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Country Sunset RV Park

Country Sunset RV Park

Found at the city limits of Panhandle, Texas, the Country Sunset RV Park features a 35-unit RV storage building in addition to its 18-unit stationing space. The city of Amarillo is half an hour away. Other sites such as the Alibates Flint Quarries and Palo Duro Canyon State Park are within driving distance. The RV park includes a play area for children with a rock wall and a sandbox. A walking place where guests can take their pets is also on-site. Guests can grill food on a 40-ft covered patio, and they can play corn hole there as well. One particularly unique aspect of Country Sunset RV Park's location is that the property is located in the heart of the Texas Panhandle's largest wind farm, Panhandle.


The Country Sunset RV Park is located on Highway 60, on the edge of Panhandle, Texas. It is set right on the city limits, so the RV park is one of the first things visitors may see when entering Panhandle from the southwest. The surrounding area aside from the city consists primarily of farmland. A few horse and cattle corrals are located right alongside the property. Additionally near the city is Amarillo, which is located about a half-hour drive away.

Totaling up to two acres, the Country Sunset RV Park dedicates a considerable portion of the acreage to the actual campground, which has 18 total units. The other part contains the playground, storage, and future projects that Kourtney and Wade intend to complete. This area consists of the laundry room, which includes three washers and three dryers that are free to use and are not coin-operated. It should be noted that guests are required to bring their own detergents if they plan on using the on-site laundry facilities. A play area that consists of a playground, a sandbox with a horseshoe pit, a rock wall, and a swing set for two people is on the eastern edge of the RV park. A 40-ft covered patio with a table, chairs, grill, and smoker is next to the storage. Visitors can also play corn hole in that vicinity. The western end houses the RV storage, which provides 35 spaces that are each 40 feet long. The storage unit is not enclosed, but the roof is covered. 

Eighteen units are available at the Country Sunset RV Park. According to the owner, these rock pad RV sites reportedly have no limit in the length that they can accommodate and are outfitted with full hookups of 20, 30, and 50 amp breakers. Free Wi-Fi is available as well. Occasional bushes and flowers can be seen throughout the property, and an additional two-acre vicinity is near the sites for guests to walk their pets.

During their stay, guests can visit the Alibates Flint Quarries, which is about half an hour's drive from Panhandle. This national monument is a site where the early inhabitants obtained flint to make tools and weapons for hunting. Palo Duro Canyon State Park is less than an hour away from the city of Panhandle. There, visitors can hike the canyon, bike, or ride horses. Other outdoor activities such as camping and geocaching are common in the state park as well. The city of Panhandle also hosts a farmers' market every Saturday and a Fourth of July celebration every Independence Day.

Visitors of the Country Sunset RV Park can also dine at local restaurants such as Brickstreet 200, which serves a blend of Mexican and American dishes commonly prepared in Texas. El Sombrero also serves Tex-Mex food and an additional catfish plate. Visitors can also try several types of pizza at Panther Pizza. Kourtney, one of the owners, also recommends Harrah's Bar and Grille, which is about ten miles from the RV park and provides even more Tex-Mex options.


Kourtney and Wade, the owners of the establishment, strive to make the Country Sunset RV Park a comfortable and welcoming environment. They put forth the effort to welcome every guest upon arrival and try to make themselves available for any questions visitors may have about the property or its amenities. If guests need suggestions on places to visit, Kourtney and Wade do what they can to give their input.

Many visitors to the Country Sunset RV Park visit repeatedly. Most find out about the site either by word-of-mouth or by Google. Kourtney says that several of the park's guests have commented on the high quality of the Wi-Fi access compared to other RV parks, which she feels is unique to her property. The Country Sunset RV Park is open year-round but sees its most popular season during the fall and winter months.

Some of Kourtney's and Wade's most important policies include the requirement for guests to keep their sites clean and to begin quiet hours at 10:00 PM each night. They are also not allowed to exceed speeds of 5 mph while inside the RV park. Additionally, the Country Sunset RV Park is a pet-friendly area. As long as owners pick up after their pets, Kourtney and Wade are fine with having them stay on the premises. There is even a dog-walking area on site for guests to use. Children are also welcome as the RV park has hosted many families in the past.


Kourtney and Wade have owned the Country Sunset RV Park for about three years. Before it was built, the RV park was an empty plot of land. It was established in June 2014 and operated for several years before Kourtney and Wade bought it from Steve Reynolds. They initially had an interest in the RV storage unit. Then they realized later that the park was included with the storage, and they have operated the park since then.

Kourtney and Wade enjoy meeting their visitors. Kourtney comments that they feel blessed to serve guests and enjoy meeting people from different areas with different backgrounds. Their website says the following: "We strive to take care of our customers - we are blessed to serve!" Kourtney explains that she and Wade feel like visitor satisfaction is one of their top priorities.

Since Kourtney and Wade acquired the Country Sunset RV Park, they have upgraded the laundry room and playground. They also plan to update the grilling area and place concrete on all the RV units in place of the gravel. Additional landscaping around their property is another one of their goals.

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410 U.S. 60
Panhandle, Texas 79068
United States




Wade and Kourtney Johnson

Owned Since
Previous Owners

Steven Reynolds

4.5 (52 Reviews)
4.5/5 52 Reviews
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