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Nova Scotia
Bay of Fundy
Jaggars Point Oceanfront Campground

Jaggars Point Oceanfront Campground

Jaggars Point Oceanfront Campground is located in Nova Scotia on an expanse of 32 acres. The property has been owned and operated by Leslie, her husband, and her daughter since July of 2020.  The owners have the goal of providing their guests with an experience that allows them to feel "welcome and part of the family," as stated by Leslie. Frequently, the campground hosts activities and events for patrons, namely karaoke, bingo, and crafts. Some notable draws for tourism in the surrounding area include the Balancing Rock as well as the beaches that can be found in close proximity to Jaggars Point. Guests can also visit the more urban city areas located near the acreage, which contain a fair amount of stores.


Situated just off the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, Jaggars Point Oceanfront Campground offers a total of 151 sites, 80 of which are seasonal. Amenities vary depending on the site, as some offer 30 amp, water, and sewer service, while others only offer 30 amp and water. A fair amount of sites are equipped with 15 amp and water service, and a few sites exclusively supply water. There are some spaces that can be reserved that do not provide service as well. A main office can be found on the premises, where guests can check in upon arrival. Tables, chairs, and a table umbrella are located outside the door of the main office building on a small, elevated deck area, which can provide a place for visitors to lounge. Firewood and ice are sold at the main office building. Visitors may also have access to the on-site coin-operated laundry facilities during their stay. Also featured on the acreage is a swimming pool, as well as a shower facility, which is free for all patrons. Additionally, free Wi-Fi is available to guests during their time at the property. 

Jaggars Point Oceanfront Campground is characterized by a few pirate-themed details, including a statue of a pirate known as Captain Jaggar. The pirate's appearance reflects what some might consider to be a standard image of a pirate as it features a peg leg, a sword in one hand, a treasure chest at the foot of the captain, and a green bird resting on his shoulder. This statue can be found adjacent to the establishment's welcome sign. A considerable amount of trees and wooded areas are also abundant on the grounds. The campground features an ATV trail that visitors can utilize as well. For those who are hoping to engage in on-site activities, Jaggars Point Oceanfront Campground provides free mini-golf to all guests.

According to Leslie, one of the owners of Jaggars Point, the property is in close proximity to the main city area where guests can purchase their groceries if necessary. The campground is located in a relatively small village off the main highway, and Leslie comments that nearly 2,500 feet of oceanfront is neighboring grounds.


Jaggars Point Oceanfront Campground hosts a number of events and activities for patrons, such as karaoke, annual pirate treasure hunts, and bingo, to name a few. On weekends, a band comes to the property to play music, and no additional fee is required for guests to attend. Some visitors host their own gatherings, as they have family reunions at the campground or other similar get-togethers. Activities that are primarily catered to children are available on Saturday afternoons, such as crafts and train rides. The owners also frequently give younger visitors candy or popsicles during these activities.

A few notable policies are in place at the property that campers must act in accordance with during their stay. Many of the guidelines encompass basic safety rules for road regulations; for example, visitors must be over the age of 16 years to drive a golf cart in the campground. Additionally, "Children must wear a helmet while using a bike or battery-operated vehicle throughout the park," as stated on Jaggars Point Oceanfront Campground's website. With regards to quiet hours, patrons must keep noise levels to a minimum from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Furthermore, Jaggars Point is a pet-friendly campground. The grounds feature a dog relief area, which provides bags for pet owners to use to clean up after their dogs. Pets are required to be leashed at all times during their stay. 

Leslie, one of the owners of Jaggars Point, wants her guests to feel "welcome and part of the family." Many of the on-site activities that visitors have access to during their stay are supplied to allow campers "to enjoy everything that's happening" within the campground, according to Leslie. In an attempt to further emulate such an atmosphere for those who stay at Jaggars Point, the owners try to make sure that guests are "happy with their site and that they know where to go" if they need anything. They also give guests a pamphlet with additional information about the property. 

Regarding what Jaggars Point Oceanfront Campground is known for, Leslie says that some guests have commented on the cleanliness of the bathrooms as well as "the hospitality and how we look after guests." One camper who previously stayed at the property mentioned the on-site activities, saying, "The staff were incredibly friendly and had lots of fun activities for children. We had a site by the beach, which was super nice. The pool was well maintained and not too busy."

The campground is open from Mother's Day to Canadian Thanksgiving. The busiest season of operation typically lasts from July to September, especially on the weekends when a fair amount of motorcycle rallies are held. Leslie says that most visitors come to the area to tour Nova Scotia. Whale watching tends to be a notable draw for tourism as well. One particular attraction that Leslie recommends is the Balancing Rock, a land feature on the edge of St. Mary's Bay.


Leslie, her husband, and her daughter have owned and operated Jaggars Point Oceanfront Campground since July 15th, 2020; however, the campground itself has been around for over 50 years, as reported by Leslie. The family was led to purchase the campground by the desire that Leslie's husband and daughter had to someday own a campground. As they were in search of a potential property to own, Leslie's daughter mentioned that she wanted the campground to be on the ocean near a town, and it had to have Wi-Fi capabilities. The family felt that Jaggars point was the most suitable campground that could fulfill their standards. "It's her future," Leslie comments regarding her daughter's love for the campground.

Leslie remarks that during the early stages of their ownership, they "had the backbones to make it better." The family cleaned much of the campground up after gaining ownership of the acreage, as the property had formerly been a "party place," Leslie claims. Upgrades to the electrical and water systems were made, in addition to the cleaning of each site. There is an ATV trail on-site at the campground, and Leslie's daughter is hoping to add ATV cabins for that in the future.

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