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Ferngully Creek Cabins

Ferngully Creek Cabins has been open to the public since 2003 with four cabins available to guests. Each cabin was built by Paul Marner, the current owner, in addition to much of the furniture that is inside the rooms. Paul and his wife, Kathy Marner, strive to create a comfortable atmosphere at their property in an attempt to live by their motto, "great lodging in the woods." The land that surrounds the acreage is relatively rural, and occasionally various woodland animals can be spotted on the grounds. During the fall, Ferngully Creek Cabins receives the most amount of visitors as the leaves change color. Though the owners welcome visitors of all ages to stay at their cabins, families, and retirees are mainly the ones who stay at the property.


The Ferngully Creek Cabins are situated on the expanse of eight acres of land, featuring four cabins in total. Each cabin was made to house up to two people as they all contain one king-size bed. Some other provided amenities include a full kitchen, washing machine and dryer, gaslit fireplaces, bathrobes, satellite TV, DVD players, and a jacuzzi tub that fits two individuals. The cabins are about three hundred yards apart from each other. During the summer, the cabins are relatively private whereas, in the winter, the other cabins can be seen fairly easily, according to the owner. 

The cabins all feature a porch in the front and a smaller porch in the back, all of which have rocking chairs and lounging areas for guest use. A fire ring is provided at every unit, in addition to firewood. Two of the cabins have steps that lead to the house while others have entrances through the back.

Ferngully Creek Cabins offers a package that allows patrons to buy a steak dinner with salad, baked potatoes, dinner rolls, and other similar options. The owners don't make the meal but they purchase and provide guests with the ingredients needed to put it together. Occasionally, at certain times during the winter, this package is complementary to all patrons.

The Cherry Blossom Cabin's furniture was built by Paul Marner, the current owner; with the exception of stuffed furniture such as sofas. This particular cabin's name derives from the fact that Paul built the furniture from an actual cherry blossom tree's wood. He also built the furniture for the Sycamore Lane Cabin. Additionally, Paul's wife Kathy mentions that three of the stones in the Sycamore Lane Cabin's fireplace are from Crazy Horse.

The surrounding environment contains an abundance of trees and wildlife. The property is located among many wooded areas and rolling hills. Some of the wild animals that can be spotted on the premises include deer, raccoons, squirrels, various types of birds, and wild turkeys. Additionally, a creek runs through the property. The owners are in the process of adding Milkweed plants to attract more butterflies to the grounds.

From the words of Kathy, Paul's wife, the surrounding area is known to be "very Amish." Acron Canton, in particular, is located just over an hour's drive away from the premises and typically receives a relatively high number of visitors. One notable activity near the property is some of the nearby farms that guests can visit and interacting with the farm animals. Several restaurants and wineries are in close proximity to Ferngully Creek Cabins as well. For those who are in search of restaurants within the area, the owner recommends East Main, which can be found in a nearby city known as Baltic, and Mrs. Yoders Kitchen in Mt. Hope. Kathy also recommends Bags Sports Pub in Millersburg. 


Ferngully Creek Cabins enforces a few policies for visitors such as a smoking policy that states that smoking is not allowed inside the cabins but is acceptable in the designated smoking areas outside. Additionally, pets are not allowed to stay on the premises in order to decrease allergens inside the cabins for the benefit of future occupants. Paul and Kathy Marner, the current owners, put forth the effort in accommodating their guests as much as they can by making themselves available if patrons have any questions or concerns. They both try to interact with visitors as much as the guest prefers. The motto for Ferngully Creek Cabins is "great lodging in the woods," and the property strives to live up to that motto. Kathy remarks that she hopes that those who stay at the property will say "wow" when they arrive at their cabins and that they will feel as though they are "escaping from the outside world." The general demographic of those who frequent the establishment is mainly families and retirees. 

Several previous visitors have commented on the cleanliness of the property in reviews. The owners try to keep the linens and mattresses "of good quality," according to Kathy. One particular guest who stayed in one of the cabins said, "The cabin was beautiful, cozy, and clean. It is in a very secluded wooded area, close to everything in Amish country."

During the fall, the Amish country community tends to draw in a fair amount of visitors. The establishment is open year-round and is fairly busy throughout the entire year. October is typically the busiest month for Ferngully Creek Cabins as tourists come to see the leaves change color, in addition to exploring the Amish community. May and June are the slowest months for the property as Mother's Day, Father's Day, and graduations occur during this time.  


Since 2003, Ferngully Creek Cabins has been in business, with Paul and Kathy Marner being the original and current owners. They didn't have any initial plans when they first purchased the property but they wanted to experience being in the hospitality industry. Hospitality always been something Paul and Kathy both wanted to get into because, according to Kathy, they "love hosting people." When they acquired the land, Paul built every cabin featured on the grounds. They first started with one cabin and then added two more after having the single unit for a few years. Recently, the establishment constructed another cabin that has been made available to patrons, adding up to four units in total. As for future plans of adding more cabins, Kathy explains that they do not plan on building any more. Kathy's sister-in-law takes care of much of the cleaning, as well as answering guests' questions, whereas Kathy's daughter helps patrons with the booking process. 

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United States




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