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Lazy K's Campground

Ted and Shirley Keiffer have been the camp hosts of Lazy K's Campground since 2008. A range of units is offered at the property as 31 RV sites, 10 primitive tent sites, and 3 cabins are available for reservation. The owner, Ted, emphasizes the outdoor recreational aspect of the campground's location as they suggest several attractions in close proximity to the establishment, such as Elk River, where visitors can go swimming, paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking, or fishing; New River Gorge Bridge, a state park; and Summerville Dam, "when constructed, it was the second largest dirt dam in the world," as reported by Ted. Moreover, a few nearby trails can allow visitors to ride their ATVs, go horseback riding, or simply to walk.


Lazy K's Campground occupies an expanse of nearly 70 acres of land in West Virginia. About 12 to 15 acres of the campground are "mowed" land and about 25 acres are "cleared," as reported by one of the owners, Ted. A considerable portion of the encompassing area is composed of forested areas with a fair amount of plant life. Some of the vegetation that can be found growing on the grounds include roses, crepe myrtles, and snowball bushes. Wildlife has also been seen roaming the property, namely deer, turkey, and squirrels. 

In total, the campground offers 44 sites which entail 31 RV sites, 10 primitive tent sites, and 3 fully furnished cabins. Long-term and short-term stays are available at Lazy K's Campground as the property is open year-round. Apart from the spaces that can be reserved, the premises additionally has two outdoor pavilions, a playground, and a pond with a dock and catch-and-release fishing.

All 31 RV sites are full hookups with water, sewer, and 30/50 amp electrical service. In the words of one of the owners, each site is "relatively spacious" and the majority of sites have trees around them. With regard to the cabins, all three are supplied with silverware, a washer and dryer, beds, and linens. One of the cabins has an upstairs loft area that comprises three bedrooms, and an additional room can be found on the ground-level floor. This particular cabin can sleep up to six occupants in the two bedrooms. The other two cabins only have one floor; however, about eight people can be accommodated in the two-bedroom cabin with four beds. Up to six guests can sleep in the remaining cabin.

Several walking trails can be found throughout the acreage. Ted, the owner, mentions that some people bring their horses to ride on a 70-mile trail near the campground as well. The property is located approximately three miles away from a track that permits motorized vehicles, and some visitors bring their ATVs to ride on this particular track. According to Ted, about "15,000 acres of riding area" is available within the vicinity for people who bring their ATVs.

As the establishment is located just off the Elk River, visitors can utilize this river to go paddleboarding or fishing, both of which can be prominent draws for tourism in the area. The Elk River is also characteristic of a hand-carved tunnel that dates back to when a nearby railroad was first constructed in the early 1800s. The tunnel is about 14 feet high and 10 feet wide. Currently, people cannot drive through this tunnel that leads out to the Elk River.

The owners of Lazy K's Campground consider the property to be "centrally located among a wide range of tourist-based sites and activities. The campground is situated near a notable town called Charleston, which contains a number of attractions, shops, and restaurants. Every Friday night, Charleston hosts a Song Fest that the owners suggest visitors attend. Furthermore, according to the owner, "the newest national park in the U.S.," also known as New River Gorge Bridge, is within a two-hour drive of the property. People also tend to come for supernatural creatures such as "Bigoot, the moth man, and the flat woods monster," says Angela, the manager. The Big Foot Museum is one particular site that receives a number of tourists annually. Concerning places to eat, two pizza places that can deliver to the campground are in close proximity to the campground, as stated by the owner. Moreover, many different fast-food places and sit-down restaurants are in the vicinity of the establishment.


The owner of Lazy K's Campground wants their patrons to feel "like they're a part of the campground or even a part of the family." "Our guests are very important to us and we take their opinions very seriously," Ted, the owner, comments. One former camper commented about the service provided by the owner in a review, saying, "The owner, Ted, was very welcoming and came to make sure we got in okay and gave great directions when we arrived so we found our site easily. There are full hookups and our site is just lovely with wonderful views. It has been nice and peaceful to listen to the birds and crickets." In an effort to further create a welcoming atmosphere for their campers, the owners host a guest appreciation lunch a few times a year during the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. This lunch is for the community, and the owners host the event to try to encourage visitors to socialize.

Reportedly, the majority of guests discover Lazy K's Campground through online sources such as Google, Facebook, and other sites that list RV properties. The owner also tries to hand out brochures and business cards frequently. Ted says that they have received people from various parts of the world such as "Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and the Netherlands." A fair amount of nurses and pipeline workers who are working in the area also constitute a portion of the demographics of those who stay at the establishment. Ted notes that "almost half of the people who come are here for work purposes."

A few policies are in place at the campground, which visitors are expected to conform to. For those who bring a pet, an additional fee is required and they must clean up after their animals. Though there is not an official time set for visitors to stay quiet during the night, the owners try to encourage their patrons to keep noise levels to a minimum if they receive complaints from other guests. Lastly, hunting is prohibited at Lazy K's Campground.


Ted and Shirley—the owners of Lazy K's Campground—first discovered the property from a friend who was a realtor. In 2008, Ted examined the grounds, which he initially wanted for the purposes of "housing development." After purchasing the campground, he decided to convert the land into a campground instead of housing, due to financial reasons. That same year, Ted finished constructing the campground's first cabin, which was originally going to serve as a store, but ultimately, the owner decided that a cabin would be best. Some of the changes that the campground has undergone since its establishment are the addition of new sites and the upgrading of the electrical and sewer operations. Angela, the property manager, joined the business in 2022.

One of Ted and Angela's favorite aspects of being the camp hosts are "the people." Compared to Ted's previous job, he explains that "there's more time to spend with people" as they get to know their guests. Angela adds to that, saying, "RVers and campers are just happy people." For future plans, Ted and Angela hope to update their advertising methods by claiming a billboard near the interstate.

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