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Greeter Falls Campground

Greeter Falls Campground

Greeter Falls Campground is located in Altamont, Tennessee, with fifty sites available for people to reserve. Each site is either for RVing, primitive tent camping, or "glamping" in yurts. The location offers guests various amenities including a dog park, a bathhouse, and a community center. Located nearby the campground is a trailhead that leads to Greeter Falls. The campground first opened in July of 2021, and the campground owner found inspiration for the campground from their enjoyment of nature and the surrounding natural features. Robert, the owner, wanted others to be able to have similar experiences to him while in the outdoors. Outside of the campground, guests can travel to different attractions and locations, such as a “world-renowned rock climbing” site, according to Robert.


Located in Altamont, Tennessee is Greeter Falls Campground. This campground provides twenty-eight RV sites, 17 tent camping spaces, and 7 yurts. Each of the RV sites comes with hookups to water and electricity, with the electrical hookups having fifty, thirty, or twenty amp capabilities. Around half of the sites are known as “deluxe” and have an additional hookup for sewage. The owner of the campground notes that there is an average of two RV sites per acre of land. Additional amenities include a firepit, grill, and picnic table that are available at each site.

According to the official website of Greeter Falls Campground, there are two sizes of tent camping sites. The smaller site can lodge one or two people, and the larger can support around six. Amenities of the tent camping sites include a grill and a fire pit.

Additionally, on the website of the Greeter Falls Campground, the yurt or "glamping" sites have a yurt that is set up on a wooden platform. There are also group camping sites available at the establishment. These sites can accommodate up to 24 campers and are intended for use by groups such as corporate or church retreats. Amenities of both the yurt sites and the group camping area include a picnic table, a fire pit, and a grill.

Patrons have access to the additional amenities of the campground, such as the bathhouse, community center building, dog park, and campground store. The bathhouse has toilets and showers which are handicap accessible. Patrons may participate in crafting, playing video games, watching movies, and indoor dining at the community center. Also, the center offers a lounge with couches and a workspace that has access to Google Fiber Wifi. If a guest brings a pet to the campground, they may use the onsite dog park for their animal to roam without a leash. Lastly, at their campground store, visitors can purchase ice, firewood, and homemade jewelry.


Robert, the owner, strives to create a culture in which everyone at Greeter Falls Campground can “have a good time and respect their neighbors.” In order to create that culture, there are policies in place that visitors need to understand and follow during their stay. These policies include being pet-friendly, and handicap compliant. There is also an enforced quiet hour. Additionally, Robert may provide additional services during a person's stay, such as helping them get to their reserved site, and, if a patron would like, delivering chopped firewood and ice to the requested site. The owners would like guests to know that the staff of the campground seeks to keep the grounds and bathrooms clean and that staff may be available during most parts of the day and night. 

Previous reviews of the campgrounds have mentioned various aspects of the establishment, such as the hospitality of the host, the cleanliness of the sites, and the atmosphere of the area. One former patron said that “the hosts were wonderful. They there took great care of us and they did more than requested. They let us borrow a hose, gave us hiking destination advice, and brought firewood to our site. Our site was clean and a good size. It was enjoyable to walk around the campground and play at the community center.” Another guest said, "the staff was knowledgeable about the area, friendly, and helpful. The community center was family-friendly, and the bathhouse was clean.”

During their stay at Greeter Falls Campground, guests can participate in the many different activities available to them in the area. It is noted by the owner that if a person enjoys hiking, the campground is located near a trailhead that leads to the upper and lower portion of Greeter Falls. People can also visit the state parks nearby. There is also a cavern nearby the property where occasional concerts are held. The campground is located about an hour and a half away from Altima, Tennessee. Visitors coming to stay at Greeter Falls Campground should note that there are no restaurants nearby, but there is a Dollar General in which fresh food may be purchased.


The owner of Greeter Falls Campground, Robert had been to the location of the campground before it was established and had a distinct experience that inspired him to purchase the land and open the campground. He said that he had recently recovered from multiple health conditions and would not be physically able to enjoy the outdoors as he had previously done, but, when he came to the area that would become the campground, was able to hike and enjoy the nature of the area. After this experience, Robert decided to open the campground in the area in order to help facilitate similar experiences for other individuals. One of the things that Robert enjoys most about owning the campground is "watching others enjoy themselves."
Before the land was made into a campground, there were plans to develop a sub-division in the area, although the plans did not go through. Robert later purchased the unfinished land and started the operations of the Greeter Falls Campground in July of 2021. During the construction of the campground, the roads were made to follow the natural features of the land which, according to Robert, is a unique aspect of the property. In the future of Greeter Falls Campground, Robert would like to add low-end sites for groups wanting to camp. Additionally, he would like to add a new bathhouse that contains additional showers and a laundry facility.

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Altamont, Tennessee
United States




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