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Holiday RV Park

Holiday RV Park

Holiday RV Park is located in Pismo Beach, California, which is next to Pismo Creek. The business has 195 RV spaces open for reservations that are available year-round. Each space offers full hookups, and it should also be noted that visitors have access to a clubhouse, bathhouse, laundromat, and community picnic area over the course of their stay. Aaron, a manager at the RV Park, explains that the goal of the property is "to create a family-friendly environment." Smoking is prohibited inside or near the buildings but can be done outside of one's RV. Pets are allowed on the grounds but not inside the clubhouse, laundromat, or other amenities. Events are sometimes held throughout the year, including potluck dinners and craft fairs.


Holiday RV Park offers a total of 195 RV slots, which all come with similar amenities. Each site includes full hookups, such as water, electricity, and sewage. Most of the spaces provide 50 amps of power, however, several sites are equipped with 30-amp hookups. Aaron, the manager of the RV park, explains that the company sends a confirmation email that will "indicate the length of the site as well as the type of electricity hookup the guest will have." Regardless of which space a patron stays at, each one has a gravel pad, cable television, a picnic table, and access to Wi-Fi. While they are all similar in design, Aaron mentions that sites 402 and 101 tend to be more popular "because they are at the front, near the entrance, and they don't have a neighbor on the opposite side."

Besides the RV slots, several other locations can be found on the premises, including a clubhouse, a bathhouse, and a picnic area. The clubhouse is capable of hosting parties, as there is a television with a Bluray DVD player, and Aaron mentions that they have had Super Bowl parties and potluck dinners there. Visitors can ask to use the clubhouse area if they would like for their own gatherings. People can also spend time at the picnic area, which has a fire pit and several barbecues. The bathhouse comes equipped with showers for patrons to use at their leisure, as well as toilets, sinks, and vanities. Another facility that visitors can use if they need it is the laundromat, which is near the front of the park, across from the office. According to Aaron, "The laundromat is open to the public during the day, but then in the evenings, it's intended for guests only." Because the machines are coin-operated, a change machine is also available inside the laundromat. Aaron mentions that plans have been made to make the change machine compatible with bank cards in addition to cash, though that feature is not currently available. Finally, one can find a swimming pool and a jacuzzi, both of which are heated year-round.

Beyond the property, various attractions can be found in the area. One that is located nearby is the town of Pismo Beach, which has a variety of stores and wineries. Downtown Pismo is another location with a variety of stores and activities that people can spend time at if they would like. Aaron and the other staff also enjoy pointing guests to some of the area's eateries. A few that Aaron likes to recommend by name include Rosa's Italian Kitchen, Giuseppe's Cucina Italiana, and Cracked Crab.


The owners and Aaron, the manager, would like their guests to feel "at home" and "like they are staying with family" when they are staying at the Holiday RV Park. Their goal is to create a family-friendly environment that is suitable for all ages. In an attempt to create this desired atmosphere, the employees make an effort to visit with people. Aaron mentions, "The maintenance staff and I are usually out in the park on golf carts, so if we see someone out and about, we always make sure we wave, make sure they're having a good day, and stop and talk if they want to or have any questions." The staff is also capable of helping visitors park and disconnect their trailers if the patrons would like.

The property has several policies enacted that they ask visitors to abide by during their stay. There are no age restrictions, and the business allows guests of all ages on the grounds. Pets can be brought to the park, although they are not permitted to go inside any of the buildings. Similarly, smoking is prohibited inside or near the structures, but it is acceptable for visitors to do so outside, next to their RV space. Quiet time begins each night at 10:00 p.m. and ends at 8:00 a.m. 

Aaron explains that the business has several different activities that people can participate in without having to leave the property. Including the aforementioned common areas, which have various games, there are several times during the year when events are held on the grounds. A few potential activities that may be hosted on the grounds include potlucks, craft fairs, and bake sales.

Holiday RV Park has received many patrons over the years. Some of these visitors have left reviews of their time at the business and detailed what they thought about the property. One person wrote, "It's a great place, great people, clean, and within walking distance to the beach." Holiday RV Park is open year-round, and the busiest season of operation tends to be from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The typical demographic of patrons that stay at the campground tends to be people between the ages of 40 and 55, though Aaron explains that they often receive many families as well.


Prior to 1978, the land was used as a public campground. According to the manager, Aaron, the park was bought by an owners association, going by the name of Holiday Recreational Vehicle Park Owners Association. Aaron mentions that the name has since been shortened to Holiday RV Park, though there are currently 875 ownerships, which Aaron likens to timeshares, allowing those 875 site owners to stay at the RV park for a certain amount of time for free. Aaron explains that every couple of years, the owners have renovations and update the park "in an effort to improve." There have also been visitors that have been coming to the park for many years. The manager mentions that some people have been coming since they were little kids and now bring their own kids to the RV park.

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