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Iron Horse RV Resort

Iron Horse RV Resort

Iron Horse RV Resort opened to the public in July 2021 and is currently owned by Craig and Sharon Duperier. Located in Weimer, Texas, the resort offers 55 sites, including options for individuals and groups. Hook-up amenities and lawn space are only shared at the group sites. Current patrons of the resort have access to other additional features such as the ponds for fishing, the lazy river for swimming, and the pavilion for cooking. Craig and Sharon hope their guests will feel as if they are "part of their family." To help create this feeling, Craig and Sharon allow patrons to enlist their help, but they also offer their services "within reason." Outside the resort, people can travel to the attraction and events in bigger cities or visit the local ones.


Iron Horse Campground is located near the local interstate highway in Weimar, Texas. There are currently 55 RV sites that patrons can reserve. The size of each spot varies depending on its categorization, but each is considered by Craig, the owner, to be "oversized." Some of the sites are classified as "buddy sites," being 30 feet wide and 70 feet long. These sites are meant for groups that are traveling together, containing individual hookups for each RV. They also share a grassy area between them, in addition to allowing for pull-through parking. The other type of site is the individual RV site, with its size being 35 feet wide and 60 feet long. Craig mentions that each site has around 20 feet of separation from the ones next to them.

Management of the RV resort seeks to have all of the amenities of the site be the same throughout. All of the sites are equipped with a picnic table. Craig considers each site to have "full-hookup" access with sewer, water, and electricity each being included in the base price of the reservation. Additionally, Craig says that the park offers "fast" wifi for patrons to use. Craig notes that he and his wife, Sharon, strive to be accommodating to the needs of the guests.

Iron Horse RV Resort covers 22 acres, with much of the property being in an open field. Additionally, the resort offers visitors access to some of the features and activities for their enjoyment. There are two fishing ponds on the premises, and Craig explains that black bass is the most common species in the ponds. For people to fish in any pond on the property, patrons will need to have their own bait, tackle, and—for adults—a fishing license. Patrons may notice that there are two buildings, one of which is the main office for Craig and Sharon Duperier to run the resort, and the other is a pavilion that guests may use. The pavilion has heated and airconditioned bathrooms and a coin-operated laundry mat. Another couple features of the pavilion are pizza ovens and firepits. According to Craig, a lazy river is near the pavilion, with the lazy river encircling an island. Guests may travel onto the island by means of a bridge. Chairs and tables are some of the features of the island. On other parts of the property, there is a designated dog park, and there is a horse grazing area where Craig says that "horses can be horses." For those who enjoy lawn games, the resort has a specified location with a few games available such as tetherball, horseshoe, and basketball. Sharon runs a boutique on-site, and it should be noted that patrons receive a discount on all of the products there.


Craig says about the culture of the property that he and Sharon want people to feel that they are "a part of the family and that they are welcome back." In seeking to help create this culture, Craig and Sharon have a few policies that they would like patrons to adhere to. Iron Horse RV Resort is a dog-friendly campground; however, dogs are required to be on a leash outside the dog park, and dogs are not allowed near the pavilion and lazy river. There are no firearms allowed on the property. Craig says they hope patron interactions with one another will be "civil." Another policy is that people are not allowed to bring gas-powered vehicles in addition to their RV; despite this, electrically powered vehicles may be allowed with permission. According to Craig, they hope guests feel they can ask for help, and Craig or Sharon will try to assist "within reason." Additionally, the management of the resort wants people to know that the lazy river and pavilion are cleaned each day.

Operations of the park are year-round, with Craig saying that their most popular time is during the summer months due in part to the lazy river on the premises. The park's occupancy may also vary from week to week. As part of the operations of the resort, events can be hosted on the property. Some examples of activities held in the park previously include national organizations and family reunions. Craig and Sharon will also host park events, generally during holidays. One of those events is during Thanksgiving, in which Craig and Sharon cook a turkey and other food, and guests are invited to bring a covered dish. Sometimes included at these events, the resort may hire a specific musician to come and perform. Craig says that they have the same musician come play at their events, and the performer may occasionally do an Elvis Presley show. 

 A couple of previous patrons of Iron Horse RV Resort have left reviews of the campground. One visitor commented on their overall experience at the resort, saying, "The bathrooms were clean, and the lazy river was enjoyable. We were welcomed with open arms, and we even got invited to a picnic. We felt like family. We liked that we could take our dog with us." Another former guest said, "Sites are spacious, bathrooms are always clean, and the lazy river was fun. There's plenty to do with grills, basketball, horseshoes, and ponds for fishing, and they have great entertainment. The owners and staff are like family." 

Outside of the property, Craig says that Iron Horse RV Resort is a "day trip" away from many of the big attractions in Texas, with the Alamo and the city of Austin being an hour's drive away. In the nearby area, they also have attractions such as The Painted Churches, which are old churches, and inside them, there are paintings that are meant to be similar to the Sistine Chapel. People can eat out in nearby cities such as Columbus, Texas, which has styles of restaurants including but not limited to steakhouses, Mexican, and Italian.


Iron Horse Campground opened to the public in July 2021. The current owners of the property, Craig and Sharon Duperier, originally purchased the property in 1995. They had a construction business they were trying to develop more fully and ran the company out of their property. Later they retired from the construction business, and Sharon came up with the idea to start an RV resort. 

Throughout the construction process of Iron Horse Campground, Craig and Sharon added 55 sites and had "all of the necessary work done" to add amenities to each site. Craig and Sharon have also been adding vegetation throughout the property, with palm trees as one of the main trees being added. Currently, they have 30 more sites that they are adding to the available spots, and they are planning on them being finished within a short period of time.

In its history, the land of Iron Horse RV Resort was used for "dry farming," with cotton and corn being some of the crops grown. It was also used as a grazing pasture for horses and cows. However, there is no longer any livestock on the property. 

Craig says that his favorite part of working in the industry is the "people side of the business" and that he enjoys getting to meet them. He says, "they all bring something to the table, and they all are very nice people."

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United States




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