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Gypsy HideAway RV Park

Gypsy HideAway RV Park, located in Stratton, Colorado, is situated on 1.8 acres of land in a residential neighborhood area. There are 40 sites that Lisa, the owner, describes as "full-service sites, " which include 30, 50, and 100 amp capabilities as well as water and sewage hookups. The property sits on buffalo grass, and Lisa says that guests can "run around barefoot," because of this. While there are not picnic tables at each of the individual sites, there are a few scattered on the grounds that can be used by patrons of the establishment. Lisa purchased the property in 2019, and hopes that it can be used to encourage a sense of community in the town, as the business is located in a residential area of the town. In the future, there are plans to add a gazebo, plant more trees on the grounds, and add tiny homes to the grounds. 


Gypsy HideAway RV Park is located in Stratton, Colorado. The property features 1.8 acres of land with 40 RV sites. Each of the sites has 30, 50, and 100 amp capabilities, as well as sewage and water hookups. There is not a main office on the grounds, instead, guests can call to reserve sites ahead of time, or pull into the park and call for availability. The grounds of the establishment feature buffalo grass that covers all 1.8 acres, and Lisa, the owner of the park, says that guests "can run around barefoot," because of the grass. There are a few picnic tables scattered across the premises, as there are not picnic tables at every site. One unique feature of the park, according to Lisa, is the opportunity during the evenings to see the stars. As the park is situated in a relatively small town, about 2 hours from Denver, Colorado, "it is truly a place to sit and watch the stars," according to Lisa.

The property itself is located in a residential neighborhood in Stratton. Lisa says that the population of the city is under 700 people and that the park is in the only residential area of the town. Within walking distance of the park is Handi's, which is a local restaurant. The business is one block from the main road in the town, which Lisa says is a "small community." She hopes that the long-term patrons of the park will be able to help boost the community and contribute to the atmosphere of the town during their stay. 


In the future, the owner of Gypsy HideAway RV Park, Lisa, hopes to host events at the property. Vintage camper rallies, which is when a group of people who restore and rehabilitate old campers come to stay at the park, is a plan for the future. Lisa also hopes to build a gazebo or other areas where various campers can enjoy a communal space at the park. 

While staying at the RV park, there are policies in place for guests to follow. Lisa notes that the most important of these policies is to respect the other campers at the property. She also says that "four-legged, furry friends are welcome" to stay on the premises, but that their owners should be mindful, cleanup after them, and not leave them unattended. 

Those who have stayed previously at the establishment often comment on the quiet nature of the park, as well as the hospitality of Lisa, and the convenience of pets being allowed. One former patron said "This was a great little campground. The Wi-Fi worked well and we were able to watch television without problems. Located in a quiet little town in Stratton, Colorado." Lisa notes that the park is intended mostly for long-term workers on the nearby alternative power farms or for those passing through for the night. The park is open throughout the year, and she notes that the typical demographic of guests is couples who are 50 years or older. She also notes that if visitors are looking for a place to eat in town, Handi's is within a block of the property and sells American cuisine. There are a few other options on Main Street in town that she can recommend. 


Gypsy HideAway RV Park was purchased in 2019 by Lisa, the current owner. Before she purchased the property, it was known as Old Trails Campground, but Lisa notes that it was closed for multiple years before she purchased it. The previous owner of the campground, Tracy Travis, ran the Old Trails Campground back in the 1980s and 90s. During that time, there was a bathhouse, showers, a mini golf area, an above-ground swimming pool, and mobile homes on the grounds. When Lisa purchased the establishment, she and her husband worked on updating the park. She said "it is a complete revamp," referring to the upgrades made to the premises. They removed the mobile homes from the grounds, and they hope in the future to add tiny homes to the property instead. She said that they "tore down and rebuilt everything," including updating the hookups for the RV sites. 

Lisa purchased the property and intended the use to be for patrons who are working on long-term projects in the area. There are multiple wind turbine and solar farms in the area, and she hopes that workers for the various farms can stay at the premises during the times they are in the area. In the future, she hopes to add a gazebo or other community space to the grounds, as well as plant more trees and work more with large group reservations. Lisa says that what she enjoys most about the property is that it is located in a relatively small residential area, and that at night visitors can see the stars from the park.

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