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Mercer Lake Resort

Mercer Lake Resort can be found in Florence, Oregon. It's located in Lane County and is flanked by two National Forests: The Siuslaw Forest and Willamette Forest. Due to the fact that it is mainly surrounded by predominantly forest terrain, potential visitors should expect to spend a lot of time in the outdoors and among the many trees of the woods. Visitors have the choice of bringing their RVs to one of the available camping locations or renting out one of the cabins.


There are a total of 22 available spaces open year-round between cabins and campgrounds on the 6-acre span of land that makes up Mercer Lake Resort. All 10 of the cabins come with Wi-Fi, a refrigerator, coffee services, a microwave, daily housekeeping, a fire pit, cable TV, a full kitchen, cookware, and tableware. Additionally, the resort has 12 available RV spots. Each of the units has access to water hook-ups, electric hook-ups, and dump stations. A select few of them offer Wi-Fi, a fire ring, and cable TV as well.

As the name of the establishment implies, the resort provides a number of lake-related activities, including fishing, swimming, ski-boating, a water trampoline, hot-tubs, and a beach area designed for lounging. Guests can also find a store where the office is located. At the store, they sell various sundry items including, beer, wine, and candy, among other things. Florence, the city in which Mercer Lake Resort resides, is only 4-5 miles away from the Pacific Ocean coast, but the resort is often said to have so many things to do that it is usually "better to just stay on the property" and do something there. One recent guest reviewed the property as such: "We never ran out of things to do."

However, when visitors do leave the property to explore the area, typically, they will find beaches, dunes, mountain biking trails, sea lion caves, and more. The most noted demographic of guests who stay at the Mercer Lake Resort tends to be people who are retired, which is also a majority of the city of Florence's population in the residential areas.


The Mercer Lake Resort is best known for its adventure-based emphasis and focus on family, particularly children. The owner says that he likes the idea of families bringing their kids to the resort to have their first big outdoor experiences. He believes that the memories they make are more impactful than older and more accustomed guests who have already had many outdoor adventures and are used to leisurely activities like fishing.

As the resort is known for and defined by Mercer Lake and as a motif that continues to reinforce the goal for a family-oriented resort, guests have the option of attending a movie night where they are able to watch movies in the water on Friday nights. Another popular activity that visitors can take part in is what is known as "Smore's Night," which falls on Saturday evenings and allows guests and their kids to enjoy free smores and interact with the owners.

Looking beyond the lake, there are several popular nearby restaurants with city-like themes that are close to the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Not far away is the Bridgewater Fish House and the Zebra Bar, which are both known for their selection of seafood dishes. Also nearby is a restaurant called Hukilau, an eatery that specializes in Hawaiian-style food. Another attraction that can be found in Florence is the Sand Master Park, which is, according to the website, "the world's first sandboard park."


Mercer Lake Resort was said to be envisioned as a getaway resort for travelers in the 1950s. The property originally belonged to a man that went by the name of Roberts. Recently, the property exchanged hands and was bought by the current owner, a man named Rob Ryan. Rob got a hold of the property about three years ago when he saw that it was on sale online, so he came out to have a look for himself and determined that there was a lot of potential to be had with the land. Since then, he says he has spent his time improving and enhancing the property to the fullest. The business has been running as a resort for a total of about 60 years.

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United States




Rob Ryan

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