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Clovis RV Park

Clovis RV Park

Clovis RV Park is located in Clovis, New Mexico, which is located near the border between New Mexico and Texas. The property is open year-round and has 64 RV sites available for reservation. People who would like to stay at the RV park can reserve for a short or long-term stay, paying daily, weekly, or monthly. One unique amenity that is found in the business is a hair salon, which is operated by one of the owners. The city has various attractions and restaurants and one larger-scale celebration, Draggin' Main and Music Festival, which occurs in June. Before Clovis RV Park had been established, it had been a trailer park. Many of the sites retained their size when the RV park was opened, allowing guests to bring larger rigs than some parks would typically allow.


Clovis RV Park has a total of 64 RV sites, some of which can be used for tent camping depending on weather conditions. The RV sites have full hookups, including water, sewage, and electricity, with 30 and 50 AMPs. Five of the spaces are pull-throughs, while the rest are back-in only. There are several minor differences between a few of the sites. For example, some of them may have concrete slabs, while others may come with a deck or awning. The property used to be an old trailer park, so the sites are capable of holding larger rigs. When guests arrive, the typical process is to check-in at the clubhouse, where an employee can help guide them to their location and get situated. Due to the layout of the park, most of the sites are not lined up right next to each other but are sorted in a way that can create more space between campers.

The RV park is able to host people for short-term and long-term stays, offering sites at a daily, weekly, or monthly rate. Guests that stay on a monthly basis are given a complimentary gym membership to a local gym nearby if they would like to take advantage of the machines and exercise equipment there.

Regardless of how long someone decides to stay, the amenities found at Clovis RV Park are available to everyone. The clubhouse has 24-hour access to showers and laundry facilities that can only be used by those staying at the park. The showers and laundry machines are coin-operated, and there is a change machine in the clubhouse for those who need to exchange money. There are also several areas that guests can use for activities, including a place for horseshoes. One unique amenity that is found on the grounds is a hair salon called Ann Harper Salon, which is named after and run by one of the owners, Ann Harper. Ann can do various services at her salon, including hair cuts, perms, colors, highlights, and more.

Outside of Clovis RV Park is the city of Clovis. The town has several parks within its boundaries, like Greene Acres Park, Bob Spencer Park, and Dennis Chavez Park, and there are several attractions as well. Hillcrest Park Zoo is located southeast of the establishment and offers exhibits of wild animals, including bears, Bengal tigers, alligators, giraffes, and more. St. Bernard Farms is an amusement park that provides a variety of activities for kids on farmland, with its most noteworthy event being the corn maze. One seasonal attraction that takes place annually near the middle of June is The Draggin' Main and Music Festival. The Draggin' Main and Music Festival is a celebration on Main Street that provides live music and a car show. The car show has many vintage cars that travel throughout the town and go to different venues each day.

There are various restaurants that are located in the city that the owners enjoy recommending to their visitors. Kelley's Bar and Grill offers grilled food and alcoholic beverages. Leal's Mexican Food Restaurant has a bar and Mexican food like tacos and enchiladas. Foxy's Drive-In is a more historic location that has been open for many years. The restaurant is family-owned and provides American-style food. There are also several local breweries, with the owners naming Bandolero Brewery as one that they have enjoyed visiting in the past.


The manager of Clovis RV Park would like her guests to feel like they are at their "home away from home." She reports that to help them feel this way, she is on call and can help guests with any problems they may have. She interacts with visitors frequently, often checking people in and guiding them to their sites.

Clovis RV Park has received many visitors over the years, and a portion of them have taken the time to leave a review of the place and their experience. Some of the more common aspects mentioned in these reviews include the cleanliness of the grounds and buildings, the facilities offered, and the quality of care that the manager and owners put into customer service and running the business. One person who recently stayed at the RV park writes, "Customer service was excellent. Check-in was so efficient, and the maintenance man was also so friendly and efficient. Laundry room and bathrooms were big and super clean." The busiest time of year is typically May through August, though the manager mentions that it kind of depends on what is happening in the town and the surrounding area.

There are also a few active policies that the property has. Quiet time begins at 10:00 PM every night and goes until 7:00 AM the following day. When guests are checked in and being moved to their site, it is required that they have a spotter help them back into their space to help reduce the chance of causing any damage. There is a 25-dollar charge for any extra guests that stay longer than three days. The property is pet-friendly and allows visitors to bring their pets as long as they have them on a leash, the pet owner cleans up after their animals, and the pets are not left alone for extended periods of time.


The current owners, Mark and Ann Harper, opened the RV park about ten years ago, making them the original owners. Before it was an RV park, it was used as a trailer park and was more involved with long-term stays. The trailer park dated as far back as the 1960s and remained so until Mark and Ann purchased the property. The manager mentions that the previous business was of a lower standard and didn't have much to offer, but it changed when the current owners replaced it with their own business.

Ever since the Harpers took ownership of the land, there have been some significant changes that have taken place. According to the manager, some of the most significant changes mainly affected the landscape. There has been much work done on the grounds to make it more organized and better looking than when it started out. Mark and Ann also added a few of the buildings and facilities. The clubhouse and shower facilities are newer and were not present when the previous trailer park was in operation. In the future, the owners would like to make a few more modifications to the landscape potentially. The manager mentions that they may add a sprinkler system and perhaps alter the layout to look a little different.

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Clovis, New Mexico 88130
United States




Mark and Ann Harper

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