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Jan's RV Park & Lodge

Jan's RV Park & Lodge

Jan's RV Park & Lodge is at the southern edge of Leeds, North Dakota. It has 14 RV units and a 2,200-square-foot lodge with two bedrooms, a common sleeping area with bunk beds, and a full kitchen. Larger groups of people can rent out the lodge, especially if they are traveling to hunt or fish in the region. According to Amy, the property owner, the park and surrounding area are known places where people can hunt or observe waterfowl and catch fish. She says many of her visitors travel for miles to participate in the local fishing throughout the year. Guests who arrive to fish can expect to catch white bass, perch, walleye, and pike at or near the premises. 


Jan's RV Park & Lodge is at the southern tip of Leeds, North Dakota, which is in the state's northeastern region. The town is populated by about 500 people, according to Amy, the property owner, and the immediate surroundings consist of farmland, rivers, and bodies of water that vary in size. She also describes it as an "agricultural community" due to the farmland and rural location. Much of the area around Leeds is composed of larger lakes, national forests, or wildlife preserves after about two miles in almost any direction. Jan's RV Park & Lodge is across the street from a gas station and convenience store.

The 4.5-acre property has 14 RV units for guest use. All of them have full hookups with water, sewer, and electricity. Eight have 30/50 amp service, while the remaining six are only 30 amps. Every site is back-in, although Amy says one can be used as a pull-through with her permission. Each spot come with firepits and a horseshoe pit. While there are no designated tent camping sites, Amy says guests may bring their tents since there is "a lot of green space," but they must be careful to camp a reasonable distance from RVs and other vehicles.

The lodge is 2,200 square feet and includes two bedrooms and an additional sleeping area. Both bedrooms have queen beds, while the common sleeping area has five bunk beds. Amy says the lodge is only intended to be rented by large groups of people traveling together, specifically companies of hunters or fishermen. However, she can make an exception in the case that "you meet someone else at the gas station in a blizzard and decide to share the place." Furthermore, the lodge has a fully equipped kitchen, towels, a grill, a dining area, two bathrooms, satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, and a common room with sofas to sit on.

Nearby attractions include Devils Lake, where Amy says people commonly travel to fish. She says there are many areas nearby to prairie hunt as well. Visitors can also see the International Peace Garden at the U.S. border with Canada, and she says it is about an hour away from Jan's RV Park & Lodge. Guests may pass through the Enchanted Highway, an outdoor museum along the road with several metal sculptures. However, it is a significantly longer distance from the RV park than the previous attractions. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is another relatively long drive from the property, but it is a few miles north of Enchanted Highway. Regarding places to eat, Amy recommends guests to Earl's Bar, Corrigidor Bar, and Proz Sports Bar Grille & Caboose. She also says they should try the sushi at Leevers Supermarket.


Amy, the owner of Jan's RV Park & Lodge, wants her guests to feel relaxed and able to enjoy the "convenience of the place," emphasizing that visitors' stay should be "worry and hassle-free." She says she greets people when they first arrive at the RV park and likes socializing with them whenever they have a few spare moments. Amy further explains that Leeds has a "small town, friendly people" atmosphere, which allows her to get to know others, especially her returning guests.

Regarding patron reviews, Amy says she has noticed their appreciation for the "easy in-out" process, meaning that they consider the amount of time for checking in and out to be minimal. Amy also remarks that they have commented on the prairie sunsets, grassy areas, the location, and green spaces. One visitor said, "The owner runs an awesome operation. Took my hunting group there for several days and it was joy to come back to after a long day of hunting and scouting. No issues cooking full-on meals and hanging out. Comfy beds, great wifi, nice restroom, priced well and she was a pleasure to deal with."

Several park regulations are brought to the attention of Jan's RV Park & Lodge visitors. The RV park does not allow guests to deep fry their fish inside or within ten feet of the lodge in order to prevent fire hazards. Fishermen are required to clean and dispose of fish in the nearby field or at designated fish cleaning stations. The main lobby area must be clear of gear and shoes so other visitors can freely move around and access their bedrooms, the kitchen, and bathrooms. Furthermore, Jan's RV Park & Lodge is a pet-friendly park; dogs are even allowed inside the lodge as many hunters bring them when catching waterfowl. However, dogs must be leashed or "under voice control" at all times. A quiet time is also enforced from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM each night.

Jan's RV Park & Lodge is open from mid-April to mid-October, depending on the weather. Amy notes that the RV park's busiest month is during July, while the lodge's peak is from June through October due to the walleye fishing season. She also explains that most people who visit the property are cross-country travelers, RVers, work crews, hunters, and fishermen. Occasionally, Amy has hosted groups of people staying for weddings or life celebrations.


Before operating as an RV campground or a lodge, Jan's RV Park & Lodge was a homestead and then a pig farm. The outdoor portion was converted into an RV park in 2012, and the lodge functioned as an antique stall mall until around 2017. Amy had spent about 30 years working as a physical therapist when she decided she wanted to buy land. She says she happened upon the site when her husband found it online and presented it to her as an option.

During her ownership, Amy has not made any significant changes to Jan's RV Park & Lodge, but she would like to add a gazebo or a pavilion someday for her guests to cook their fish. She says some glamping cabins may possibly be installed as well. Amy would also like to include more activities, such as chili cook-offs. She is relatively new at her current occupation, so she explains that she is currently "learning the business" before she branches out and tries other things. 

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