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I-65 RV Campground

I-65 RV Campground is right off I-65 Southbound in Creola, Alabama. It is equipped with 93 concrete sites, each with either 30, 50, or 30/50 amp hookups. The park is located in a forested area, and its visitors know it for its "state park feel." In fact, I-65 RV Campground was once a state park before it was converted into an RV park. Nearby attractions include Dauphin Island and other barrier islands, Battleship USS Alabama Memorial Park, Mobile Carnival Museum, and Oxbow Meadows. Mobile Bay is also about 10 miles from the property, where visitors can take nature or airboat tours and visit history museums.


I-65 RV Campground is found off Interstate 65 Southbound at the edge of Creola, Alabama. As described by the owner, most of the immediate surroundings consist of "heavily-forested" areas with mature trees. The park is less than a mile north of Satsuma, which is the home of several parks and stores. It is also about 10 miles north of the Mobile Bay inlet, which varies in salinity due to the freshwater rivers and streams that mix with the saltwater of the Gulf of Mexico. The property itself is laid with grass and concrete. Relatively large trees provide shade throughout various parts of the RV park.

The business includes 93 "reasonably spaced" RV sites on a 12-acre parcel. Ten of these are exclusively for short-term stays, and every unit contains hookups of 30 amps, 50 amps, or both. They also all come with water and sewer. The staff provides pull-through pads for overnight stays, which are reported to be big enough to accommodate any vehicle size.

The main office for check-in sells propane to visitors, and a dump is set up for them to dispose of their garbage. A bathhouse with showers and a laundry facility with coin-operated machines are also on the property. Communal grills and tables are scattered throughout the park if guests would like to cook food or sit and socialize. An additional feature is a tree with a Native American chief carved into its trunk as a decoration.

Several attractions are within driving distance of the I-65 RV Campground. Some of these include parks like Satsuma Park, which has a splash pad, and Amelia Park, which has four baseball fields and walking trails. Mobile Bay is about ten miles south of the RV park. It is the site of the Battleship USS Alabama Memorial Park, which includes its namesake battleship, the USS Drum submarine, and a pavilion with over 25 aircrafts. Guests can enter the battleship and the submarine to learn about their history and functions. Dauphin Island is a barrier island with beaches open to patrons and a historical fort nearby. Finally, visitors can visit Oxbow Meadows, walk its trails, or observe its animal exhibits. Other attractions apart from the memorial park are around Mobile Bay, such as the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico, the Conde-Charlotte Museum, Crescent Theater, and Dauphin Street.


The owner, wants to create a peaceful environment for his visitors. They say that they want to make things pleasant for them, and while management does not live on-site, the manager makes herself available for their questions. The Owner also says that the management and employees only interact with their guests if guests want to; they hope to respect their patrons' privacy.

When visitors leave reviews for I-65 RV Campground, the owner observes that many of them comment on the cleanliness of the park, as well as the trees and the state park atmosphere. They feel that aspect of the park makes it unique, and occupants tend to notice it as well. One visitor said, "The staff is excellent. I had a lot of questions and the couple working there was all smiles and answered all my questions and even escorted me to my campsite." Another patron commented, "Very pretty, restful, and quiet campground. Lots of pretty trees."

The policies at I-65 RV Campground entail a 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM quiet time, and management does not allow loud music or off-road vehicles on the property. This helps keep the overall volume and noise low for those who are looking for a more peaceful environment. Pets are welcome as long as they are on leashes while outside. The owner also mentions that management and the staff prefer to personally evaluate visitors' dogs to make sure they are not aggressive.

I-65 RV Campground is open all year. The Owner comments that the spring and fall tend to make for busier seasons due to more "comfortable weather." However, he says his goal is to be busy all seasons of the year. His park is also a blend of short-term and long-term stays, so guests can stay for various amounts of time.


I-65 RV Campground began as a state park before being converted into an RV park in 1989.  The owner, says that is why they believe their visitors have commented on the establishment having a "state park feel." Management has owned the property since December 2021 and already owned other properties in the area before acquiring I-65 RV Campground. Management says their broker suggested this park to them while the owner and their colleagues searched for other places to purchase.

Since owning I-65 RV Campground, the owner has only had to make small repairs and perform maintenance on the park as needed. He is planning minor improvements, such as the implementation of free Wi-Fi. He explains that he wants to collaborate with his neighbor from across the road to make that goal a reality. A storage unit towards the back of the park is currently in the process of being built as well.

The owners say their favorite part of the job is working with their full-time managers and learning about them. They enjoy meeting people who are traveling and enjoy the free-spirited culture they find in the RV community. They find it fascinating to hear people tell of their adventures on the road.

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United States



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