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Cherokee Mountain Cabins

Cherokee Mountain cabins are located in North Carolina in the Nantahala National Forest. There are 16 cabins throughout the property. The cabins on the property come in multiple sizes. They can be one to three stories. Each unit has up to three bedrooms and bathrooms as well. Cabins include kitchens and have TV common areas and billiard tables. All lodging options have a deck with a hot tub and a small space with a fire pit outside the cabin. The property is on 75 acres and has several trails guests may use and explore. Running through the property is a creek where guests can fish and relax by the water's edge. The property is family-friendly, and often holds family gatherings and weddings near the creek and at a large pavilion. Cherokee Mountian Cabins was established in 2002 and originally started with 15 cabins. The owners and staff strive to improve the property and hope to help guests make memorable experiences during their stay.  


Cherokee Mountain Cabins is located in the Nantahala National Forest, near the Smoky Mountains and Nantahala Lake. The property spans 75 acres, and each cabin has its own private area. Each cabin has a unique name, and cabins vary in size, some having multiple bedrooms while others have one. While most are one story, occasionally, a cabin will be two or even three stories tall. The cabins are separated into three groups. Some have views of the Smoky Mountains, others sit along a creek that runs through the property, and others have views of the forest that surrounds them. Each cabin has its own private bathroom, and some have more than one. Upon entering the cabin, visitors can see the common area. In the common area, guests have access to a gas fireplace, couches and recliners, a Flat-screen TV with channels for Direct TV, along with a kitchen area, and a table for four. Kitchens are stocked with silverware, pots and pans, and other cooking items. Cabins also include a billiard table, towels, linens, and WiFi. Each cabin has its own deck. There are tables and chairs on the deck for guests that want to spend time outdoors. A hot tub is also on the deck, and a few even have grills.

Near each lodge is a Wood burning fire pit that guests may use throughout the year. Many of the cabins are somewhat secluded and have many trees surrounding them, offering shady areas to lounge about. Throughout the property, there are activities for guests to do. There are three miles of trails that guests can walk and hike on the property. Guests can also fish in the creek that runs through the property. Additionally, a pavilion on the grounds provides an area where guests can visit with each other. There is a main office on the property on the south side where guests can visit with staff if they have questions. A small gift shop next to the building with t-shits and small knick-knacks for purchase is located on the property if guests want to purchase memorabilia from their stay. Many of the guests come to visit the mountains and forests in the region and to be outdoors. The Great Smoky Mountains national park and Fontana Lake are often visited by patrons. There are many hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails around the lake and park. Recommended by the staff are white water rafting activities and zip lining in the area. 


The Cherokee Mountain Cabins staff strives to give visitors a place to relax, where they can get away from the business of the city and the world. The staff makes an effort to help guests feel comfortable and they often give insight on attractions and restaurants in the region to help make a memorable experience for guests. The property is well known for the cabins and the amenities available on the property. Events are held on the property several times throughout the year, and the property or pavilion can be rented out for events. Family gatherings, corporate events, and weddings are popular events at Cherokee Mountain Cabins. Other events that are held at the cabin have included brunches, fourth of July parties, and breakfast with Santa Clause. 

Guest have often commented on the cabins and the property. One guest said, "Our stay was beautiful. The view was wonderful, and the cabin was very nice and clean. The staff was very friendly and helpful." The owners mentioned that guests have come to the property from many different places. The staff says it is a great experience hearing their stories and getting to know a little more about them. The Cabins are open year-round and are busy for most of the year. January is the slowest month but picks back up quickly in February. Summer and fall months are generally the busiest time of year. 

Guest are often staying on the property to enjoy the outdoors and visit the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and Forest. Lake Fontana is also popular among guests. In hopes to help all guests at Cherokee Mountain Cabins feel comfortable and safe pets are not allowed on the property except for two cabins and the areas around them. Smoking is not permitted inside the cabins. Guest are also asked to be considerate of others late at night. 


Cherokee Mountain Cabins was founded 20 years ago in 2002 and started with 15 cabins. The owners of the property originally purchased the land for their families. They intended to build seven cabins, one for each of their children. After talking with the national forest service, they changed their minds, as they were told the land was suitable for 15 rental units. They began construction of the cabins and opened to the public in August of 2002. Over the years, they have strived to give memorable experiences to guests and have continued to update the cabins, fixing the exterior and interior of the buildings, adding amenities, and maintaining the property. The owners have a goal to add two new cabins to the property by the end of the year and are making an effort to give guests experiences that prompt them to come back. They are happy with the progress they have made but are excited for the potential of the property in future years. 

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