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Corazon RV Park

Corazon RV Park is located in Belen, New Mexico. Belen is right next to Interstate 25, making it a central spot in New Mexico, where travelers will often stop for outdoor adventures, day trips, or local events. The city is twenty-five minutes south of Albuquerque. Belen is nicknamed "The Hub City'' for its central location. The city is known for its culture and history; visitors often pass through the city and stop to explore its preserved buildings and historical artifact museums. Belen has a population of seven thousand residents and sustains warm weather six months out of the year. New Mexico is primarily a desert landscape; there are hundreds of miles of rocky desert, sand dunes, and eroded cliffs throughout the state.

Although the area is mostly desert, there are some large lakes and rivers near the Corazon RV Park. Along with these waterways, there are hundreds of hiking trails and scenic driveways for visitors to utilize. Corazon RV Park is in a relatively private section of Belen. The property is completely graveled with stone wall fencing. Some trees border the property, and mountain ranges can be seen in all directions around the Corazon RV Park.


The Corazon RV Park is located on three acres of land in Belen, New Mexico. The park has seventeen RV sites. Each site is contained and private, which is primarily for the comfort of visitors. The entire park is gravel-covered to help improve cleanliness and to allow for easier access to the sites. The large sites can accommodate all sizes of RV's and trailers. There is also a small parking lot for those who pull trailers and wish to park elsewhere. The property offers free Wi-Fi and full utilities for either 30 or 50 amp. City water is also included as part of the hook-up provided to all who make reservations at the Corazon RV Park. The property owners live just off the property. A small bathroom and office are located on the property as well.

There is no store on the property, but the property's close proximity to the Interstate 25 makes driving to restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations possible. A desert landscape surrounds the park with very little grass, desert trees, and shrubbery. Views of three large mountain ranges and many sandhills can be seen from Corazon RV Park. The park is accessed by guests who travel from the north or from the south, due to the central location of Belen, New Mexico. The property is twenty-five minutes from Albuquerque and offers short and long-term stays. These different stays allow for demographics ranging from construction workers, rock climbing competitors, to explorers. Guests can book nightly visits, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly reservations.

Corazon RV Park has an extensive list of places to get groceries, fuel, repairs, supplies, restaurant recommendations, and entertainment ideas. Their familiarity with the area is ideal for visitors looking for up-to-date recommendations from locals. Belen is labeled the "hub city" because of its central location. The area is covered in fertile farmland which is used for growing berries, wine grapes, and alfalfa. Bees, cows, and pigs are raised along the Belen countryside. The Harvey House Museum is filled with exhibits showcasing artifacts from Belen and Albuquerque history. There are many locally-owned shops and cafes in Belen and a unique desert flower garden and vineyard for guests to visit. The area also has many historical landmarks, preserved buildings, and artifact displays.


The Corazon RV Park was created with the intent to make a space that welcomes all types of visitors. This may include families, single visitors, elderly and young couples. The option for extended stay visits makes the campground a lot more personal, as some guests will stay for months and become familiar with the park owners and other campers. Gina, the owner of Corazon RV Park, says, ''The culture of our campground is very neighborly and friendly. Some guests stay for extended periods and eventually get to know other campers. We enjoy building a relationship with each of our guests.'' Visitors often leave comments on how friendly the staff is, their appreciation for the "in and out design" of the campsites, and the maintenance of the grounds.

The property's close proximity to Albuquerque and Belen offer various things to do and visit while staying at Corazon RV Park. The owners of the property have spent decades in Belen and are very familiar with the area. They frequently give suggestions on which attractions to visit, where to get supplies, and which local restaurants are most popular. Belen is a wider representation of the Corazon RV Park. The area is filled with friendly locals who appreciate visitors and will spend time welcoming them to the area and showing them Belen's historical areas. The city has a long history and diverse culture, with hundreds of old pueblos built by Native Americans to explore and multiple artifact museums. Most of those who reside in Belen have lived there their entire lives.


The Corazon RV Park is currently owned and managed by Gina. She has been running the property since May of 2019. The property was turned into an RV park in 1991, owned by an entity. The land was vacant for a few years before Gina purchased the property and spent a year updating the grounds and adding hook-ups for each site. Gina makes an effort to get to know each person who visits Corazon RV Park. The city was established in 1740 and has extensive Native American heritage and Spanish culture.

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