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Crown King Cabins

The Crown King Cabins is one of the two properties owned by the Crown King Cabins, Suites, and Bunkhouse business. The other is called the Crown King Bunkhouse. They both reside just outside the city of Crown King, Arizona, situated in the woods of the Bradshaw Mountain range. The Crown King lodging company is a family-run business owned by Taryn Denyce. She inherited the properties from her parents, who started the business in the 1990s. The Crown King Cabins consist of ten cabins, each of which is unique in its size, layout, and décor. They also all have private entrances and full-sized kitchens. Additionally, guests of the cabins have access to the Crown King Event Center, a venue known for hosting family reunions, retreats, and especially weddings.


The Crown King Cabins consist of ten individual cabins. The amenities and features among the units vary depending on which of the cabins guests stay in. However, the basic ones they all share include heating and air conditioning, wi-fi, satellite television, bathrooms complete with showers, coffee makers, and fireplaces. Additionally, they each have a deck or porch overlooking the surrounding scenery and a full-sized kitchen complete with an oven, stove, refrigerator, cookware, and dishware. The cabins also provide an air of privacy as they are each located among the trees in the area and have their own private entrances. Because of the provided amenities and features, guests also don't have to leave the premises. They only have to bring their own food and an overnight bag. One of the things the owner of the Crown King Cabins, Taryn Denyce, tries to do is make each cabin different from the others. As such, they each are unique in their looks, layout, size, and interior décor. The furnishings inside them also comprise of an abundance of antiques. Because of these differences, guests are able to choose which of the guest accommodations best fits their needs and wants. Guests staying in any of the Crown King Cabins have access to the Event Center nearby, as well as outdoor grill spaces, gardens, outdoor living areas, and the surrounding nature.

Five of the cabins have two bedrooms and house four to six people. These include the Chicken Coop Cabin, the Cottage By The Creek Cabin, the Minotto House, the Garden View Suite, and the Ranch House Cabin. They're each constructed mainly from wood with wooden interiors. The Garden View Suite is painted a bright yellow and has a large wrap-around deck surrounding the second story. The Minotto house is the oldest of all the cabins. It is named after Countess Agnes Mio da Minotto, who was an amateur painter and an actress well known in the 20th century. When she retired in her sixties, she moved to Crown King and had the home built in 1925. Unique to that time—as well as now being a historic renovated cabin—it had features such as steam heating and electric lighting, both of which were rare luxuries for its time. The remaining three of these two-bedroom cabins are each painted a dark red complimented by green trim.

The other five cabins at the Crown King Cabins—namely the Orabelle Cabin, the Mountain View Suite, the Hidden Treasures Suite, the Casita Suite, and the Eagle's nest—are all single bedroom units able to house two to three people. Of these, the Orabelle Cabin is the only guest accommodation that is its own private building. It is also painted red with green trim and has a wrap-around deck complete with chairs and a covered table. The remaining four units all make up a large cabin structure on the property, though they each have their own private entrance.


Apart from the Crown King Cabins itself, there is a sister property called Crown King Bunkhouse that is owned by the same person, Taryn Denyce. She thinks highly of the two properties, and feels that it is important to put forth effort in maintaining and improving the facilities. She works alongside her son Dimitri Dante with the goal of helping guests feel "at home and comfortable" during their stay. One of the specific strategies she tries to employ includes paying attention to the details of the properties she manages. The decorations, antique furniture, area history, and flowers are all aspects of the properties to which Taryn pays special attention.

Guests have left generally positive reviews regarding both the cabins and the bunkhouse owned by the business. One guest in particular said, "My kids love it so much they put their phones down. Stunning scenery anytime of year, so many places to go and explore." Another visitor emphasized the natural landscape that can be found around Crown King, stating, "I wanted a getaway from the work world and this was the perfect fit -- deep in the Bradshaw Mountains, accessible by a 30-mile dirt road that climbs through spectacular scenery. The cabin I stayed in had a wraparound deck where I was able to spend each evening watching the sun set over the mountains as I drank my tea and read my book. Stargazing at night, because of little artificial lighting, is awe-inspiring and breathtaking."

Taryn makes it a point to describe the atmosphere of the Crown King Cabins as "little" and "small," emphasizing that the relatively remote location of the establishment caters to those who are seeking an outdoor adventure of some kind. The role of the cabins, then, is to provide visitors with a place to rest in between their outings. One of the property's policies that permits for easier family travel is the admittance of pets. After staying on one of the properties, one visitor said, "Taryn, the owner, was very accommodating and quite a delight to chat with. The cabin I stayed in was very clean and well taken care of. This area is so peaceful and relaxing. A quick walk to the general store, Prospector smokehouse, and the saloon. I enjoyed exploring the area on my morning walks with my dog, Mason."

