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Finger Lake Wilderness Resort

The Finger Lake Wilderness Resort can be found in the western part of Canada in Vanderhoof, British Columbia. The resort is a small RV park and campground that is designed to cater towards families and outdoor enthusiasts. The Finger Lake Wilderness Resort is at the base of a popular hunting and fishing site, making it a good home base for avid hunters and fishermen.


There are a total of four cabins available at the Finger Lake Wilderness Resort. Each cabin comes with a personal parking space, a fire pit, and a picnic table. Several amenities that can be found within the cabins include a propane stove, an electric bar fridge, a wood-burning stove, and other essential kitchenware. No matter which cabin visitors stay in, they are equipped with a stockpile of firewood. Additional firewood is available for purchase if individual guests' needs exceed the standard limit.

There are 12 campsites available for visitors that don't have an RV or don't want to rent out a cabin. A road that loops around the campgrounds makes it more convenient to navigate the premises for any guests that bring their RVs. The general store on the property offers goods, souvenirs, and supplies for all visitors that are looking to stock up on hunting, fishing, or camping supplies, as well as basic essentials like bottled water, ice, snacks, and canned goods if anything was forgotten at home. There is also the option to rent out fishing equipment such as rods and nets and offer extra bait and tackle should more be required by those staying on the property. A few oversized items that guests can rent out include boats, kayaks, and canoes, allowing for them to leave such equipment at home. Boats can be rented out by the hour, by the day, or even weekly.

There is a wide variety of wildlife that can be found all throughout the property and on the lakes. Some creatures that have been seen in the area include ducks, red-winged blackbirds, eagle nests, beavers, and moose, among other animals. It is worth noting that there is no cell service in the area, so guests may have a hard time reaching others through the use of a cell phone.


The goal of the Finger Lake Wilderness Resort is to provide guests with a rustic and open wilderness experience while they are staying on the property. They want their visitors to enjoy the outdoors and give them a chance to step away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. Due to there being no cell service on the property, there exists the possibility to unplug and enjoy time at the campground with minimal distractions. To fill up visitors' time, the Finger Lake Wilderness Resort strives to provide outdoor equipment that can be used for various activities.

One recent guest said, "If you need some peace and quiet, this is the place to be." It is worth noting that only people who are staying at the Finger Lake Wilderness Resort have access to Finger Lake, which means that there is less traffic in regards to the lake and other related activities. The campgrounds are in a secluded and more quiet part of British Columbia, where the nearest city is Vanderhoof—which is over an hour away. This adds to the overall separation from bustling towns of a given trip, and allows those who are staying at the resort a chance to find relaxation.

There are a vast amount of lakes in the surrounding forest that guests can experience, several of them being Arthur, Kuyakuz, Prout, and Lucas, to name a few. A number of trails are accessible as well for hiking, ATV riding, and biking. Some popular routes include Greer Creek Falls, Home Lake, and Cutoff Butte. The Finger Lake Wilderness Resort is also an established home base for hunters to stay while they hunt moose in the surrounding areas.


Before the Finger lake Wilderness Resort was established, it was primarily used as lodging for hunters during the hunting season. Eventually, it became more popular as a checkpoint for fishermen and became what it is today. Now it serves both purposes, as well as aiding others who are just looking to get away from the big cities and surround themselves with forests and lakes.

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