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Las Vegas
Desert Sands RV Resort

Desert Sands RV Resort

Desert Sands RV Resort is located in Henderson, Nevada, which is a 15-minute drive from Las Vegas. Other notable locations near the resort include Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and Galleria Mall. The resort itself has 243 RV sites available to short and long-term guests throughout the year. Amenities provided in each site include a gravel spot for the RVs, paved parking for other vehicles, and hookups for water, sewer, and electricity. Facilities and common areas on the premises include a reservations office with a mailroom attached, two dog parks, two shower houses, a pool, and a laundry area with coin-operated machines. Every month during the summer season, there are events hosted by the business that includes potlucks, music, and light shows. The property has been under relatively heavy renovations since the current owners purchased the business three years ago. It is expected that the property will be fully renovated within the next year.


Located a relatively short drive away from Las Vegas, Nevada, the Desert Sands RV Resort is in the city of Henderson. On the property, there are 243 RV sites available for guest reservations and long-term stays. The front of the park is designated for those staying a short period of time, and the back is where the residents of the park are situated. There are three types of spots available to RVs for short-term patrons: medium back-ins, large back-ins, and pull-through. All roads are paved on the property, with the roads being repaved every two years; updates to RV sites are also made as needed. The sites available to visitors include a gravel spot for RVs to prevent heat from radiating up beneath the vehicle. Additionally, there is a parking pad large enough to accommodate up to two smaller vehicles at each unit. Other amenities provided with each site include WiFi and common hookups such as water, electricity, and sewer. When visitors first arrive, a resort worker escorts them to their site and can assist them as they back into their site and get hooked up to their amenities.

A reservation office is available for visitors, and there is also a designated mailroom for residents on the premises. Other common areas on the 10-acre property include two dog parks, two shower houses with saunas, a pool with a covered deck, a spa, a common room with a piano, TV, and a laundry room with coin-operated machines. All of the 10 washers and 12 dryers are relatively new equipment. The latest addition to the property is a small gym with some basic equipment. Two vending machines are being added to the property as well, one designated for snacks and the other for beverages.

The land that comprises the Desert Sands RV Resort is situated near Lake Las Vegas and Lake Mead. Other nearby attractions nearby include bicycle trails that Cameron mentions are "pretty sought after." One particular trail is a 70-mile loop called River Mountain Loop. The manager recommends a few restaurants to patrons near the property, including the Sunset Station, which serves Italian food and is located about a mile from the resort. Other places nearby are the Omelet House, Samurai Sushi, and Skyline Casino, which has a café inside with various food options. Overall, Cameron describes the area as a desert with little shade.

One safety feature of the Desert Sands RV Resort includes the constant on-site security through camp hosts who arrive at the property when the day staff is leaving. The camp hosts stay on the property through the night until the staff returns the following morning. Another aspect of security is "a large perimeter wall," says Cameron, which stands at eight feet tall. The property is "tucked away on the edge of town," which he explains eliminates the criminal aspect nearby Las Vegas can bring.


During the summer holidays, the Desert Sands RV Resort hosts group get-togethers, including a rib cookout with hot dogs and live music. Additionally, there are community gatherings with potlucks and entertainment such as a light show, a DJ, and live music. Games are also included with the event, such as water-pong and cornhole. These events happen once a month during the summer.

The resort has multiple policies for visitors to note during their stay. Such policies include a quiet time that starts at 9:00 in the evening and restrictions on aggressive dog breeds. The park asks long-term residents to have no more than two dogs. Cameron, the manager, explains that the park is "pretty adamant about the security and safety of the property." One way they emphasize security is that any visitors that guests bring must check in at the office and show IDs. Those who are tenants of the park must be 55 and older, with the only exception being those who became residents before the shift in age. Overall, Cameron says the property is a 55 and older community where kids are not allowed; however, short-term patrons have no age restrictions. The property is roughly comprised of about 55% long-term tenants, with the rest being short-term guests.

Desert Sands RV Resort is open year-round to visitors. Cameron says that many of their guests include those traveling through the area for business, recreation, and "economical living." Cameron reports that "we really just want to grow into a park known for hospitality." Since purchasing the property three years ago, the business has set the goal of establishing common ground with all the short and long-term stayers. The staff is said to take the initiative through interactions among guests, from new stayers to the older patrons. Overall, Cameron wants guests to feel "welcomed [and] a part of our community," even if they are traveling through the area for a short period. One previous guest remarked that "This community and staff were very friendly. The amenities they have at the main office were always clean and well kept. There is always attentive security at night." A unique aspect of the property includes the swimming pool deck and monthly activities.


The Desert Sands RV Park has been in operation since the 1960s. However, the original location was situated on the opposite side of the park from where it is currently located. This shift in acreage occurred in the 70s. People to have stayed at the resort since it was first established included workers who aided in building the Hoover Dam. A lot of the land in the area was originally utilized for ranches, but the land was later used to build casinos in the 1990s.

The current owners bought the Desert Sands RV Park three years ago and have been operating it since then. Owning RV parks has been in their family for three generations through McDuck Investments. They currently own other properties in the area, including the McGavin Riviera RV Park. In the few years that the owners have run Desert Sands, they have redone a sizable proportion of the park, including adding the shower houses and laundry rooms. One of the biggest improvements to the resort includes redoing all of the electrical and redoing all the utilities (with some still undergoing construction). "We have revamped the property from something that was really old," says Cameron, the manager of the property. Guests who stayed at the park years ago and under different management have since returned and remarked that the property has completely changed due to the renovations and improvements. There are no set future plans for the property; the manager says they are "looking for ways to constantly improve it." Cameron reports that his favorite part of being the manager of the park is the community that has been created by the tenants, guests, and park staff.

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