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Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground

Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground

Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground can be found in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. The campsite is built on what used to be a standing point for local militia, and there still remains a cannon on the property from the time the local militia used the hill as a vantage point to see the ships in the bay. Lunenburg is best known as being a port town and is located in between Back Harbour and Lunenburg Harbour. Guests may get the opportunity to see the Bluenose, which is known to dock here on occasions, one of the more noteworthy ships in Canadian history.


Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground has a total of three acres of land, which can be found on top of a hill with a view of the harbor. The campground is available to the public starting in May and ending in October of each year, with the busiest months being June and July. There are a grand total of about 65 sites that can be rented out by guests, with 55 of them being RV sites and around ten of them being tent sites. Of the RV sites, 22 come with electric, water, and sewage stations, 23 have electric and water stations, and ten of them are un-serviced sites. All of the electrical stations are 30 AMPs.

Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground is a pet-friendly campground, so long as guests clean up after their pets. Wi-Fi is available for guests while they are staying on the property, which helps the visitors stay connected during their stay. There are municipal water and dump stations, public restrooms, and showers with warm water. The campground is about a seven-minute walk away from the historic downtown. One priority that Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground tries to provide guests with is the information regarding the surrounding area, as well as the history of it. The staff tends to be knowledgeable and able to give the guests noteworthy places to eat and interesting places to see.

There are a number of restaurants that guests can experience in Lunenburg, with many of them being seafood restaurants, due to the fact that Lunenburg is so close to the harbors. The Old Fish Factory Restaurant and The South Shore Fish Shack are two seafood restaurants that have been mentioned by both locals and visitors as being noteworthy eateries. Guests can find things to do both on and off the property. Fisheries Museum of Atlantic displays exhibits with information about the fishing history in the area and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is also a park called Sawpit Park and Wharf Lunenburg where guests can take food and have a picnic or spend some time on the shoreline of Back Harbour.

For guests that want to go exploring the area a bit more, there are several locations in the city that offer guided tours. Among those, the Seaweed Tours Lunenburg Nova Scotia travels around the area by bus, visiting the downtown area and other noteworthy spots on land. There is also a touring location called Star Charters on the Lunenburg Harbour docks that will take visitors out on the water and explore what the harbor has to offer. Previous guests have left reviews about seeing local wildlife and having an enjoyable sailing trip.


The goal of the Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground is to create a quiet and peaceful environment that can be found close to noteworthy places like the various harbors and the downtown area. The campgrounds see a broad demographic of people that stay, but the most common demographic tends to be older couples, with families being relatively common as well. The staffs' primary focus is to help guests experience the culture and history that Lunenburg has to offer.

The campground is usually noted for its location with regards to how close it is to other places. Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground is less than a ten-minute walk from the heart of town. Downtown Lunenburg has a number of things for visitors to do and see, including shopping, dining, concerts and musical events, and more. On certain occasions, the town will also have movie festivals, folk festivals, and a variety of programs that happen along the downtown road. Lunenburg is known for being the birthplace of the Bluenose. The Bluenose is among some of the more well-known ships in Canadian history and is a symbol of the area. When it was constructed around the 1920s and 1930s, the Bluenose was used for fishing as well as racing. The designer of the boat was a man named William Roue. Today, the Bluenose visits ports around Nova Scotia and other ports on the eastern seaboard.

Several reviews from past guests have commented on positive experiences with the staff. Reviewers have said that the staff is informative and give helpful information about the area and what activities are available in the area. One comment left about Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground reads, "It is right in the heart of Lunenburg. Peaceful, great views. Offers water, electricity, picnic tables, showers, and a bathroom. Pubs and restaurants nearby. Need laundry, can find it in town. Great spot to base out of and travel the south shore."


Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground has been in business for about 50 years, and the Lunenburg Board of Trade has owned and operated the campgrounds since the first day they opened to the public. Lunenburg Board of Trade has been around since the pre-1900s. Lunenburg was founded a long time ago, and the area where the campsite is located was where the military battery that watched over Lunenburg was positioned. This location was seen as a vantage point to protect the town because it was in a location where people could monitor the ships that were coming in and going out of the harbor. There still stands an old cannon on the property that was used by the port's militia.

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