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Hope Valley Campground

The Hope Valley Campground and RV Park is located in Hope, British Columbia, Canada, and is a 17-acre property with 150 lots for guests to stay at. It has been in business for over four decades and undergoes periodical renovations and upkeep to keep the park in a condition that will allow it to operate for years to come. Nearby various freshwater lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, and a variety of nature trails are some of the places that are visited by those stopping by in the area. Other attractions nearby include the Flood Falls and the Othello Tunnels. The hosts attempt to provide a place for visitors to stay and be part of the nature around them. The owners of the property hope to give an environment that is safe, relaxing, and comfortable for guests. Many of the amenities provided at the establishment have the intent of aiding with that environment. Since the camp is close to Hope, guests also have access to restaurants and grocery stores nearby.


Located by the intersection of three main highways in Hope, British Columbia, Canada, is the 17-acre property of the Hope Valley Campground and RV Park. There are plenty of trees both around and inside of the property, giving shade to the campers and guests staying at the campground. The camp sits just south of the Fraser River and is 10 kilometers away from areas for fishing, providing the visitors with a variety of freshwater activities. There are mountains on multiple sides of the campground. Additionally, there are nature trails near the property that are also around 10 kilometers away.

There are 150 different units for guests to stay in on the property. Some of the units are for RVs with hookups with water, electricity, sewer, and basic cable for their stay. The other units are camping cabins with twin-sized beds and bunk beds, though guests are required to bring their own bedding during their visit. The amenities included for the campers are a store, Wi-Fi, a basic television cable, and a firepit. There is also a playground on the property for any children staying to play on. There are pool tables and a pool that act as additional things to do during a person's stay. 

In the nearby city of Hope, British Columbia, there are various services for guests that include grocery stores consisting of Buy-Low Foods and Save on Foods, and restaurants, such as the Blue Moose, Home Restaurant, and Kibo Japanese Grill and Cafe. There are also a variety of activities nearby, comprising of the Flood Falls and the Othello Tunnels, as well as plenty of canyons and freshwater areas.


The owners’ hopes that those staying at the Hope Valley Campground and RV Park will feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable. To accomplish this, the owners and employees attempt to provide a clean campground, and interact with the campers as much as the campers would like, whether that be only at check-in, quick interactions throughout their stay, or conversing with them often. For guests with the need for special accommodations due to their mobility, the owners of the establishment have been known to create ramps and provide other details to help make staying at the campground more possible for them.

The campground is open year-round, except for the occasional renovations needed for the property. Its busiest season is in the summer, specifically in the months of July and August. The guests who visit the campground are commonly younger families and middle-aged to older couples, though the park sees a variety of guests and is willing to take in all types of guests. They do warn that “this is not a party site,” so young adults don’t visit as often. The property also receives a lot of workers wanting a place to stay as they work in the area. 

The policies for the property include a "quiet time" starting at 10 PM and being respectful to the property and campsite. Pets are allowed on the property, though they should be well trained. A camper who stayed on the property said about their stay, “I had a wonderful time here this past weekend, sites are nice and big, and the staff was great. Lots for the kids to play on at the playground. My family and I really enjoyed our stay.” Another guest said about their stay, “We only stayed for two nights, but it was a really good experience. The setting there is lovely; sites are well treed, so there is pretty much always shade. Sites were spacious, and the campground was close to Hope, which had all the services needed.”


Before the current owners of the Hope Valley Campground and RV Park owned the property, there were a few others who owned it. The campground has been in business now for over 40 years. The current owners joined the hospitality industry and bought the property because they wanted to be in a more relaxing environment and industry. Though there are still stresses from keeping up a 17-acre property, they have continued to own it and take care of it and have loved being out in nature often. Since they bought the camp, they have done some slight renovations throughout, have put new gravel on the roads and paths, and have tried to do what they can to upkeep the campgrounds they own. 

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62280 Flood Hope Rd
Hope, British Columbia V0X 1L2



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