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Humboldt County Fairgrounds RV Park

Humboldt County Fairgrounds RV Park

The Humboldt County Fairgrounds RV Park is a series of 66 RV sites located within walking distance of the notable Victorian village of Ferndale, California. The RV park is one of many aspects of the Humboldt County Fairgrounds themselves, which are most prominently known for hosting a variety of activities throughout the year. The most advertised of these events is the Humboldt County Fair, which usually takes place during the last two weeks of August, though specific dates for the event range from year to year. The RV sites come equipped with water and electric (50 AMP) hookups, as well as access to property-wide amenities such as a shower facility and a dump station.


Situated near the property's race track, the Humboldt County Fairgrounds RV Park consists of 66 RV sites. Of those sites, six of them are within the fairgrounds themselves. The campground also features a few tent camping sites, which have been positioned in designated spots along the treeline with the goal of increasing the amount of privacy for those units. As a whole, the fairgrounds are equipped with a wide range of features and amenities, including things such as meeting halls, a dairy barn, facilities for small animals, a food court, a carnival area, and the establishment's defining race track. The premises is located within walking distance of Ferndale, California, which is described as a "Victorian village." 

The RV park is overseen by a camp host, whose name is Kai Sullivan, though because the campground is only a section of the larger company (Humboldt County Fairgrounds), an office manager for the entire area also exists. As a result of this subdivision in management, a private "main office" for the RV park does not exist, however, the park is located directly next to the fairgrounds' office. Another element of the RV park that results from it being part of the larger fairgrounds are the electric car charging ports it offers. Additionally, there are showers at the establishment that normally have a small fee associated with their use, but for patrons of the campground, those fees are not applied. 

Humboldt County Fairgrounds RV Park's location can provide visitors with a handful of different natural environments. For example, Centerville Beach is a short drive to the west and is a common place for guests to spend portions of their trip. To the south, a handful of wooded hills comprise many of the views that are visible from the fairgrounds. The Eel River can be found to the north and east, and it runs along the larger city of Fortuna.

Other aspects of the establishment as a whole that contribute to its uniqueness include the William Creek Bridge Memorial Garden and the presence of a dairy barn that is used for fair-time events. A graveyard exists on-site for some of the most notable award-winning cattle over the years. Finally, for those who wish to visit with their horses, the fairgrounds offer stall rentals.


Due to the RV park's inclusion in the Humboldt County Fairgrounds as a whole, the culture between the two entities is mostly one and the same. Many of the people visiting the RV park are attending one of the establishment's many annual events, which include but are not limited to craft bazaars, flea markets, sports practice events, dog-related competitions, Rotary Club events, barrel racing, roping, riding, animal shows, birthdays, and quinceaneras. The fairgrounds have been attempting to streamline the marketing of such events in the hope that more people will use the property for private activities. Some of the current ongoing efforts pertaining to that goal include the involvement of local schools, athletic teams, and the police force. Humboldt County Fairgrounds allows local schools to hold some of their sports practices on the premises, and sections of the property have been lent to local K9 units for their dog training exercises. 

Apart from the grounds of the property itself, the number of attractions in the area is something that property management wishes that more of their guests knew about. Moira, who is the fairgrounds manager, explains that she desires for park occupants to "feel like they are in a good spot to go see lots of different areas in Humboldt County, such as the beaches." Part of the relationship between staff members and the guests of the RV park includes sharing attraction ideas, both by word of mouth and also by means of pamphlets. Kai Sullivan, who is the RV park's host, is a recommended source of attraction-related information. Some of her goals are for patrons to "feel relaxed," and also for their questions to be accommodated. 

Many of the guests who stay at Humboldt County Fairgrounds RV Park have commented on the features available on-site, as well as the general attitude of the camp host. For example, one patron stated, "Needed a place near a job I was working. They are very nice there. Very quiet. Family groups that come over from the heat for the summer. Nice people running the facility." This comment also emphasizes the fact that the RV park caters to those who are staying for both short and long periods of time. 

It should be noted that as a result of the many activities that take place during the year, the RV park varies in its availability. For example, during most times of the year, it is possible to arrive at the property and make a reservation for that same day. However, during parts of July and all of August, the park is busy with its various activities, and it can be more difficult to book one of the campground's units if any. The Humbolt County Fair in particular is the property's most advertised event, which normally takes place during the last two weeks of August (specific dates vary each year and can be found on the business's website).

Within the RV park, guests are held to a few standards, such as quiet hours from 10 PM to 8 AM, no generators or loud music, and a no-smoking policy. Pets are allowed at Humboldt County Fairgrounds, though they need to be kept on a leash and any messes they create should be cleaned up by their owners. 

The most common visitors to the fairgrounds are couples and families, ranging in age from "retired people" and "young couples searching for adventure," as explained by Moira. There are many repeat guests at the property, to the degree that the park has had visitors who stay the night both on their way somewhere and during the return trip. 


First established in 1896, the Humboldt County Fairgrounds has acted as an attraction for the Ferndale, California area for over a century. The RV park at the fairgrounds was established in more recent years, and the establishment has plans to expand the number of available sites in the future. The current camp host is Kai Sullivan, who is involved in many of the day-to-day processes of the campground. The fairgrounds themselves are managed by Moira Kenny, however, any long-lasting decisions regarding the RV park or fairgrounds are handled by the Humboldt County Fairgrounds Association, which owns both entities. 

Many of the decisions regarding future processes are more involved in the fairgrounds rather than the RV park, however, recently the bathrooms and showers for the RV park were updated in hopes to be more convenient for campground visitors. That being said, one implementation for the RV park is currently in development. Plans have been made to create a "community area" in the space in between some of the rows of RV units. This area will feature barbeque grills and other features for park visitors to utilize. Additionally, there are plans for the fairgrounds to open a small store, which would include basic camping supplies. 

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