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Cool Sunshine RV Park

The Cool Sunshine RV Park sits close to the middle of downtown Alamosa, Colorado. The campground is relatively new, having opened just a few years ago in 2019. It was created and is currently owned by Amy and Wade Price, who felt that the city of Alamosa needed an RV park in it. The park has mostly RV sites but also has a few tent sites on the side of the property. Guests who visit can come at any time of the year and participate in the activities found all around the city, including the Early Iron Festival, a unique antique car festival that has been popular for 40 years.


The Cool Sunshine RV Park has a total of 47 sites available for guests to spend time at. 41 of these sites are meant to accommodate those with RV's. The other six sites are specifically for those who would like to camp inside of a tent. The park is located in Alamosa, Colorado, towards the center of downtown. Their location makes them unique compared to other RV parks, as most of the other parks are more secluded and separated from their city of residence.

At Cool Sunshine RV Park, guests can have a rural and urban experience during their vacations. The campground still strives to maintain its privacy by means of a gate that runs around the property. Some concrete and sidewalks run just outside of the park, but there are also a handful of grassy sites. In the area, there are a fair amount of trees and other plants that guests can be around. Cool Sunshine RV Park offers many amenities to their guests as part of their stay. Some of these amenities are a laundry facility, bathrooms, showers, gathering areas, and a small putting green. Another feature that they have is a small dog park for the guests who have chosen to bring their dogs with them. The property is open all year-round, so guests are free to use the property whenever they need to. The fall time is their best time of operation, though the summer months are also generally busy for the property. There is a small store on-site, which is stocked with small RV repair supplies, propane tanks, ice, some toilet paper, and other essentials, all of which are open for guests to purchase and use.


The desired culture that Cool Sunshine RV Park tries to have is one of cleanliness, friendliness, and convenience. Guest reviews suggest that these goals are generally being achieved by the staff and owners. They often mention the clean state of the campground and the good treatment they receive from the staff. One guest wrote that this is a "great place to stay! It is clean, quiet, and new with friendly staff in a nice little town." Due to the closeness of Cool Sunshine to the amenities of the Alamosa city, the convenience that the owners want their visitors to have can be obtained easily. Amy Price—who owns the campground with her husband Wade—says that she hopes that Cool Sunshine RV Park can be a "home away from home" for those who visit.

In addition to this, the campground attempts to emulate an environment of quiet and relaxation while in the middle of the city. "I hope that guests develop a desire to explore the valley and have desires to come back," says Amy. It is a goal of Cool Sunshine to have many guests return after having spent their time at the RV park.

The city of Alamosa is known for its many train tracks and for its once-a-year show, the Early Iron Festival. This festival is a unique antique car show that draws many visitors to the city. The festival started 40 years ago and has grown every year since, gathering visitors from many different states. Another nearby attraction is the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The dunes are about a 45-minute drive away from the Cool Sunshine RV Park. People that visit can enjoy the views of the dunes and/or go sandboarding down the grainy slopes.


Cool Sunshine RV Park is a relatively new campground in the RV park industry, having just begun just a few years ago in 2019. The park started under the ownership of Amy and Wade Price and remains under their ownership today. Before being converted into an RV park, the area was just part of the stockyard of the railroads that were nearby. Amy and Wade owned an RV before buying the property and were living in the city of Alamosa. They felt that there was a need for a recreational vehicle service in their town, which led them to make the decision to make an RV park of their own. To this day, Amy and Wade enjoy what they do, especially working with the people that stay on their property on a daily basis. They love the area, and they consider themselves to live in a unique part of Colorado.

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