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Fort Victoria RV Park

Fort Victoria RV Park

Fort Victoria RV Park, established in 1961 by Herbert Plasterer, has 120 sites that can be rented by patrons year-round. Each site has full hookups of water, power, and sewage, as well as cable boxes and wifi modems which can be obtained at the main office upon arrival. One of the main distinguishing features of the establishment is a replica of a bastion, which is a stronghold or a fortification. The bastion on the grounds was built in a style similar to the ones built at the original Fort Victoria. The edifice stands with relatively little assistance from building materials such as nuts and bolts and is held together due to the weight of the materials and gravity, according to the manager. The Plasterer family still runs the business today as a place to go RV camping in Victoria.


The Fort Victoria RV Park was established in 1961 and sits on 26 acres of land. The park is in View Royal, British Columbia. The city is located on Vancouver Island, near the San Juan Islands in Washington, USA. There are 120 seasonal RV sites on the grounds that guests can rent out year-round. The park is on a triangular plot of land, and there are restrooms, a playground, and laundry facilities on the grounds. Inside the main office building are a gift shop and an area where visitors can purchase RV parts and supplies if needed. The gift shop has various memorabilia including jewelry, mugs, tee-shirts, food, chocolates, coffee, water bottles, and different types of snacks. 

The 120 sites that are available all year on the grounds of the property have multiple amenities that are included in the reservation price. Those who stay at the RV park are able to obtain cable boxes and wifi modems that can be used at individual sites at no additional charge to the patron. The cable boxes and modems are in the main office and can be picked up upon arrival at the property. Additionally, there is a playground on the premises, in the southern part of the park, for any children visiting the property. All of the 120 sites have full hookups of water, power, and sewage as well. There are also coin-operated laundry facilities for guest usage on the grounds of the park, located near the office and playground. 

At the Fort Victoria RV Park, there are paved roads throughout the establishment. The park is located approximately a 15-minute walk from Colwood, which has multiple businesses and attractions that those visiting the area may choose to experience. The ocean is also near the establishment, as well as Butchart Gardens which has multiple garden types including sunken, rose, Italian, and Japanese. The Highland Pacific Golf Course, located near the property, offers discounts to those staying at the RV park. 

For patrons of the RV park, there are multiple policies that are expected to be followed. There is no tent camping allowed on the grounds. Additionally, guests are not allowed to light fires. The manager also asks that there are no rowdy parties or loud groups. The majority of those staying at the RV park are older, so one of the goals of the property is to create a generally quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Pets are allowed to stay with patrons, but no more than two are allowed per site. 


One of the most notable attributes of the Fort Victoria RV Park is the location of the property. The manager describes the establishment as being "centrally located" due to its proximity to the downtown area of Victoria and beach attractions such as whale watching. Additionally, there is a hospital near the RV park, and multiple guests who stay on the premises come for treatments at the hospital. Another attribute of the park that the manager would describe as unique is the bastion which was built on the property from materials that came from a landmark in the area, the Cloverdale House. Additionally, the size of the park contributes to the uniqueness of the establishment, according to the manager. 

Those who stay at the RV park frequently comment on the hospitality of the staff on the premises as well as the overall cleanliness of the park. One patron of the property said "The park is very well maintained and managed. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The sites are decent sizes and can accommodate various-sized trailers. There is a playground within the park for the kiddos as well as numerous playgrounds nearby as well as a laundry facility which were well kept." Additionally, many guests have mentioned the proximity to various attractions in the area as well as the peaceful surroundings of the park. 

The area around the establishment has multiple attractions that guests can visit. The Highland Pacific Golf Course offers a discount to those staying at the property who wish to golf. Whale watching is also a popular activity in the area. There are multiple businesses in the city that provide tours for patrons to go and experience the whales. Butchart Gardens is also open for those who want to experience different types of gardens. The gardens are home to multiple styles of gardens such as sunken, Italian, rose, and Japanese. There are relatively diverse plants that can be seen in the gardens. Some restaurants that the manager of the business would recommend to guests include the Four Mile House Restaurant, and the Six Mile Pub and Eatery. 

The staff at the Fort Victoria RV Park strives to help guests feel comfortable and happy while staying at the establishment. They try to maintain this atmosphere by keeping the park simple and mainstreaming the check-in process. Keeping all of the operations of the park cohesive is a goal they have to help patrons know what to expect at the park. Open year-round, the busiest season at the property is the summertime, more specifically the months of May through October. During the summer months, the main demographic of visitors to the business includes those between 45 and 60 years of age, and in the wintertime generally visitors range from 60-85 years old. The park sees, during the summer months, an influx of European travelers as well, especially those from Germany and the Netherlands. 


The Fort Victoria RV Park was originally established in 1961. In the beginning days of the park, it was called the Canadian Crest Motel, and the property consisted of forested land, a motel, and cabins. Camping was allowed on the grounds in the forested area, however, there was no formal sites or organizational structure in place; guests went into the trees and picked a spot to set up their tents anywhere in the woods. Over time, the motel was demolished and RV sites were added. The majority of the trees were also cleared in an attempt to create more RV camping spaces. 

On the grounds of Fort Victoria RV Park, the original owner, Herbert Plasterer, constructed a replica of the bastion that sat in the downtown area of the city. The bastion that is in the center of town was built as a stronghold and fortification, and Herbert wanted to construct one in a similar building style to the one in town. At the time that Herbert was thinking of constructing a bastion, a local attraction called the Cloverdale House was being torn down to be recreated with different materials. All the wood from the house was being thrown away, and so Herbert purchased the wood and created the bastion. The construction was intended to be similar to how the original bastion was built and, as such, the edifice was built using "not many nuts and bolts" according to the manager, but instead is held together by gravity and the weight of the wood. 

Since Herbert Plasterer began the Fort Victoria RV Park, there have been multiple changes made to the property. The grounds started out as a motel, cabins, and forest. It has since had the motel removed from the premises, as well as the cabins, in order to create RV sites for visitors. Additionally, tent camping is no longer allowed and the trees were removed to create additional spaces. Through the years, the business has stayed in the Plasterer family, and they hope to continue running the business with no major changes in the future. 

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