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Chute Lake Lodge

Chute Lake Lodge

The Chute Lake Lodge is located in Naramata, British Columbia, just outside the Okanagan Provincial Park. It is surrounded by extensive forests, mountains, and lakes, placing visitors well in the center of Canada's nature. The lodge is well known for its fishing opportunities and its many outdoor activities that guests can choose from. Some of these include paddle boarding, swimming, biking, or hiking. The lodge provides various types of equipment for guests to rent out if they desire to spend time doing outdoor activities.


The property sits on roughly five acres of land, and it is nestled right up on the edge of Chute Lake. There are many different ways that visitors can choose to lodge at Chute Lake, including staying in the lodge itself, renting one of their many cabins, sleeping in one of the various yurt or glam tents on-site, or simply renting out a campground space (some of which come with water and power). There are nine distinct cabins on the property, each one equipped with heat and electricity. Each cabin also has modern furniture provided inside for those staying at the cabins. They accommodate anywhere from 2-9 guests, and the property allows for pets in them as well. The yurt tents allow visitors to be closer to the outdoors while maintaining heat and comfort with a personal wood-burning stove in each site. Finally, with the campground sites, guests are able to use the nearby Lodge for showering and dining.

There is an assortment of activities on and around the property, including using the property's sauna, hiking a variety of trails close by, fishing in nearby ponds, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, swimming, yoga, kayaking, biking, skiing, and more. The property also has a playground on it so that any younger children can use it for some fun.

A unique feature on the property is the on-site private restaurant inside of the lodge. The restaurant serves food from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM, serves all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and can accommodate children or people who are looking for a more intimate/romantic meal.


The desired culture surrounding the Chute Lake Lodge is one of "escaping to nature," describes Kelly—the owner of the property. The hope that the management has is for guests to have the freedom to choose from a variety of activities, most of which are based around exploring the outdoors and seeing new sights. To promote that idea, Chute Lake Lodge rents out many different kinds of equipment to the variety of guests who would like to use their equipment, hoping that the tools will help make that goal a reality for the visitors to the lodge.

Guests have spoken highly of the service of staff members and managers, frequently expressing that they intend to come back. They also are generally impressed by the food offered at the Lodge. One guest left a review saying that he "had a wonderful weekend in the yurts... The staff was exceptional and very accommodating. They have wonderful amenities like a sauna and skating rink." Another guest said that Chute Lake Lodge is "definitely worth a visit. Log cabins, lake, fantastic restaurant, and incredible staff! Good for couples or families alike. Rent bikes and ride the Kettle Valley Railway Trail to Naramata or Penticton. So fun!"

The area of Naramata is covered in trees and hills. Those who spend time camping here likely enjoy spending much of their time outdoors in nature. There aren't any towns within a short distance of the camp, so those who go to the lodge should prepare accordingly.


The history surrounding Chute Lake Lodge goes nearly a century back when a crew of a sawmill that was on the edge of the lake decided that it would be beneficial for them to build a more permanent residence for themselves in order to be closer to their jobs. Considering the forest landscape that was all around them, they didn't find it challenging to put together a bunkhouse and settle in. Years later, a new addition to the area's civilization was added into town—the Kettle Valley Railway. The bunkhouse began to serve as a waystation for the traveling workers to reside and refresh at, and the steam trains that came through would use the water from Chute Lake to refuel their machines. Fishing at the lake became very popular, even becoming the people's primary source of food. Over time, more cabins have sprung up around the lake, and during the 1980s, the central lodge practically doubled in its size. After more modern technology was introduced to the area, the railway was abandoned. The railway was slowly converted into a biking trail—which is a popular one today. Today, the lodge still stands, being run by Kelly Kenyon, who started running Chute Lake Lodge in the year 2018.

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9540 Chute Lake Road
Naramata, British Columbia V0H 1N0




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