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Freedom Ridge Cabins

The Freedom Ridge Cabins are located in Hill City, South Dakota, near the Black Hills National forest and Mt. Rushmore. The property is comprised of four cabins, a check-in office that guests can visit, grassy areas, and a playground. Each cabin has a loft, a deck and is also complete with bathrooms, beds, living spaces, and additional amenities. A gravel driveway leads up to the property, which is located on four and a half acres. The Freedom Ridge Cabins were first built in 2017 to be cabins that people could rent out for temporary stays. The cottages became fully operational and opened in the summer of 2018. Since they have opened, they have been functioning as a place where guests can stay and go to nearby activities.


Located on four and a half acres of land, the Freedom Ridge Cabins is made up of four cabins located throughout the property and an office where guests can get firewood for their firepits. Each cabin is equipped with a bathroom, at least one bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, and a living space, along with a loft where beds are located. The cabins come with certain amenities, such as dishes, utensils, a microwave, a toaster, a coffee pot, and a refrigerator freezer. The cabins are also equipped with air conditioning, a satellite TV, a fire pit, a grill, and a picnic area. There is no Wi-Fi inside of the cabins, but Wi-Fi is available in the office that is located on the property.

The first of the cabins, called Buck Haven, has two queen beds, an additional queen-sized hide-a-bed sofa, and a full bathroom; additionally, it can house up to six people. Elk Hollow—another of the cabins—can hold up to twelve people and has four queen beds and two bathrooms. The kitchen in the Elk Hollow cabin is equipped with the basic cabin amenities that were listed previously. The third cabin, Pronghorn Point, holds eight people and has three queen beds and two full bathrooms. Bighorn Vista, the last of the four cabins, holds twelve people and has four queen beds, two full bathrooms, and two hide-a-bed sofas. The cabins have been described by Chase, the owner of the property, as a "place to gather."

Aside from the accommodations themselves, guests can use the decks and fire pits that come with their cabin. On other parts of the property, there are grassy areas that guests can visit, a gravel driveway that leads to the property, and a playground that children can play on. The Freedom Ridge Cabins, which are located in Hill City, South Dakota, is located near the Black Hills National Forest, and Mt. Rushmore—which is only a small drive away. Because the area gets snow during the winter, many snow sports and activities are available during the colder season. During the warmer season, activities such as hiking are available. Chase suggests that guests eat at the nearby restaurants, specifying that the Alpine Inn and the Powder House Lodge are both places he personally enjoys. There are multiple wineries and breweries that are also located near the property, offering visitors an assortment of activity, wine, and beer options.


At the Freedom Ridge Cabins, the staff and owners hope that their guests will be able to feel comfortable. Chase, one of the owners of the property, says that he wants his guests to be able to "kick back and relax." He wants his guests to let the stress and worries in their day-to-day lives wait until after they are done with their vacation. To help create an environment where guests can feel comfortable, Chase built the property with the intent of providing a space where guests could easily interact with each other while still having their privacy as desired. The cabins are spaced out, and between them are multiple areas where guests can go to interact with each other and with the staff.

The owners of the Freedom Ridge Cabins strive to treat their guests well. More specifically, Chase describes them as "extended family." The workers on the property also try to have a one-on-one experience with their guests and interact with them as much as possible. The motto of the Freedom Ridge Cabins is, "Find Your Freedom." The workers and owners of the property try to make this possible for their guests by cleaning the rooms well and preparing a space where guests can relax.

The Freedom Ridge Cabins is a family-friendly lodging place, allowing children of all ages. However, it should be noted that pets are not allowed anywhere on the property. Smoking is acceptable outside of the cabins as long as the person who is smoking is respectful to those around them. Quiet time starts at 9:00 p.m. and lasts a few hours. During quiet time, guests are expected to be quiet and respectful to those around them.

Because of the relatively small size of the Freedom Ridge Cabins, which has only four guest accommodations available to book, it is meant to be a lodging place for guests who don't want to stay at a large resort. Chase explains that some of his guests like the relatively smaller size and describe it as a more "personable" experience. Guests often appreciate that the staff of the property know the area and can offer advice as to what activities are nearby. Additionally, some people mention the cleanliness of the cabins and the atmosphere of the property. A guest who stayed at the Freedom Ridge Cabins explained in a review that "The location was beautiful. It is close to everything but not amid the crowds. The cabin was beautiful, clean, and roomy. It had everything we needed. The patio and firepit were perfect after a long day of touring." Another patron said, "The property is clean and the owners are welcoming. The location is in the middle of nature, off the main road, an opportunity to listen to birds, watch wildlife in the morning while enjoying your coffee."


The Freedom Ridge Cabins were first created in 2017 after acres of land were bought by the current owners, Chase and Leslie Larsen. Over the span of nearly a year, the four cabins were built and decorated. Amenities were added to each cabin, along with bathrooms, bedrooms, and decks. In the summer of 2018, the cabins were opened for people to rent out. Since they first opened, the cabins have been rented out by various people, including groups and families. 

Chase and Leslie first entered the lodging industry because of their family, who were operating within the business. Due to Chase's career in the military and subsequent deployments in other areas, it was a challenge for the cabins to be built. However, Chase and Leslie received help from their relatives to build the units out of local materials. Now that the cabins are operational, Chase and Leslie function the property together. Chase explains that he enjoys being able to be with his family while also being able to work and interact with different people. He is delighted to "roll out of bed and be at work." 

Future plans for the Freedom Ridge Cabins include adding a fifth, smaller cabin on the property that would be designed to hold 2-4 people. Chase hopes to have finished construction and open the cabin for business by spring of 2022.

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