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Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole

Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole

The Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole is located in Wilson, Wyoming, sitting approximately 6 miles from the south entrance to the Grand Teton National Park. The property has two types of cabins, as well as RV sites available to guests year-round. The Caboose Cabins can host up to six people per night, and the Wedge Cabins have accommodations for up to four people. The RV sites have full hookups of water, sewage, electricity, and cable television. In the area surrounding the park, those staying at the resort can visit the Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Jackson Hole Wyoming. In the city of Jackson Hole, patrons can fish, river raft, or take wildlife tours. 


Located in Wilson, Wyoming, the Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole is nearby multiple outdoor attractions including the Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Jackson Hole Wyoming. The park has a variety of amenities for those who stay at the property including two types of cabins and RV sites. The two types of cabins are the Caboose Cabin, five of which can be found on the acreage, and the Wedge Cabin. Up to six overnight guests can be hosted in the Caboose Cabins, while the Wedge Cabins can host four guests, as they have the king bed and the queen-sized pull-out, but not the twin beds. Furthermore, an upstairs loft, which is accessible via a ladder, contains a king-size bed, a pull-out queen-size bed, and two twin beds. All of the cabins have full kitchens that include a dishwasher, stove-top, coffee maker, and microwave. Additionally, there are flat-screen televisions in the bedrooms, and fireplaces in each living room.

The RV sites are located towards the back of the premises. There are 52 sites that guests can rent and bring their RV to, including eight back-in sites, five pull-in sites, and the remaining 39 sites are pull-through. Each space for RVs comes with a picnic table as well as full hookups of water, sewage, and power. Cable is also offered to those visiting the area. Recently, the owners combined sites together in an effort to provide patrons with more space and privacy per site. The property is open year-round; however, in the winter months, all but 15 of the sites close due to cold weather as well as migratory wildlife that come through the park such as moose and elk. Multiple types of animals can be seen on the grounds throughout the year. 

The cabins are the closest amenity to the front of the resort. In the middle of the property is the main office building which includes restrooms, showers, trash, and a retail shop. The shop sells smaller grocery items such as eggs, milk, bread, and protein bars. It also sells items that are frequently needed by those who come to stay such as toilet paper, chargers, and other similar travel items. Memorabilia such as tee shirts, sweatshirts, and stickers, can additionally be found in the shop as well. Another feature that is provided at the resort is a concierge service, which is available for visitors.

While staying at the Fireside Resort, the owners have multiple policies in place that they require guests to follow. Pets are allowed to stay with their owners in the cabins; however, up to two dogs are permitted to stay in a cabin at a time. If pets come with their owners to stay, they must be on a leash at all times. Additionally, there is a quiet time at the resort from 10 PM to 7 AM every night. The management also reminds patrons that there is limited overflow parking available on the grounds and asks that each guest be mindful when coming to stay at the property. 


The Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole is most known in the area for its full-grown shade trees, according to the manager. Recently, multiple sites were removed in an attempt to create bigger sites, at the request of a guest. The staff of the Fireside Resort hopes that those who visit the property are able to feel warm and welcomed to the area. The manager says that due to the name of the resort being Fireside, she hopes that patrons are able to create memories of sitting around the fire with their families. One guest said, "The staff was friendly and it was clean and quiet. The entrance trees are lined with white Christmas lights that added to the ambiance. We were staying there as a couple, but I saw a number of families with kids enjoying the grounds as well." In an effort to provide those who are staying on the property with this experience, the staff of the resort strives to help those who come to the area to be able to take full advantage of all the nearby attractions. According to the manager, many of the people who work at the business are local to the area and have been for multiple years, so they try to recommend areas and attractions that patrons can enjoy. 

The area surrounding the Fireside Resort has multiple outdoor activities that guests can enjoy. The Grand Teton National Park is six miles from the property, and downtown Jackson Hole is five miles away. In the area around Jackson Hole, there are different types of activities including fishing, river rafting, and scenic wildlife tours that patrons can participate in. Yellowstone National Park is approximately a two hours drive from the resort, and many who stay at the establishment will take day trips to the park. The resort also offers bikes that guests can ride on the property and into Jackson, and there are two Jeep Cherokees available for patrons to rent during their stay. There are bike racks and ski racks that can be put onto the Jeeps if those renting the cars desire. 

A few hundred feet away from the resort is the Calico Restaurant and Bar which serves Italian dishes. Also close by is the Persephone Bakery, which serves various bakery items such as pastries, coffee, and croissants. Another nearby restaurant is Sudachi. Sudachi is located in the same area as Persephone Bakery and features Japanese cuisine such as edamame, miso soup, and gyoza. Other attractions nearby include the Raptor Conservatory, Rendezvous Park, and the Nation Museum of Wildlife Art. 


Originally established in the 1970s, the Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole began as a KOA before it was converted into the business it is today. During its time as a KOA, there were only campsites available, and the cabins had not yet been built. The property stayed that way for multiple years before it was bought by the current owners in 2011. When they took over the management of the resort, they added all of the cabins to the grounds. They also made a variety of cosmetic changes and updates to the amenities available. Since its original establishment as a KOA campground, the Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole has gone through multiple changes including the addition of the cabins and the updating of the grounds. 

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