guidelines have been put in place to ensure that any children visiting the campground will be safe and have a fun time. In addition to more traditional policies, Merry Mac's Campground has a few other guidelines such as "watch the sunset," "eat too much," "make memories," and "count your blessings." A unique aspect of Merry Mac's culture is their nearly-weekly events. There are "Water Wars" involving the whole camp, costume parties and competitions, dances, games nights, and reptile shows, to name a few different events. The campground is also centrally located near some of Wisconsin's natural beauties. The Devil's Lake State Park is only two miles from Merry Mac's Campground, and Lake Wisconsin is also a short drive away.


Merry Mac's Campground has been around for around 40 years. Early ownership of the property is somewhat unknown by current management, but for many years Merry Mac was a more traditional RV park/campground, lacking many of the attractions that is has today. In about 2006, changes were put in place to open up more amenities and activites for the campground. One couple that previously owned Merry Mac's Campground was Ron and Sue Goette. They passed on ownership to someone else, who in turn sold the campground to Rob and Nichole Brinkmeier in 2016. Rob and Nichole manage the property with their children, and they strive to give guests good experiences. Rob got into the industry because he wanted to be his own boss and be outside. They had visited Merry Mac's Campground for years before taking ownership, so they were already familiar with the property. They say that maintaining the sites is a lot of work, but that it's also very fulfilling.

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E12995 Halweg Rd
Merrimac, Wisconsin 53561
United States




Rob & Nichole Brinkmeier

Owned Since
Previous Owners

Ron & Sue Goette

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