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Desert Gem RV Resort

The Desert Gem RV Resort can be found in the middle of Canada's winery capital of Oliver in the province of British Columbia. It is partnered with an RV rental service that goes by the name of Platinum RV Rentals, which provides guests with the opportunity to try out various brands of RVs for daily or weekly prices. The area is surrounded by a number of mountains, and fruit trees are spread across the countryside, which provides the winery with the necessary ingredients to make their wines and ales. The Desert Gem RV Resort derives its name from the fact that it is "situated in the only desert in Canada."


Desert Gem RV Resort is specifically for RV travelers or those wishing to get into the hobby of owning a trailer or RV. The property is equipped with 65 RV sites, ranging from pull-through sites to smaller back-in sites. What makes Desert Gem unique are the RVs that they have on-site that are available to rent by means of their sister business, which is Platinum RV Rentals. Guests can rent these RVs by the day, week, or even month, depending on how long they decide to use them. The idea for this is to allow visitors the option to test out different RV brands and models to see if there is a specific one they like or if they are interested in purchasing in the future. It also makes it convenient for people who wish to experience RV vacationing without having to invest all of the money that is required to purchase a mobile home.

Desert Gem RV Resort is equipped with a variety of amenities, including a clubhouse with a gym, washrooms, laundry facilities, Wi-Fi, and cable TV. The property spans over three acres, which is surrounded by a dense wall of trees that are native to the area and is located in a manner that allows for a wide range of activities. Many people in the past have come for the numerous wineries that can be found throughout the area. Fine dining and countryside tours are also more common in this city, and many guests have commented on how they have enjoyed the local scenery. Though this is claimed to be located in the only desert in Canada, it still has a lot to offer by way of nature. Despite the easy access to the outdoors, Desert Gem RV Resort's location also places it near stores and other amenities that visitors can find both convenient and useful. Those who stay on the property are not a far distance from places that sell basic necessities.

Golf is another common attraction in the area and is easy to find as there are multiple courses near the resort, including Fairview Mountain and Nk'Mip Canyon Desert. In the winter, guests can take to the slopes for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and more at local favorite spots such as Baldy Mountain Resort or Apex Mountain Ski Resort.


The owner has described the Desert Gem RV Resort's goal as wanting to create an atmosphere akin to that of a small community, with friendliness and cleanliness being two of their most prominent methods of bringing that ideal to life. Previous guests frequently notice this and make mention of it; most reviews for the property tend to include at least some note regarding the state of the property and how it is maintained. One person humorously noted, "You could eat off the laundry room floor it's so clean here."

The outdoor care also has also received an amount of praise in the past for how it is up-kept, with guests usually expressing how pleased they are with the RV sites and the surrounding greenery. One of the site's managers, whose name is Jocelyne Durocher, states that the objective of Desert Gem is for "people to have a wonderful experience and a relaxing time."

The area promotes similar ideals in an effort to help visitors have a smooth time vacationing. The city of Oliver caters more towards those seeking a more relaxed getaway, evidenced by activities such as wine tours and golfing. The most common demographic of guests that visit the area have usually been couples and retired folks. Oliver has been recognized by Tourism British Columbia as the "Wine Capital of Canada" due to all of the local wineries and orchards that grow the ingredients for such drinks.


Before Desert Gem existed in the area, the property was simply part of one of the local orchards that grew produce for the local wineries and other agriculture for the area that makes up most of Oliver. It wasn't until the 1990s that the Desert Gem RV Resort was built and founded. A few years later, Scott Nelson took ownership of the property and has been the owner since then, a time range of about 20 years.

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5753 Main St
Oliver, British Columbia V0H 1T0




Scott Nelson

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4.1/5 60 Reviews
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