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Country Corners RV Park

Country Corners RV Park

Country Corners RV Park is located on the northern side of Caldwell, Idaho, which is northeast of Nampa and Boise. The RV park is open year-round and offers 52 sites for RVs, with a large majority of them being full hookups and pull-through spaces. The property is pet-friendly, with a grassy area specifically for dogs to run, and allows visitors to bring their pets as long as they remain on a leash. Due to the location of the RV park, the surroundings are mostly farmland and grassland, but among the neighboring cities, there are a number of different wine distilleries and breweries. The current owner of the business, whose name is Justin, explains that, while serving in the military, he traveled to many different RV parks. His goal is to make Country Corners RV park a good experience for everyone.


Country Corners RV park has 13 acres of land and 52 RV locations in total, with 49 of them having full hookups. The three that are not full hookups are back-in only and have 30 AMPs of electricity and water but no sewage attachments. The RV park offers sites to people that plan on staying overnight or on a weekly or even monthly basis. Each space has a picnic table, electricity, and water, and some of them have trees on the plot. A grassy area, which is mowed twice a week, also accompanies each place. The RV spaces are gravel, and the grounds are landscaped on a regular basis. There are a variety of trees and shrubs across the property, with some of the sites having various plants and vegetation while others are empty and more open, depending on the size of the trailer and what kind of location a guest would like. Regardless of which site a visitor is staying at, everyone can have access to free Wi-Fi and the common areas.

There is a clubhouse near the front of the park with a small convenience store. The store sells RV needs like hoses, water filters, electrical chords, and other basic RV needs. They also sell camping supplies and fishing equipment, as they have a small pond on the grounds that is stocked with fish. The clubhouse and game room have DirecTV, DVDs, a small library for book exchange, and people can borrow games like horseshoes, bocce ball, badminton, volleyball, and more. A laundromat can be used by anyone staying at Country Corners RV Park, and the restrooms and showers are private to the occupants. The RV park is pet-friendly and has an area of grass for dogs to run around and play.

Outside of Country Corners RV Park, one can find the cities of Caldwell, Fruitland, Nampa, and Boise. There are a variety of attractions in the area that guests can experience, ranging from wine tasting to outdoor recreation. According to the owner, Vale Wine Company is one of the dozens of breweries and distilleries within driving distance of the RV park. He explains that many of them create wines that get submitted to wine tasting competitions that take place in the region. An attraction that the owner likes to mention to his visitors looking for something to do is the Warhawk Air Museum. The museum can be found in Nampa and is known for its showcases of the history of aviation and airplanes. Another place that he mentions to his patrons is called Babby Farms. Babby Farms hosts a number of animals, both exotic and non-exotic that visitors can see and interact with, including kangaroos, ferrets, otters, sloths, and more. There are a variety of restaurants that are located nearby, as well. Ali's Mexican Restaurant is one such place in Fruitland. Another restaurant that the owner likes to mention is called Bit of Italy, which is found in Nampa.


The motto for Country Corners RV Park is "Arrive as our guests, leave as our friends." The owner, Justin, mentions that he wants his visitors to feel relaxed. To help them feel this way, he strives to interact with them often and offers to help them however he can. Justin tries to create an environment where people can come to him if they have questions, concerns, or need help with something.

Visitors are not allowed to drive or park any vehicles on the grass. Pets are welcome on the grounds as long as their owners clean up after them and keep them on a leash that is six feet or shorter. There are security cameras set up across the property in hopes of helping guests feel safer during their stay. As a joke, the owner says, "The biggest criminal we have here is my ten-year-old son."
According to Justin, the property is most known for its cleanliness and landscaping. Justin explains that he tries to live by the rule: "Treat everybody the way you want to be treated." He likes to see feedback from people and hear what people like and what maybe needs to be changed to help him improve his business. Among the reviews that guests have left, one person wrote, "The staff is friendly and helpful, and the spaces are large with a picnic table. The hookups are in good shape and easy to use. The sites are gravel but are level and easy to get in and out of." The best season of operation tends to be the summer times. The typical demographic of guests tends to be families and older couples that are traveling through the area to other places. Justin says that about 70% of his customers are returning visitors.


Country Corners RV Park has been running since 1996, and the current owner, whose name is Justin, purchased it in 2015. Before it was an RV park, it was a farm that raised cows. Justin mentions that the surroundings are still mostly farmland and that "[his] neighbors are cows."

When the current owner of the RV park retired from the military, he decided he wanted to be his own boss and own his business. He had traveled in a trailer while he was serving in the army and mentions that he had been to many different RV parks. In his own words: "We had some great experiences, and we had some bad experiences, but the thing that made them good or bad was the environment." In 2015, when he found Country Corners, RV Park, he made it his goal to focus on creating an atmosphere that was welcoming to everyone, emphasizing it with his motto: "Arrive as our guest, leave as our friend."

The owner explains that he enjoys seeing and meeting the people that travel through and stay at his establishment. "It reminds me of my own family and the situation we were in when we were traveling across the United States," he says.

Justin strives to keep everything operable and fixes anything that breaks or needs repairs as soon as he can. He has made several changes since he purchased the property. One of the more significant changes is that the business is structured more as an RV park than a trailer park, intended more for temporary stays than residential stays.

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United States




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