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Lazy Bear Cabins

Lazy Bear Cabins is located in South Fork, Colorado, and has about 3 acres of land for patrons of the property to explore. There are 9 cabins available for use and an abundance of parking near the cabins for those that bring ATVs, four-wheelers, or other vehicles. Each cabin is similar to the others, all of which contain two rooms, private bathrooms, a living room, and kitchens with cooking tools, plates, bowls, and silverware. Guests are asked to bring their own meals to cook in these kitchens as the property does not provide any food. The area around the cabins has many hiking trails and places to participate in outdoor activities. The owners of the property hope that those who stay with them will take the time to be in nature and explore independently.


Lazy Bear Cabins has 9 cabins available on the property for guests to use. Each of the cabins is lined up next to each other with a bit of space between each one. Every cabin has similar amenities, mainly a private bathroom, a kitchen with tools, linens, WiFi, and other basic features. The kitchens are not stocked with food, so guests are asked to bring their own when they come to the grounds. The cabins are generally uniform, making the decorations and furniture inside similar to each other, and as such, no single unit is significantly more popular than the others.

The property itself has a total of three acres of land on it, giving a relatively sizable amount of space for visitors to participate in various activities that they may desire to do. There are two fire pits on the property that guests can use to roast marshmallows or hot dogs and for warmth and activities during the nighttime. A pavilion is also being built on the property that will likely be ready for use in the summer of 2022. The pavilion will have many uses but will mainly have the purpose of providing a gathering place for guests to eat at and relax under. There are charcoal and gas grills on the property as well that are available for visitor use at any time. The grounds are generally open fields with a few trees throughout them. Because there is open space, there is some extra parking available for those that bring ATVs, four-wheelers, or other vehicles. This parking is located behind the cabins so that they are near where people are living during their stay.

The property is close to many hiking trails nearby and is near some forests that past patrons have enjoyed exploring. There are also multiple bodies of water near Lazy Bear Cabins, including two rivers, some creeks, and a few reservoirs. Many guests in the past have enjoyed Bachelor Loop, which is a 17-mile hike traveling through the mining district and some ghost towns. Visitors have also enjoyed the Creede Repertory Theatre, Elk Country Jeeps Rentals, and Monte Vista Golf Club. The theatre produces contemporary and classic theatre for people to listen to, the rentals can be used to explore more of the area, and the golf course is used for more recreational relaxation with friends or family members. 

The owner of the property also recommends that their guests eat at some of the restaurants closest to them. Some of these places include Mountain Pizza & Taproom, Rachel's Keep on Keepin on, and Ramon's Mexican Restaurant. For those wondering what the weather or traffic is like in the area near the property, a live webcam is available on the business' website so that guests can see for themselves what it is like.


Many of the guests that have stayed at the property have mentioned the quiet nature and overall appearance of the area. One guest said that "the view from the cabins are great; you walk out of your cabin and see mountains that are so beautiful. The town is small and cute with everything you need, including an ice-skating area near the town's information center. In the winter, the owner makes a little area for kids to sled down and lets you know of the other hills around town you can go to. He was so helpful any time we needed anything or had questions." Another guest mentioned, "We came here to rent a Jeep in June and decided to stay the night before in a cabin. The cabin was very clean, had everything we needed. The owners were great! We even got a discount on the Jeep because we stayed there."

The owners strive to keep the property and the cabins clean for their guests so that they will have the opportunity of enjoying their stay. One owner says that "we want to try to remain affordable... and we want to just keep everybody comfortable and keep everybody clean." The owners put a priority on checking all of the cabins that they rent out on a regular basis in an effort to make sure the linens have been switched out and cleaned and that everything is in order. 

To help with the goals in place at Lazy Bear Cabins, visitors to the property are expected to follow some policies while they stay there. One of these is that there is no smoking allowed on the grounds of the land. The owners want to keep the air fresh and clean for all of those who have weaker lungs and want to enjoy the outdoor air. There are a few regulations regarding pets that are brought to the property as well, namely that the owners must be notified of any pets one wants to bring beforehand and that if they are dogs, they can't be aggressive. Other regulations regarding pets include that they are never left alone unless kenneled, they are not allowed on furniture or beds, they must be on a leash at all times, and their waste needs to be cleaned up by their owner. Any damage caused by pets must be paid for by the guest who owns said pet.

Many of the guests that stay at the property are repeat guests. Many of the return guests have come for a number of years and have chosen to continue, even with the new management. These guests frequently become friends with the staff members and are seen more like family than anything else. Lazy Bear Cabins is open all year round and has a busy season during the summer months of about June through August. There isn't a typical demographic of guests, seeing as how visitors range from young to old, families to couples. The owners hope that all patrons of the property come as friends and families and enjoy exploring the land around them


The current owners of Lazy Bear Cabins bought the property in the year 2020 during the month of July. They enjoy working in the hospitality industry as it makes them feel happy and helpful. They were led into the hospitality industry mainly through a couple of their friends who had bought a different property in the area. These friends would invite them to come over to their property whenever they visited the area, and they eventually convinced them to join the industry. This property was made available, and they decided that they would buy it and then strive to help it grow. The cabins on the grounds have existed since the year 1958, and the main building where the office is used to be a restaurant. Many of the town's older residents remember the restaurant that was once there.

In April of 2021, the owners bought another business that allows them to rent Jeeps to their guests and other visitors in the area so that they can further explore the nature around them. The owners hope that all of their guests take time to have adventures and participate in activities that are in their area. Those who stay at the property and that choose to rent one of these Jeeps get 15% off of the rentals.

Some of the future plans that the owners have include making a few of the cabins ADA accessible and to eventually add more cabins and a laundry facility to the property. The laundry will hopefully come by the summer of 2022, and a pavilion is also being built on the property that will probably be ready for use that same summer.

The owners of Lazy Bear Cabins most enjoy the quiet area that they now live in. They are semi-retired and enjoy meeting new people, learning their stories, and building relationships with them. They love having return guests because of the long friendships that they have made with them. They hope to grow their business and introduce more people to the adventures all around them in South Fork, Colorado.

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29257 U.S. 160
South Fork, Colorado 81154-9501
United States



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