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Flood's Cove, LLC

Flood's Cove has been a family-owned business since 1901, however, some of the cottages that are currently established on the grounds date back to the late 1800s. The current owner takes pride in the location of the business, as the property is situated along the coast of Flood's Cove in southern Maine. Oftentimes, the acreage serves as the setting for visitors' weddings, as people tend to be drawn to the area's natural landscapes. Many of the attractions and activities that are available on-site and beyond Flood's Cove pertain to the outdoors. Swimming, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking are a few specific activities that visitors can engage in over the course of their stay. Chuck, the owner, strives to provide a family-oriented experience to those who visit Flood's Cove, and he hopes that patrons will explore the natural sites of the surrounding area.


Located in the southernmost region of Maine, Flood's Cove encompasses a 68-acre expanse on the outskirts of the town of Friendship. The property has a total of seven oceanfront cottages for visitors to reserve, all of which offer a kitchen with hot water and access to WiFi. With the exception of Westwind and Barnacle, every unit has its own fireplace. Chuck, the owner, describes the units as historic, and he further notes that each cottage is different from one another. Westwind is the newest addition to the business, featuring a wraparound porch and views of the ocean. Guests should be aware that Flood's Cove is a pet-friendly establishment, however, Westwind is the only accommodation on the property that prohibits pets.

In addition to the accommodations, a fair amount of on-site activities are provided to those who stay at Flood's Cove, namely swimming, hiking, kayaking, and canoeing, among other pastimes. For those of a younger demographic, a playground occupies a fraction of the grounds and is available for children to utilize. A tennis court, communal firepit, decorative gardens, and gazebo also characterize the premises, and the owner mentions that there are about 50 acres of spruce tree woodlands in the vicinity that guests can explore along walking trails. Chuck also encourages visitors to explore the 11-acre island adjacent to Flood's Cove which he also has ownership over. 

While Flood's Cove is found in a relatively secluded location, there are a number of attractions that patrons can visit during their stay. One such is Monhegan Island where outdoor enthusiasts can observe Maine's natural landscapes. Another nature-oriented site that travelers can go to is the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. Moreover, Chuck recommends patrons visit Farnsworth Museum which features a display of artwork and contains a gift shop. In terms of nearby dining options, the owner suggests guests go to Jameson Point Lobster Company, Shaw's Fish and Lobster Wharf, and Fish House Fish Market on Monhegan Island.


Chuck, the owner of Flood's Cove, wants those who stay at the property to experience "the wonder of enjoying the coast and nature." He makes an effort to understand his guests' needs and assist them accordingly. One of the main focuses the owner has in terms of hospitality is concierge service, as he interacts with his patrons frequently. Generally speaking, Chuck hopes to provide a "family-friendly end-of-the-road Midcoast Maine experience" to everyone. One person who previously stayed at the establishment commented on their experience in a review, saying, "Flood's Cove is a great place for the whole family. There is a lot of interesting history there as well. There are plenty of places within walking distance." Another person characterized Flood's Cove as a "lovely campground with a quiet environment."

The property operates seasonally from May to September, and during the month of July, a Fourth of July celebration is held. This event typically involves a cookout and a bonfire at the communal firepit. The owner explains that as part of their festivities, they raise the American flag and read the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution in honor of this holiday. July and August tend to be the busiest months of operation for the business, according to Chuck, primarily due to school being closed for the season. As such, these comparatively busier months generally draw families with younger children to Flood's Cove. Upon the approach of September, Chuck notices a shift in the demographic of visitors, as he mentions that retirees typically visit after the fall semester starts. With regard to repeat guests, the owner comments that "some people have been coming for around 90 years." 

While July and August are the busier months, the owner considers September to be his favorite month on account of the fall foliage. "The sun is a little bit lower so it tends to glisten on the water," he says, with regard to the environment during this time of year. He also says that September "provides peak conditions for sailing and kayaking." 


Chuck, the current owner, reports that ownership of Flood's Cove has been in his family since 1901 when it initially joined the lodging industry. One of the present-day cottages, Cap'n Am's—also known as the "Big House"—was named after the previous owner, Captain Ambrose Simmons, who resided on the site in the late 1800s. Chuck mentions that another historically significant cottage on the grounds is the Defiance, which dates back roughly 150 years. 

A considerable amount of changes have been made to Flood's Cove throughout its history. As previously noted, Westwind was constructed to serve as an additional unit for visitors to occupy. The owner also says that many updates were done to the cottages, with the intent of making them "more convenient and enjoyable." The premises has undergone landscaping as well, with a number of updates to the gardens. Concerning future plans for Flood's Cove, Chuck says that he wants to "keep it exactly the same so that future generations can experience the Maine coast as it is." 

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