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Dumas RV Resort

Dumas RV Resort is located in the relatively small town of Dumas, Texas. The business contains 94 available RV sites, all of which are pull-through. Each of the sites provides water and sewer and has hookups for 20, 30, and 50 AMP. Laundry facilities, restrooms, showers, and an indoor pool are all available for those that are staying at the property. For those looking for things to do in the area, Lake Meredith National Recreation Area may be a more popular place to visit. Visitors can participate in water activities at the lake, including fishing, boating, sunbathing, etc. There are also a variety of canyons located near the lake. Most people that stay at the property, however, are those that are traveling from one place to another and need a place to stay for a night.


Dumas RV Resort consists of seven acres of land with 94 RV sites available to rent throughout the year. Each of the sites has 20, 30, and 50 AMP circuits. All of the spots are pull-through in hopes of being more convenient for guests, and water and sewer are available for each RV. David, the owner of the RV park, explains that the park is "big-rig friendly," meaning that they should be able to accommodate any size of RV that is brought to the resort.

The main office is located on the grounds, as well as an indoor swimming pool, a laundry room, community restrooms and showers, and a dump station. The property is about 3 miles away from Duma, Texas, which is a fairly small town in the state. Some things that people can do in the area include visiting the town for shopping or participating in the Doggy Days festival that takes place there every year in June. They can also visit Lake Meredith National Recreation Area for fishing, boating, or other water activities. Various canyons are also located about 30 miles away from the RV park. For those looking for places to eat in the area, David recommends they visit Big Country Café, which is owned by his son. David says that "there are 60 to 70 cars there all the time," making it one of the busier dining areas in the city. He also recommends that people visit 287 Café and Pecos Diamond Steakhouse.


David, the owner of Dumas RV Resort, hopes that his guests feel comfortable when they stay at his RV park. He says that the resort is "a friendly park" and that he tries to help everyone feel welcome. He frequently interacts with those staying with him, striving to talk to many of them every day. Pets are allowed at the business for those that like to travel with their animals. There is a quiet time in place in hopes that those who stay at the property will be able to get the rest that they need, it being from 10 PM to 6 AM. People from all demographics visit the park, and David says that he welcomes all of them.

Many of the visitors to Dumas RV Resort are those that have found some contracted jobs in the area. This means that some of the park's patrons are long-term guests, while others are short-term visitors. David claims that his RV park is known for having large sites that can accommodate "any rig." He also says that they are all pull-through, which has been something helpful for the visitors in the past. Some of those who have stayed at the property have also left reviews about the RV park that reflect these accommodations. One guest said, "This was a nice place to stay the night. They have full hookups for 30/50 amp and a septic drain at every station. They had free Wi-Fi and all gravel pull-through spots." Another guest said about the atmosphere, "This was a great RV Resort. All the hookups were provided for a reasonable price. The owner is great to talk to and made staying more of a family-type resort. It is a quiet place with plenty of space." David thinks that the majority of his guests find out about Dumas RV Resort simply by driving through the area. He believes that the location of his property is what is most helpful to those staying with him.

According to the owner, many of the guests that stay at the park once end up returning for future visits. David attributes this and other successes to the hard work that has been put into the RV resort and his attempts at making the park friendly. The business is open every month of the year, with the busiest months occurring during the summer. David says that his park is meant to be a place for those that are looking to stay somewhere on their way to another destination; however, he hopes to be able to accommodate all those that stay with him


Dumas RV Resort has been in business for about ten years. It has been owned by David for the entirety of its establishment. He founded the RV park because he felt that it was a necessary business for the area in which it is located. He added all of the sites and amenities that are currently available to people staying at the property. David continually renovates what he feels is necessary and hopes to put concrete on his sites soon, as they currently consist solely of gravel. David says, "you meet a lot of nice people" in his line of work and mentions that that is his favorite part of his job.

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10650 U.S. 287
Dumas, Texas 79029
United States





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