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Just Plane Adventures

Just Plane Adventures

Just Plane Adventures is an RV park and campground that is located in Medley, West Virginia. The business offers several different types of units, including RV sites, a few cabins, and multiple houses. All of the RV sites come with full hookups that provide electricity, water, and sewage. During the winter, all units close down except for 14 RV sites. The establishment is pet-friendly, allowing patrons to bring their dogs to the property, but only if guests are staying in RV spaces or one of the pet-friendly cabins. One unique aspect of the campground is that guests can rent one of the three airplane hangars and store their aircraft there. Mitch, one of the owners, is a certified pilot and has three airplanes of his own, which he uses to give people tours, train visitors on piloting aircraft, and help photographers take pictures from the sky.


Just Plane Adventures offers forty units in total, seven of which are cabin rentals, three of which are houses, and the other thirty are RV spaces. The cabins come in various sizes, ranging from one bedroom to four bedrooms. For the cabins and homes, patrons cannot individually reserve rooms, so typically, one group of visitors rents the entire building. Each of the RV sites comes with water, sewage, and 20, 30, and 50 AMP electrical hookups. They also have fire pits and gravel pads for vehicles. About half of the RV spaces are pull-through, while the other half are back-in only. Wi-Fi is available across the grounds to everyone staying at Just Plane Adventures.

There are several other noteworthy places that people can visit on the premises. The business's office is located in what was once an old barn. There is a bathhouse, a store, and a conference center as well. The store sells novelty items, t-shirts, and other similar souvenirs. In the future, they plan on selling RV supplies. The conference center has a capacity of 70 people and can be used for corporate events, meetings, weddings, church activities, and other celebrations. Inside is a full kitchen, bathroom, and a serving bar. As for the exterior, there are two creeks, Middle Fork Patterson Creek and Patterson Creek, which run through the acreage. Patrons can utilize the pond to catch and release minnows at their leisure.

One can also find three airplane hangars on the property, which are available for rent if guests would like to fly their own airplanes to the property and have a place to store them. As a certified pilot, one owner, Mitch, also offers to take patrons of Just Plane Adventures on flights in one of his three airplanes. He owns a Piper Comanche 260, an airCam, and a C172 Cessna aircraft. The Piper Comanche can hold up to four people, including the pilot, making it what Mitch considers to be "ideal for traveling with a smaller group." He also mentions that the Cessna is often used for "flightseeing," introductory flights, flight training, and aerial photography. With these airplanes, Mitch can teach people how to fly and even do "pilot practical tests or check rides," a flight test someone takes to obtain their flying license.

Outside of Just Plane Adventures, the property is encompassed by mountainous regions and the city of Medley. There are various opportunities for visitors to participate in outdoor recreational activities, including fishing, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, and white water rafting at places such as Blackwater Falls State Park and Gauley River. Several caverns, namely Seneca Caverns and Smoke Hole Caverns, offer tours of the underground cave systems. According to the owners, there are several harvest festivals with fundraisers, lotteries, and other events during the fall. The owners, Mitch and Teresa, also enjoy telling guests about restaurants in the area. A few that they like to mention by name are O'Neills and El Rancho Authentic Mexican Restaurant.


Mitch and Teresa, the current owners of Just Plane Adventures, would like guests to feel "at home and peaceful." To help their patrons relax in this way, the owners built the RV sites to have more space between each other with the intention of giving visitors more privacy. The motto for the establishment is "Peaceful mountain oasis." According to Teresa, the property is found in a "black hole" where it is easier to see the night sky because they have "little light pollution."

There are several policies that the owners would like guests to be aware of when they come to the property. The RV sites and a couple of the cabins are pet-friendly, but dogs need to remain on a leash outside. Quiet time begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 8:00 a.m. the following day. Smoking is permitted outside as long as visitors dispose of their cigarettes properly.

Many people have come to Just Plane Adventures, and a few have left reviews of their experiences. One person wrote, "My family and I had a great weekend getaway. The cabin was clean, and the view was beautiful. The owners made us feel very welcomed." Another patron's review reads, "The RV sites are spacious and have both 30/50 AMP hookups. [The campground is] very picturesque, especially at night, and quiet." The owners, Mitch and Teresa, mention that they have had many guests return after visiting in the past. Previously, they have received nurses, contractors, construction workers, and "snowbirds," people who come to enjoy winter recreational activities. While the business is open year-round, many units close during the winter, leaving only 14 RV sites for people to reserve.

The owners' youngest son lives on the grounds and oversees the campground during the winter. In the winter, everything gets shut down except for the lower portion of the campground next to the highway, which has 14 RV sites. These spaces are equipped to handle the winter weather as opposed to the other units. One of the more unique aspects of the establishment is the airplanes and their ability to take guests for training and photography.


The land was owned by the current owner's family, dating back to the 1800s. At the time, there was only one homestead on it. Just Plane Adventures has been around since 1996, when the current owners, Mitch and Teresa, began constructing many different parts of the establishment they currently have. It started as a bed and breakfast in the farmhouse and grew over the years, eventually transforming into a campground with RV sites and several house rentals. One unique building on the grounds is the old Medley post office, built in the 1960s.

Mitch and Teresa, the current owners, were led into the industry because they wanted to do marriage enrichment weekends and retreats, which they still host. They also hold Visions Beyond Ministry, which is a ministering service. Mitch explains the service as "helping people find a vision beyond their circumstances through a relationship with Jesus and the application of His word." Visions Beyond Ministry is non-profit, and whatever money the owners make is put into services for others. Holding these events eventually grew their business until they could add more RV spaces and cabins. Mitch and Teresa's favorite aspect of running the company is "sharing the adventure and living with airplanes." Teresa also mentions that they enjoy meeting those who visit.

The owners say that the business has grown as they have ministered to others. An example of their ministry is the name of the airstrip: Heaven's Landing Airstrip. Throughout their ministry as the owners of the business, they have found personal fulfillment as they focus on the aforementioned focus of helping others find a relationship with Jesus. 

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Mitch and Teresa Pennington

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