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Fritz's Island Campground

Fritz's Island Campground

Fritz's Island Campground is located in Sparks, Nebraska. The family-owned business was previously used as a buffalo ranch before being converted into a campground; however, the property itself has been in operation for over 20 years. Each year, it is open during the summer from June to August. This campground offers visitors about 30 sites, which entail either RV or tent camping sites. Tubing is a popular activity among guests because the establishment owns private property on the Niobrara River. Moreover, the business provides tubing equipment that visitors may rent. 


Occupying land in Sparks, Nebraska, Fritz's Island Campground provides 30 sites for people to reserve. Of the total sites, visitors can choose between spaces that are designated for primitive tent camping or RVs. One of the amenities at each specified RV location includes hook-ups for water and electricity. If guests reserve a tent camping site, a fire ring and picnic table are included. 

According to the official website of the property, there are additional amenities available, one of them being "porta-potties throughout the campground." Furthermore, visitors have access to some of the amenities in the main office building, which contains bathrooms, coin-operated showers, and a convenience store. These facilities are not open to the general public and are exclusively available to those who make a reservation at the establishment. One of the managers says that the "bathrooms are handicap accessible" and the staff tries to keep the restrooms "clean and well maintained." Select items can be obtainable for guests who wish to purchase goods from the property's convenience store. The official website lists the products sold, including but not limited to ice, grocery items, t-shirts, and towels. 

Trees are the primary vegetation growing throughout the grounds of the property. In addition to the plant life that can be found on the premises, the Niobrara River flows through the acreage. Swimming is allowed in the river, and there is an island named Fritz's Island that people can swim to in the middle of the river. Many who come to stay at the campground rent tubes from the business and float down the river. These tubes can be rented by those staying at the property or by visitors in the area looking to float down the river. There are fees for using the facilities at the property, which can be found online. The staff offers to drive participants up to the tubing loading area so that people can float down the river from the loading area to the campground. According to one of the managers, the river's depth is shallow enough that visitors can "walk during 90 percent of the tubing experience." A few places along the river have some rapids, although they are reportedly much milder than whitewater rapids. After individuals arrive at the final destination, a staff member may be available to help people get out of the river.


During a guest's stay at Fritz's Island Campground, the management of the property would like them to follow specific policies and rules. There is no littering, and visitors are to leave their site as clean as it was when they first arrived. Quiet hour is enforced at the campground starting at 11 p.m., with the intent to allow other visitors to get some sleep. Additionally, there are to be no pets brought by any of the patrons. Children of all ages are welcome on the property.

The manager says that they hope people feel as though "they are on vacation," and the staff strives to provide various services to accomplish that. If patrons rent the equipment for tubing the Niobrara River, the manager says that the staff tries to do the majority of the preparation. Additionally, they say that the campground is known for being "organized, friendly, and clean." 

Previous property visitors have left reviews of the business and spoken about different aspects. One patron said, "Stayed here to go tubing down the Niobrara. The campground was shady and clean. The owners were super nice people too. They have a bus that takes you up the river and a clearly marked and paved landing spot for tubers." Another former guest said, "Fritz's Island was incredibly accommodating for our group. They made sure we had everything for our stay, and the Campsite was top-notch. Showers were clean, and the store had all the necessities." 

Fritz's Island Campground is open seasonally during the summer months from June to August. The manager says that many people visiting the property have learned about them online and by word of mouth, and the attraction that many seek is the Niobrara River. If people want to go out to eat, there are a couple of nearby restaurants such as Peppermill and Bunkhouse, both of which the camp manager recommends.


The manager of Fritz's Island Campground says that before the grounds served as a campground, it was used as ranch land for buffalo. During that time, the original owner of the campground was hired to help on the property. After some years of helping on the ranch, the property was given to the owner. Later, after the original owner retired from their job, they started the business and named it after the individual who ran the ranch they worked for. Management of the campground has remained in the family, and the establishment has now been operating for over 20 years. The property manager says that inspiration for starting the campground arose as the original owner wanted other "people to come and enjoy the beauty of the Niobrara area." Since their time at the campground, the same manager adds that their favorite part about helping run the business is getting to know the people who visit the property. 

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Sparks, Nebraska 69220
United States



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