Both the Crown King Cabins and the Crown King Bunkhouse are open year-round in an effort to allow guests a greater range of activities to experience. That being said, they see the most visitors between April and November due to warmer weather and the changing of the colors in the fall. The majority of these visitors are couples or families seeking a getaway, though the cabins have also been known to host individuals as well. There are a few policies that are important to adhere to while staying on the premises, such as the quiet time that is enforced at 10PM and onward each night, in addition to the restriction of smoking of any kind inside of the lodgings or anywhere outside. There have been multiple fires that were caused by smoking-related incidents, which led to the need for the policy.

Taryn explains that there are enough activities to do nearby to fill up a multi-day schedule. In her opinion, those who only stay for one night are not capitalizing on the attractions that they could have seen, nor the exploration of the nature that is nearby. The grounds of Crown King Cabins also has various aspects that could contribute to an itinerary. The largest of these is arguably the Event Center. Taryn notes that not many people are aware of the building's capabilities in full and are "missing out" on available features. The outdoor venue is made up of 5,000 square feet of grassy areas that are akin to a park. Additionally, there are gardens, a large stage, a place for caterers to set up and prepare food, various picnic tables, an outdoor fireplace, and a playground for children. Finally, there are facilities that offer restrooms and showers. Examples of the events that have taken place at Crown King Cabins, Suites, and Bunkhouse are corporate retreats, family reunions, fundraising events, competitions, and weddings.

Other nearby attractions include the Crown King Saloon, which is located in the town of Crown King. The saloon is described as the "oldest working saloon in the state of Arizona," which has caused it to gain a fair amount of local fame. As its name suggests, the establishment is primarily known for its alcoholic beverages. Other places nearby to get a drink are the Red Neck Yacht Club and the Cleator Bar. The former contains an extensive collection of rocks and glass bottles, in addition to other everyday items. Crown King also has a general store and a mall, which offer visitors opportunities to buy groceries, antiques, and clothing.


As stated before, Crown King Cabins is one of two sister properties that make up the Crown King Cabins, Suites, and Bunkhouse business. Both the cabins and the bunkhouse are owned by a woman named Taryn Denyce. Taryn's history with the property indirectly dates back to the 1970s, when her father Dan Woodward was in the habit of visiting Crown King with his family. Taryn explains that they were "Jeepers" who would drive around the surrounding landscape in a Jeep that they owned. Dan eventually fell in love with the Crown King area, making the decision to purchase land and built up a cabin. Dan's love of the town only continued to grow, ultimately leading him to purchase the Crown King General Store and become a local pastor at the Chapel of the Crowned King.

In the 1990s, Taryn's parents created the Crown King Cabins, Suites, and Bunkhouse. It was first made as a family-owned and operated business, and it has continued to be that way over the course of its existence. Taryn herself was raised in Crown King, where she met her husband and where the majority of her children were born. Since the properties' creation, there have been multiple changes that have been made to the business. Antiques have been added, the gardens have been cultivated, and multiple locations outside of the units have been constructed to give guests more places to relax. The Event Center on-site was also added later on in the business's history. Currently, Taryn and her son Dimitri Dante live on the premises and are the owners of it as well.

Much of the town of Crown King's history is centered around the mining that has taken place there over the centuries. After the first mining claim was made in 1875, there were various companies that were formed with the sole purpose of harvesting resources from the nearby Bradshaw Mountains. One of theses companies was the Crowned King Mining Company, which was created in 1888. This mine would end up being the namesake for the current town where the Crown King Cabins is located.

Because of the growth of the mine, various business attractions were established there. One of the earliest such businesses was a saloon, a place where the people of the mining area could go and get alcoholic beverages. In consequence of this establishment, some of the Crowned King miners would get distracted during their runs from the mill to the mine and stop for a drink which almost led to a prohibition injunction being placed in the area. However, it wasn't passed as several other similar establishments were built soon after the saloon had been established.

By the late 1890s, the mineshaft at the Crowned King Mine had reached a depth of 500 feet, and they were mining $40,000 to $50,000 worth of ore material on a month-to-month basis. In 1899, a vein was struck in the mine that is "said to be one of the richest mines in Arizona history." The ore that came from it was worth a value of $180,000 per ton. Because of the vein's extreme value, the mine didn't even send it directly to the mills after mining it. Instead, they put it straight into the company vault and hired extra protection to guard it.

A legal feud eventually caused the Crown King Mining Company to go out of business, though its name and legacy have been remembered by the residents of Crown King, Arizona.

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