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Finn Road Campground and Boat Launch

Finn Road Campground and Boat Launch

Located south of Lake Huron, Finn Road Campground and Boat Launch is an RV park in Essexville, Michigan, owned by Hampton Township. The campground has 57 back-in RV sites with full hookups, cement pads, a grass plot, picnic tables, and fire pits. Additionally, the park features a bathhouse, an office, a rentable pavilion, and a playground. One of Finn Road Campground's most prominent attractions is Lake Huron, which the manager says is a common location to fish for walleye. For those who take an interest in lake recreation, a boat launch that extends into Lake Huron is located directly north of the RV sites. Other attractions include the U.S.S. Edson, Bay City, and a golf course down the street from the campground. The property itself also hosts various activities, such as two races that are open to the public in May and September, a Halloween trick-or-treating activity, and events during the summer. 


Finn Road Campground and Boat Launch is an RV park owned by Hampton Township in Essexville, Michigan. While it does not have access to waterfront property, the campground is close to Lake Huron. The establishment has 57 back-in RV sites with full hookups; some spaces provide 30- and 50-amp service, while others are solely equipped with 30-amp hookups. The 30-amp sites are grouped together as the road loops around them, and the 30/50-amp sites roughly form a ring outside the smaller one. Each site features a cement pad, a grassy area, a picnic table, and a fire pit. Some areas, including several RV spots, are shaded by trees.

Finn Road Campground and Boat Launch has a main office and a spot to purchase ice and wood. The park also has a bathhouse and an outdoor picnic pavilion that remains open to visitors unless reserved; both are on the northwestern corner of the property. The pavilion can be rented for $50 a day for gatherings and events. Finn Road Campground and Boat Launch also has WiFi, a trailer storage space, and a dump station. Some of the other outdoor features are a playground, a horseshoe pit, and a cornhole area. Outside the campground, the premises is surrounded by trees and farmland. The manager notes that Lake Huron is less than 2,000 feet north of Finn Road Campground and Boat Launch where guests can access the establishment's boat launch directly north of the RVs. This boat launch protrudes into Lake Huron. The manager says that boats only need to traverse a narrow stretch of water before arriving at the main lake body.

One particular attraction near Finn Road Campground and Boat Launch that people tend to visit is a golf course down the road. The property manager Ellen reaffirms that Lake Huron is a fairly prominent attraction for aquatic activities, mainly fishing, and she mentions that walleye are especially common in the area. She also notes that most of the campground's visitors are retirement-age fishers. Another attraction is the Bay City area, including its downtown and summer festivals. Guests can also visit the U.S.S. Edson, a naval museum west of the campground on the Saginaw River. Regarding dining locations, Ellen recommends Grampa Tony's, B&C Pizza East Side, and Old City Hall, though she says several other restaurants are in the area.


Ellen, the Finn Road Campground and Boat Launch manager, makes an effort to help her guests feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable enough to contact her if they need help. With the intent to keep the park clean, she cleans the bathhouse each morning. Ellen also explains that she occasionally monitors the lawns to ensure that they are properly mowed. She gives new visitors her number so that they can call or text her for questions and assistance, and she says she interacts rather often with others. For instance, Ellen and the staff set up the pavilion with coffee, donuts, and muffins on Saturdays for guests. She notes that this is an opportunity to interact with others and receive face-to-face information "through the grapevine," adding that it is often easier for her to talk in person than over text.

Finn Road Campground and Boat Launch hosts a few activities throughout the year, namely two races in May and September. According to Ellen, these races are open to the public and provide commodities such as food trucks. While the campground does not plan these races, it provides the space to accommodate event participants. Additionally, Finn Road Campground has a Halloween trick-or-treating party each October, among other annual activities.

Various guest reviews highlight Finn Road Campground's features and atmosphere. One person said, "This is a grand resource for locals. It has a usable boat launch that is utilized by people accessing fishing locations on the bay. Additionally, there is a nature walk leading to the west and a nice walk to the east, where you can access a viewing tower. Bird life is abundant for those interested."

The policies at Finn Road Campground state that dogs must be kept on a leash and cleaned up after. Quiet time starts at 11:00 p.m. each night, and at this time, those who are not staying at the campground are asked to leave the park. Ellen explains that "the lack of noise is very important because [...] it's more like a neighborhood than a campground," in reference to how close some RV sites are to each other. 

Finn Road Campground is open from May 1st to October 31st, with its busiest season peaking from Memorial Day to the end of July, according to Ellen. She explains that this increase in guests is because of family vacations during the summer and the fishing season's peak. Most of the campground's visitors are retirement-age fishermen trying to catch walleye, as observed by Ellen. She says that many repeat visitors return to the RV park annually as well.


According to the park manager, Ellen, Finn Road Campground and Boat Launch was started by Hampton Township in the late 1980s. She says that the property started small and grew over time. While the establishment is township-owned, Ellen has managed it for several years. She recounts how she joined the property two years after receiving her marketing and business management degree. Since then, she has built the property's website, helped convert the park's processes online, and planned the campground's annual activities. Ellen also remarks that Finn Road Campground previously operated at about 30% capacity because of the difficulty of managing its processes by hand. However, the computer system has resulted in approximately 100% capacity from Memorial Day to July and 80% to 90% during the rest of the season. Aside from these achievements, Ellen says she enjoys meeting people the most as she works.

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